A well-known DC socialite had her access removed from a certain socialite blog. Word on the street is that certain socialites have differing views on acceptable socialite behavior.

POSTSCRIPT: As of 1645 EST, I have heard both sides of the story. All you speculators have it wrong (I don’t believe I read 81 comments).

One side of the story can basically be summed up in this sentence: I had to let her go to preserve the direction/idea of the site.

The other side goes like this: I left because I don’t agree with the direction of the site.

Ah yes, the classic “I dumped you first” boy-girl argument, living on in the DC blogging world. The departing socialite has no plans to open her own site, which is disappointing because I’m sure the drama from said opening would provide me with enough content to avoid having to come up with original material.

In conclusion, the Washington Socialites now have two full-time members. Also I noticed these two are no longer on the about page. 😐

16 thoughts on “WE HEAR…

  1. Anonymous

    Word is that they are roommates. Not…any…more…?

    KAC = Killer Anal Controlfreak

  2. Anonymous

    DCB the real scoop is “the socialites” job found out about the site and she had to choose … also you failed to mention that K-Mac has disappeared from the site as well …

  3. scoop

    anyone know these girls (windy and kelly ann) and how they behave when out? what are they like?

  4. The Senator

    I know Windy. She’s extremely pleasant to be around. Her personality on the site is just like it is in person. Kind.

    It’s sad to see her go. Free agent now? Hmmmmm….tapping fingers gently together…

  5. DCB Post author

    “also you failed to mention that K-Mac has disappeared from the site as well ?”

    You’re right. she slipped under my radar cause im not a big redhead fan. But she’s really cool! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    The “direction” of the site? If by direction, KAC means she wanted to steal more items off other websites to appear she’s more productive, then I guess that’s a direction. Now it’s just KAC and Luke; KAC ripping off smoking gun and others and Luke hitting his midlife crisis early…

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