Insomnia has made fun of my Ninja on many occasions, saying it is too small for me and that it’s slow. I let him have his cheap laughs.

Recently we were side by side at a red light: him in his car and me on my bike. Keep in mind his car is seven times more expensive than my bike.

My bike DEMOLISHED his puny piece of German engineering. His response: “Whatever, I was keeping up.” I know that bragging about a motorcycle beating a sub-$50,000 car is bad form, but he started it.

Answer to joke: In the BMW the prick is on the inside.


  1. Marc

    Your motorcycle would probably beat almost all stock cars.

    It’s just the nature of physics!

    I won’t even race motorcycles in my car. Now, on a bike, exciting.

    I’d be more interested in seeing your Ninja against his CBR. I don’t think you’ll have bragging rights then! 😉

    2002 CBR F4i. Sharkskin plastics, two brothers titanium exhaust hopped up engine, air clutch, comfy Corbin seat. I think about 150 HP or so. I don’t know. It’s FAST for a six-hundy. I bought it from a guy who was making it a track bike.

    This could be yours! Hit me up 😉 I gotta get a RC51

  2. inSOMnia

    Marc u get that RC51 and u will own on the road. I would like to see my CBR 600F3I that has a stage 1 jet kit, that also redlines now since i changed the fuel filter race the ninja HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Wait own the ninja would be better. MUWAHHAHHAHA MUWAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. inSOMnia

    I will trade my CBR for you DUcati????? I think its a fair trade even though its probably worth as much as my car is right now

  4. Silly Donkey

    inSOMnia are you crazy? A CBR for a Ducati? No thanks, but I would love to get out some time. Going on a ride this Sunday up in Maryland. Keep the rubber side down.

  5. mass

    I remember in high school guys used to talk about fast cars and bikes…I’m so glad I’m not in highschool anymore.

  6. Marc

    Dear Mass (loser),

    Some people have a passion for things, like fast cars and bikes. Much like your love for gay porn.

    Go you.

    I’ll admit I flash my motorcycle and 911 Porsche sometimes. It gets old. And my materialism can be grating. I’m working on that. Don’t hate though, It’s ok for people to have passion for something, even if you don’t.




    Yeah, the above bike is for sale, I’ll put up some images for you in a day or so. I just took the racing decals off, and I need to get a headlight for it (the shark skins come sans headlight but the mount and wires are there)

  7. mass

    I can’t believe you’re dissing gay porn.

    Call it passion if you want; it sounds more like a pissing contest.

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