I will be in Italy for the next several days.

Average Italian woman

Maybe there I can find a future bride who is as obedient as this girl.

Within fifteen minutes, Summers’ fianc?, Walter Nix, entered the office where Ogborn tugged at the small apron that barely covered her top and exposed her legs up to her buttocks.

Again, Summers says she didn’t question the caller and completely trusted her fianc? to be left alone with the girl.

Ogborn says she wanted to run, but that it would have been too humiliating to run through the restaurant naked.

*Red state*

23 thoughts on “VORREI BERE DEL VINO

  1. Aja

    That is crazy!!! I have that same sofa, in red!!

    Yeah, the mcdonald’s thing is off the hook. Uhh, yeah I can totally see this happen in WVA and some parts of MD.

    Safe Trip

  2. CrazyGirl

    Come on now! That is not what the average girl in Italy looks like. I used to live in Northern Italy, and if that was what the average girl looked like, well I probably would have shot myself for feeling so very plain.

  3. Whatever

    I predict that instead of meeting a hot italian woman you end up eating too much gelato and pasta and come back and blog about your weight gain!

  4. kyle foley

    It?s sad that in 2005, men are still being persecuted for having robust sexual energy

    how pathetic is your gluttonous approach to sexuality – you?re not willing to endow sex with the reverence which renders it magnawesome because you?re too lazy to endure the pain which comes with investing an aspect/form/phantom sacred. we sang a dirge but you mourned not, we sang a song but you danced not.

    robust sexual energy is just a synonym for selfish gluttony. fornication is like cocaine pleasurable at first, but three times as miserable after the joy fades

  5. krizzo

    I just got back from a weekend in Rome. The women there were severely disappointing, as was the nightlife. I went to Campo de Fiori and there was barely a few jazz bars and noone was drunk. Weak.

    The sights were great however. As was stuffing myself with pizza and gelato for like $5 USD for every meal.

  6. inSOMnia

    I wonder if dcb will be let back into the country or will get arrested under the patriot act for having long hair and not shaving

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