I met a girl in January. We hit it off and I took her out to one of my favorite places for the first date. I treated this girl like a lady because I’m older now and I need to get past my whore-banging phase. On that first date we started to get to know each other and she seemed like an interesting person. I really wanted to bang her but I held back since I’m not supposed to be a horny bastard anymore.

The second date went okay but things started showing up that made me lose interest. Still, I was a gentlemen and didn’t go for sex. The third date was a disaster; I realized I wasn’t into her and didn’t have much to say. I thought to myself a lot on that date: “How much money did these dates cost me? I really should have went for it on that first date. I wonder what new flavor taquitos 7-11 will come up with next. Maybe I should go back to dating whores.”

It?s two months later and I?m still lost and confused, like an elephant who just escaped from the zoo. I?m wandering through society wondering who I should set my eyes on and randomly pounce on. While I like conservative girls because they are smart and don?t have sex with every guy that gives them attention, I can?t help but look back and reminisce with the whores I?ve been with.

One reason why I like whores is because they are excellent in bed. It’s kinda hard not to be with all that experience sleeping with different men. Some of you conservative girls reading this are saying, “That’s bullshit, I had a boyfriend for two years and all we did was have sex and he loved it.” Sorry but your sample size of one or two guy?s doesn’t make you an expert. Whores instinctively know what a guy likes, and ensure he will get his that very first time they bang.

Another reason why whores are excellent is because they care more about your pleasure than theirs. A great example of this is the lower back tattoo. Why do you think she would get a tattoo that she will never see? It’s so you have something to look out while you’re doing her doggy style. She wants you to be visually entertained during sex; how thoughtful is that?! Whores will also go down on you without having to gently push down on her head. It really ruins the romantic moment for me when I have to think of a plan to get a girl to do something that I know will give her no sexual pleasure.

Finally, you don’t need to buy her a promise ring to get some action; she will put out no later than the second date. Seriously, what’s the point of waiting for sex anymore… this is 2005. Even college basketball players at shitty schools have groupies now. Conservative girls make you purchase the orange without making sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

Even with all these very good reasons to bang whores, I know it won’t be smart to go back. Experience from my friends ? and not me ? have shown that you WILL get something if you sleep around a lot. It?s not that condoms don?t work, it?s just that you both forget about them during the heat of the moment. And plus there are those girls – hot, clean looking girls – who don?t want you to use a condom. It’s hard to say no to that?

The bottom line is that whores pleasure your small brain while conservative girls pleasure your big brain. I don?t believe that all the hip hop stars who rap about wanting a ?freak in the sheets and a lady on the streets? are so accurate in their assessment. That is what I want, but hopefully like the elephant I don?t get put down before I find it.

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  1. soby

    hey just wanted to say read some of your articles and although some are offensive its really good writing

  2. Whore Abuser

    The reason women have legs is so they can walk from the bedroom to the kitchen and back. Women should be kept on a chain just long enough to allow them to reach the bedroom and the kitchen, with an extension long enough to reach the living room so they can serve & clean for the game. Women are good for three things: cooking, cleaning and sex, and when not in use, should be kept in a cage. A woman doesn’t need a watch, there is a clock on the stove – where she belongs!

  3. anti_whore :)

    its so easy bein a whore and alotta girls are whores these days.. dont ya’ll guys want something thats harder to find like a good girl that actually has respect for herself??????????

  4. Dee-VA

    Coming from a pretty experienced female, guys like girls who play the “good-girl gone bad” role. Even if you want to fuck the shit out of a man, pretend like your a conservative girl in the beginning. Avoid any convo’s that deal w/ sex yet talk sex w/ your expressions (hint: undress him with your eyes). Don’t invite him to your place and stay away from his house and car as often as possible or at least go home if you all just watched a movie at his place. After about a month or 2, if you can’t hold back any longer, let him put the first moves on you and ATTACK back like a hungry lioness. Seriously, fuck him like a whore would. If he eats you out…suck the shit out of his dick! Make him feel like he’s King-Kong!!! This my friends–is what every man wants. Even if the relationship fails he will always want someone who treated him just like you did 🙂

  5. Freak

    I love man who knows what they want,and when they want it. but please never on the first week

  6. Freak

    I would love if a guy would cage me upand only let me out for sex,cooking,and cleaning. And of course you can bring a girl over to fuck just let me get some when you done. Hell ya ima whore but i only belong to one person

  7. JC

    People people people.

