On Thursday I spent some time with Vodka Boy at his restaurant. He took this picture of me next to one of his friends’ paintings.

A complex painting next to a simple man (undone hair, plain shirt, expressionless face). The picture is art in of itself.

Tour of the studio:

I think a lifestyle of an artist would be so much more fulfilling then that of a wage slave.

– –

Had another barbecue with Insomnia, where we made Mexican avocado burgers with fries. Does his pose remind of you something?


– –

Last week I wrote,

Saturday… Go into a club, increase my risk of getting lung cancer, and then walk out two hours later frustrated and horny

Unfortunately, I really did that. But it was my own doing. There are no pictures that can emotionally frame the depression I felt driving home that night. I’ll just let the missed connection I posted on craigslist – my first – tell the story:

Around 1230 you were sitting at the bar with your friend when I came over and asked you to get me a lime. We talked for maybe 30 seconds when you put your finger in your mouth while holding eye contact. Normal guys would take that as a hint of some sort, but instead I said, “I’ll be back! Seriously, I’m coming back!” (I didn’t want to be a jerk to the girls I was talking to.) But then you left before I could talk to you.

You: Blonde, sexy

Me: Idiot, baby soft hair

I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. Instead, it feels like someone smashed cake in my face and I just got a taste of the frosting… the sweet sweet frosting. I deserve only ugly and fat girls for the entire summer. I like to pride myself on having decent game, but this… this was such a tremendous blow that I need to pull a foursome or something really kinky this summer to redeem myself. I’m not a man… men don’t turn down hot blondes with “I’ll be back”. :sob: 🙁 :sob: 🙁 :sob: 🙁 :sob: 🙁 :sob: 🙁 :sob: 🙁 :sob: 🙁 :sob: 🙁 :sob:

– –

The weekend ended with a family barbecue at some lake. In this picture I toughened up my 2 year old brother by throwing him from the swing we were on.

Then it was my turn… and I ended up taking a bit of a tumble.

The awesomeness of two wheels:


  1. LL

    That pink emoticon was used to great effect! I usually don’t like them, but hey, it’s your Web site, you know? Thanks for the chuckle at work.

  2. Deep Throat

    The picture with you and your brother shows another side of you. I won’t call you a asshole today in respect for the lil kid. That was a touching shot. Why do you play with our emotions hater!!!!!

  3. Eric

    do you think there will be any sort of commitment pressure if she responds to the craigslist ad?

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