If you live or work in DC then chances are you’ve seen the Dove Soap bus shelter ad at least a dozen times.

The ad copy reads:

New Dove Firming
As tested on real curves

If I was fat I would not buy this product. I wouldn’t let a corporation have a shot at my dollars by suggesting they got a group of obese women and tested soap on them, like cosmetics on lab hamsters.

Tackling the topic of body image is the next progressive step in the Dove global Campaign for Real Beauty, the brand’s effort to provoke discussion and encourage debate about the nature of beauty. Dove hopes to change the way women perceive their bodies, and their beauty, by widening the definition of what it means to be beautiful. The brand is using images of real women with real bodies and real curves to accomplish this goal.

Dove only cares about you if they think you will increase their profits. They probably did some market research that indicated a backlash among average women who are tired of thin and fit models advertising beauty products. They don’t care about your curves, just your money.

A girl I was with this weekend pointed to the Dove girl and asked me if I thought she was fat. Yes, I think she is fat, but I can’t actually say that. I decided to give an answer that had a little more tact (since I’m all about tact):

“Well, being raised in the American culture I have to say she is fat.”

The model would look better if she lost at least ten pounds. Don’t blame me because my standards drive me to a girl who appears not to have eaten in days, blame the profit-driven entertainment complex that chooses to deny pretty white women a monthly menstrual cycle. Their constant bombardment through magazines, movies, and advertisements have shaped your tastes, whether you like it or not.

Dove Press Release


  1. Eugenius

    The poster of this woman is so stupid/evil it touches on insecurities of everyone overweight so you would run to the store and think this soap is made for you. God average consumer is so gullable.

    If I wanted to see fat people I’d look outside for 5 seconds and get my daily visual dose of walking lard, with their pudgy fingers and pants the size of Jamaica.

    Oh yeah and I love this question!!!!!

    version 1) “Do u think I am fat?”…no you look good…..peace and quiet for 24 hours.

    version 2) “Do you think I am fat?”…no but if you want you can run with me on saturday……..fuck you if you dont like how i look, go find someone else……

    version 3) “Do you think I am fat?” ….you can lose a few pounds if you think it will make you feel better, hahaha just joking baby………..next day you find yourself laying in bed alone and wondering why your girlfriend smashed your head with a wine bottle and then threw you out, telling you to never call again.

  2. Anonymous

    The chick isn’t fat, she is just fucking ugly. You wanna talk about beauty, give me a face that won’t break a mirror. Every chick ends up fat. The face you are stuck with. That chick is just big boned (exo whatever body type).

  3. Liz

    I hardly think she is obese. She could stand to lose a few pounds, definitely. But who am I to judge, I could stand to lose a few too, I won’t lie. But she doesn’t look at least 25% larger than her “target body weight.”

  4. Eugenius

    This pic is not good it actually makes her look skinny……if you look at the pic which was taken at at direct angle then you will see it she is obese.

  5. Spaniard

    I’d hit it.

    In no way is she obese. She has a little bit of fat, but c’mon now, what difference does it really make?

  6. CatCiao

    She is a hog compared to the average model, but in reality she is just a solid framed gal, pre-obese until she reaches 30 years old or marries, then watch out.

  7. Anonymous

    Question: “Honey am I getting fat?”

    Answer: “Honey am I getting retarded?”

    J. Foxworthy

  8. Nan

    Alrite, she’s no skinny minnie but she does not look like an obese heifer to me. (Shrug) She looks pretty average. Could probably kick my ass, though.

  9. inSOMnia

    Shes fat. You fatty lovers can slap her thighs and ride the fat waves when ur hitting it.

  10. Anonymous

    Please…she’s definately not obese…go to any American city…excluding L.A. and NYC…you’ll get an idea of what obese really means.
    She’s probably stereotypical of what is considered average in America. Is she a bit chunky…sure… but she looks strong and healthy unlike L-Lo.

    Her face is what one would encounter on any given day on the Metro — yes average.

    Judging by her smile and her williness to pose…I’m sure she’s actually getting some and has good self esteem.

  11. Dennis!

    If this post is meant to be sarcastic, I think it got lost in the translation.

    It’s particularly telling that the post ends with a comment to the effect of “don’t blame me for thinking she’s fat… the media has distorted my view of what girls should look like.” Dove, by putting larger girls on its billboards, claims to be attacking this very problem. (Whether you agree with their stated reason or just think it’s a ploy for money is a wholly different question.) And yet the overwhelming thrust of the post is “she’s fat and ugly and I wouldn’t buy a product which uses her as its model.” Catch-22, anyone?

  12. Miss Penny Lane

    You think that woman is OBESE? Wow. I’d hate to know what you thought of me!!

  13. Windy

    I think she is a normal average american woman and personally I think the dove campaign is beautiful, responsible, and wonderful! I have never been a skinny minny with no curves and never will be … and you know what? I DON’T WANT TO BE. I applaud Dove. Shame on you.

  14. CultureShocked

    The ad is offensive. If not to the bigger girls, then to the skinny ones who’ve just been told that their curves aren’t “real”. A campaign consisting of 25 models with different body types (skinny to fat) would have been more universally appealing.

    Besides, doesn’t White make one appear even larger? They should have opted for the more slimming black 2-piece.

  15. Josh A.

    Fuck you. Don’t try to pawn this one off on “the profit-driven entertainment complex” (whatever THAT means). You are a person, you can think critically for yourself, and if your “standards” (i.e. judgments) are superficial, unrealistic, and completely clueless then that is YOUR FAULT. I hold you 100% accountable for them.

    “Their constant bombardment through magazines, movies, and advertisements have shaped your tastes, whether you like it or not.”

    Speak for yourself.

  16. DudewhoisMad


    She is a little heavier that normal.She would look better if she had a prettier face.You must be one of those bulimec(spelling) cheerleaders.

    Besdides bones are for dogs.Men want meat!

  17. not important

    no matter what any of you say media has and always will shape the way we view body image. we have been stereotyped into thinking that thin is beautiful, obese is ugly. think what you want of this picture but if you find women who arent the typical model size 8 aren’t beautiful then that’s really you’re own selfish ignorance.

    beauty is beauty, no matter what size

  18. Lurker

    I’ll bet a lot of men are attracted to her. Her phone is probably ringing off the hook after doing that ad!

  19. Arianne

    I really… really wish that I could spread a few nasty driven words at you. It is COMPLETELY in your control whether or not you want a girl who has curves or who hasn’t seemed to have eaten in days. Your words make you seem like a pig. Have you NOT researched Marylin Monroe? She was a beautiful woman and didn’t look like the nasty ad-driven skeletons that vamp the market of our culturally-disgusting country.

    This country is mentally sick. They are all ED driven phonies and you are part of that mass. And to let you know, I am a 5’4 123 Ibs. healthy female who does yoga and loves her beautiful hips, thighs, waist – but guess what? You will never find a beautiful woman, and I feel sorry for you that you fell for this damn market that capitilizes on Anorexia.

    I applaud Dove’s efforts. And if you’re supposed to be someone special, I am not sorry that I don’t know who you are.

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