I’ve been out of the D.C. blogosphere for a while. So, today, I decided to visit some of the blogs that DCB’s linking to on his site.

Here are my first impressions:

Circle V – Fun gal that apparently gets kissy when she’s tipsy. :love:
DC Cookie Monster – Cookie *really does* like photos of herself. :amused:
DirectCurrent – That Alias dude: Beta male … or alpha trapped in Tea Land? :whip:
JessaPassive-aggressive Sex and the City fan? :huh2:
Kathryn OnStupidhead. Don’t ever walk around at 3:30 a.m. sans shoes! :exclaimation:
NamasteHer profile reads like that song*. :amazed:
Rock Creek Rambler – I think I met this guy once upon a time at Dragonfly. 💡
Why I Hate DC – He hates D.C.? Well, then he should pack up and move his butt out. 🙂
CPMC – Wait. What happened to CPMC? :question:

*Meredith Brooks, not Alanis Morissette. My bad.

28 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPENED TO CPMC?

  1. DC_Cookie

    I think in a former life I would have been one of those people who had a live-in portrait painter, and my image would now appear in the Louvre.

    I like pictures period (of myself or otherwise), but I hesitate to post too many pictures of other people…permission issues…

  2. Debbie Gibson


    When someone mistakenly asserts that Alanis Morissette is the singer of a song about bitches and lovers, but said person herself embodies at least one of those descriptors, is there anything at all ironic about it?

  3. Kathryn

    Hey Debbie – are you trying to take credit for Meredith Brooks’ song, “Bitch?”

    PS – I’m pretty sure you call yourself Deborah these days. Better for Broadway.


  4. The Senator

    Well if you are wondering what happened to the CPMC is that we couldn’t take all the venting going on against us. Everyone was just mean to us!! I cried for weeks because everyone seems to not like my college picks, fundraisers or recipes. I don’t understand why no one liked our posts? I on the other hand thought it was interesting. Well if you are wondering what happened to CPMC? We needed a change so we decided to change our site. We decided to “come out”. We can no longer hold our urges.

  5. jessa j

    hate sex in the city actually

    and i wish i was passivr aggresive, more like just plain passive.

    unless of course, youre anti-evolution or messing with Hampton.

  6. O-face

    This is like trying to read the lyrics to NWA’s greatest hits inside a church on sunday. Its just so wrong, but you need to push yourself anyhoot.

  7. Anonymous

    Jessa J- I’m glad there are strong, sassy women like you who are studying our oceans and making a real difference in reality– and not just polluting cyberspace.


  8. Anonymous

    man this blows. Jessa how many guys do you let nut on your face at once? I know you love cum dripping all over you

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