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What is RSS?

RSS feeds allow you to easily keep tabs on blogs. The actual feed is simply text of the blog’s content without images or design (example). Most blogs have a RSS feed that you plug into various blog readers (Bloglines, Rojo, Newsgator) or home pages (My Yahoo, Google). See the orange icon in the top right corner? That’s my feed (the fancy version). A reader such as Bloglines shows you when a blog you “subscribed” to has a new post, and you can read it there without having to physically go to the blog.

I mostly use Bloglines. You get an account and start putting in the addresses of the blogs you read. Each day you can visit and read all the updates with one click. My public Bloglines. It saves a lot of time and allows you to handle more information.

Other ways I use RSS:

1. Craigslist pages. If you are looking for a roommate, for instance.
2. Flickr. You can add the rss feed of someones photostream so you will know when they add new photos.
3. Torrents. I download the Daily Show so I know when the latest episode is ready for downloading.
4. News. Add the rss feed of a search term like “venezuela” and you get all related headlines in one place as they are updated.

RSS is only going to get more popular as time goes on. For instance, the new Yahoo mail will have RSS feed reading already built in.

Some bloggers haven’t embraced RSS because it takes away the control of how their content is distributed and decreases their “hit” count. Regardless, it’s helping TIVOize the internet, where you choose how you want to read content. (The geeks have termed this web 2.0.)

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    so i figured the best thing to do is offer an inside look to the demon that drives this crazy train, and tell obnoxious anecdotes about my sister, since she’s not here to stop me.

  2. EBONY

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  3. didrex

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