    You are all loosing sight of the big picture here, and that is you are confusing the term “whore” with someone who likes sex.

    A “whore” can be either male or female, and are characterized by sleeping with multiple people even if they are already in a relationship. For example: Joe is dating Britney, but fucks Julia on the side – that makes him a whore. Or, Wendy and Josh are dating, but sucks the football team off twice a week, she is whore. If Wendy and Josh don’t cheap but love to fuck 24/7 – THIS DOES NOT MAKE HER A WHORE, SHE JUST LOVES SEX, this is ok.

    So, hopefully this has clarified the situation for everyone.

    There is nothing wrong with sex, what is wrong, is cheating in relationships by having no morals or ethics.

  8. Jainendra

    For the purpose of family setup/establishment conservative girls are best. For sex, entertainment and extreme enjoy purpose whore are more sited than Conservative girls.
    Both have importance in deffrent field of life.

  9. PUA Solitairet


    There are 2 types of women, Whores, and Sluts.

    Sluts are the one’s who “give it away” i.e no relationship, just does it because it feels good, she wants to etc

    Then there are whores, 2 types of the actually. There is the low status whore, or “ho”. This is the girl that thinks “Mmmm…he bought me some drinks, I’ll sleep with him” or “Yeah, He took me out on a cruise, I’ll fuck him”

    Then there are the high status whores. We also have a nasty 4 letter word for them: a WIFE *shiver*

    A wife is simply a whore, who has chosen to SELL HER SEXUALITY to a man, in return for him taking care of her and her children for life. After the contract is signed, she’s DOESN’T EVEN HAVE TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM, and allot of the time, this is the case.

    So there are sluts, and there are whores. Which category do you fall into?

    Because being the guy that “doesn’t count” I know your going to be fucking around behind his back within a few years. “As long as it’s not vaginal sex, it doesn’t count” “we’re fighting, and technically broken up, it doesn’t count” “I’m on vacation, nobody will ever know, it doesn’t count”

    etc etc etc. Face it people, monogamy=Monotony, like communism, it’s a GREAT idea, but it DOESN’T ACTUALLY WORK.

    Case closed.

  10. lisa

    A conservative woman is someone of value, she just know how to preserve herself.. its not being naive or being boring! The point is, its doing something that is not fornication with a man. Its a Christian act, or ethical to do. Every human being have a natural instinct capable to perform well in sex with the right partner at the right time.

  11. true conservative gal

    A conservative girl with the right Christian values also knows how to please her man when it comes to bed. A conservative girl who is smart and picky who don’t want a man who sleep wth whores are the type of women who also studies well how to please their man! You would be so lucky to find a good conservative gal and yet good in the you know where which is of course something that is being done by married individuals. Sex is good.. it is only the world and those sluts and whore guys who put dirt in it.. its something pleasurable that everyone who are not called to be celibates are to enjoy. Read the bible if u like… sleeping with a whore is a sin but it is also encouraged that we all should not be forsaking our duties to our partners in life which is either our husband or our wife.

