Miss Metropolis and I want to go to a happy hour this week.

Wednesday: Kathryn’s happy hour. Kathryn always gets the people. I’m sure this one will be bigger than her previous ones, but I think I’m going to call HER out for not having many pretty girls.

Thursday: DCist. It’s fishy that they scheduled a happy hour a day after Kathryn’s. I still want to meet the DCist people because I know they all secretly love me, but what’s the point anymore when the site I hated on months ago has all new staff and editors. Hating on them is like picking on a 5 year old… easy but not satisfying. Besides, I hate pool.

Wednesday’s happy hour it is.

Previously, I wrote:

What we really need is a huge nerd to bring his laptop and wireless internet so we can live blog this bitch.

Well, my brand new phone will enable me to be that huge nerd. Expect live blogging action after a late entrance. Prediction:

8:25PM: Just got here… bunch of socially awkward wannabes. Leaving now. End of live blogging.

If you are going to stay home and eat Cheetos in your pajamas (like last night), check here around 8PM or after.


  1. DCist Martin

    Yes, indeed, we will be making an appearance tonight. And spare DCB’s hatred for DCist (which is, I am told, product of the fact that when we were in blog infancy DCist used to steal DCB’s milk money and leave him hanging from his underwear on a flag pole), it should be a damn good time!

  2. o-face

    I got a date with boredom 2 nite. I think i’m gonna watch American Idol and pretend its funny and new.

    Wait for it………………….


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