I understand that clubs have to hold the line up to make it seem like it’s hot inside. It’s simple, effective marketing. But I hate when they go overboard and hold it for at least 30 minutes while the club is nowhere near capacity. Platinum and Saki are the worst offenders of this rule, so it’s no shock that once you get inside you are disappointed and wish you rented a porno instead.

Saturday night I went with my Georgetown lady friends to Chloe, the new trendy club by the owners of Saki. We waited in line for about 30 minutes even after professional ball stroking. BIG SURPRISE. But once inside I was very pleased by the size and crowd. There were lots of new faces and not too much pretension among them.

My other group of friends were there so I tried to collide worlds by introducing the two groups to each other. As expected, they didn’t hit it off, causing me to wonder why friends from different parallel universes don’t get along.

The Georgetown girls are friends with two guys with deep wallets. My natural instinct is to hate on these guys, but in their quest to mold their image in everyone’s eyes – including mine – they hooked it up with free alcohol all night. Plus I can’t fault them for being horny guys trying to get some ass. The highlight of the night was when one of them goes ape shit after a girl he likes was talking to another guy. He slammed down his drink and broke the glass, getting his fashionable jeans wet in the process. His buddy had to console him.

Of course no night in Adams Morgan is complete without a jumbo slice of paper-thin pizza. The delicious cheese grease goes down so smooth (unless it comes from that shithole Pizza Mart).

You can tell the pizza guys love serving drunk people all night.

4 thoughts on “WHEN WORLD’S COLLIDE

  1. Liz

    Where the fuck does Platinum get off trying to make it look like they’re all hot shit??

    Platinum can lick my asshole dry.

  2. Anonymous

    What is the point using insults such as that liz?
    what are you trying to prove?
    that you are hot shit?
    because last time i checked, you were letting someone lick your asshole.
    generally this low and classless act is found in an alleyway after having your drink spiked.
    you can just wake up in the morning with your vagina ripped open.
    beats the poor dude having to lick your bum.
    thats just unpleasant.

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