  12. thatguy

    ok honestly, i read nearly every single post on here ( took quite a bit of time )… but i came down to one thing.. you all are pretty right.. and you all are pretty wrong… agian.. i was laughting nearly the hole way trew this…. but other parts i took sersly … moral of the story is… yes there are whores..yes america is realy shity with it… and ya… sluts and whores are diff… but sersly … there is no reason to nit pick at it… theres no guidlines to sluts/whores/tramps… its pretty diff from girl to girl… alot of people say ” oh if she gives on out the first date then shes bla bla bla”… wth dose it matter… if she likes sex thats heard deal… if she wants to stay after that..and try and date.. shit i gess that means she liked haveing sex with you .. shut up and date the bitch… 3 months down the road.. things dont work.. im shur the door will make a nice mark on her ass as it slams her out… not to compiclated… test your waters.. if it dont work.. you sink.. … swim back up and test it agian.. live is short.. live it.. dont be afraid to catch a tramp.. you can always trow her back… … done … i feel better…

  13. Aaron

    I’m sick and tired of women demanding “respect.” I don’t respect people who don’t earn it, and from what I’ve seen I’d say about only 1 out of 10 women are worthy. And they’re usually ugly. I get no joy from this fact, it’s extremely depressing. But it’s true.

  14. Verónica

    Well i do have sex like a whore but i could pleasure a brain too (i’m an urology resident), it’s not fair for us women who like sex to be labeled as dumb.

  15. ST

    I could care less about nailing down a specific categorization. The point is, it’s sad that most of the girls my age (I’m 20) could give a shit less about themselves. Nice girls and ‘whores’ both end up at parties and both end up getting fucked by multiple guys. It’s something I’m going to have to learn to live with because I know the world is going to shit.

    That being said, I wouldn’t mind it as much if those same girls didn’t carry the results of their carelessness. Nothing is more gross than seeing one girl after another get knocked up. To me, that shows the ultimate lack of self-respect. I mean let’s just be honest, most girls in their late teens and early 20’s are with guys who haven’t laid down a solid foundation yet career-wise.

    So why exactly would a girl want the added stress and expense of having a kid when she and the guy cannot properly raise it? The answer is she can’t.

    So from me, what is a whore? Not a girl who sleeps around, not a girl who likes to fuck a lot, but a girl who carries the scars of her actions, figuratively and physically. Having kids isn’t bad, but having them when you can’t afford to raise them comfortably and knowing that you purposely avoided preventing their birth makes you a whore. Same goes with telling a guy who don’t know not to wear a condom.

  16. HurtnWounded

    Everybody has been with somebody, and thats what it comes down to when you get into a later age. Its really hard to think about your girlfriend having sex with someone else or giving them a blow job before they met you. Fidelity is hard to come by when your in high school and college , but it is out there somewhere. There are alot of terrible girls out there they pose as conservative but are whores in disguise. I dated a girl for a year and a half going into the relationship I thought she was perfect being conservative and such, in the summer she had sex with another guy on a first date while we were on break, I mean I just dont know anymore. Any guys out there with this problem. Love comes again just hang in there

  17. ACE

    I agree with the Conservative Girls will do anything for ya, you jus got to find the Right Girl to be with..and thats whats hard..cuz most girls are Whores these days. Jus dont let them play your ass! Girls got the best Poker faces and if u fall for it..youll end up lookn like a sucker! and it will effect u. Keep your Guard up! all the time, and if u detect anything from her, Play her ass by dumpn her and not calln her..b4 she does it to you. “Thats Real Talk” dont end up lookn like a fool. One – i dated a Conservative girl for 2years, and in my opinion thats when relationships start to become relationshits..unless u can keep it exciting!. I found myself losing interest and lookn around..didnt cheat tho..we jus ended it, of course the shit never ends pretty. But yeah she sucked at givin Head..i had to push on her head somtimes..and she would get my dick with her teeth somtimes..and that jus pissed me off, i remember one time being like yeah thats it im done. shit hurts. Anyways after awhile she started to be better in bed..Conservative Girls you jus gotta Teech in bed basically..and then theyll eventually get it. Or youll find the one thats good..and thats the one u stick with..as long as ur sure shes only that way for YOU. This chick i was with was too innocent and she was a year older then me..i couldnt deal with it anymore and ended it…Now this one chick i was with for a while..total Slut whore.whatever
    i fucked this bitch for like a Week Straight!
    you wouldnt believe the shit that came out of her mouth. She was pretty good tho, new what she was doin, Tho i had to push on her head some..cuz she wouldnt go all the way down on me when givin head.
    But yeah it was good..but not someone i would marry. remember this ok..You cant Turn a Whore in to a House-wife..it jus doesnt happen. Stick with a Conservative, and make sure shes knows what shes doin in bed.. the Whores are jus for Fuckn and Dumpn..forget em..If ur lookn 2 settle down. You gotta Hunt for that Conservative Girl/freak in bed. Dont fall for a whore, shell play u. Plus always wear a Condom..the ones that dont want u too..or say there takn BirthControl..its all Bullshit!! They Want You 2 Knock them up..so they can get the Child Support..and leave ur ass..Girls are all about the Money too! so keep YOU GUARD UP!! remember that i said that.
    im only 22 but ..ino the game..and how its playd.

  18. Haris

    I haven’t read any shit above and here’s my view.
    Stop categorizing girls into whores and conservatives. That’s not even a proper comparison.

    Secondly, you are viewing sex as a bad thing. Why do you assume that if a girl wants sex or has sex easily that she is instantly labeled as a whore. It can mean that she is strong, independent, and a clear minded person.

    Thirdly, you are born as a MAN. We MEN are born are horny motherfuckers. Stop trying to repress it, embrace it, accept it, and take charge. The girl lost interest because you were acting fake. Girls are extremely good at sensing this sort of thing. She sensed that you wanted her, she sensed you wanted to ram her in the bed, and you know what, she liked it. But the fact you kept on repressing it and holding back was all fake and she knew that. You were not being in touch with your sexuality.

    All this talk of holding back for the right girl is bullshit. You lost the girl because you placed her on a pedestal and assumed she is much higher value. Treat her like any other girl, and give what both of you want. This whole media/society view of waiting for marriage/holding back for the right one is all shit.

    Again, stop labelling girls as whores and sluts. Women are known to being more horny than men, and they have to repress it because society is much harsher on women sleeping around. Men are labelled as champs whereas women as sluts. Treat them all equally, respect them and yourself. A whore is simply one that works at a stripclub and bangs for money. THATS IT.

    Let me know what you think.
    Cheers bud.


  19. Dar

    Awesome post Haris – I just wanted to tell a story about this subject that’s happening to me right now, and it certainly applies without labeling females into categories:

    Im currently seeing someone who is extremely thoughtful and loyal, and is one of my best friends. She makes me feel secure. When we started out three years ago, we had a fairly normal sex life, but that took a back seat very quickly. Now we have been known to go over a week or two without sex. She is, however, a hard worker, successful, and routine oriented. She openly admits that sex is not a top priority with her, for a few different reasons. But my POINT is that she is strong, independent, and wonderful.

    Now, about three months ago I met someone else, and there was an instant attraction that was very strong. Within a few times hanging out we hooked up. We go out a lot with friends, and have more wild sex together than should be legal. This gal is free spirited and fun, makes me feel attractive and alive, and has become my sort of party friend with benefits. She may be much more loose, and obviously been around the block a few times but my POINT again is that she is strong, independent, and wonderful.

    Each female appeals to a different part of me, the first a loving, warm, dependable friend, and the second a partyin’ good times rockin’ friend.

    At first, I struggled to figure out which one was better for me. I fought guilt, confusion and moments of hysteria. I kept beating myself up, hididng scratches, etc. Finally, though, I let all of that go. My suggestion to solve your delima, or question, is this: Have and keep TWO women around! It’s a little more work, but well worth it!! 😉

  20. Anonymous

    Don’t be silly, wrap your willy.

    Need some protection for your erection.

    If you ain’t got the rubber, there’ll be no hubba hubba.


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