I met a girl in January. We hit it off and I took her out to one of my favorite places for the first date. I treated this girl like a lady because I’m older now and I need to get past my whore-banging phase. On that first date we started to get to know each other and she seemed like an interesting person. I really wanted to bang her but I held back since I’m not supposed to be a horny bastard anymore.

The second date went okay but things started showing up that made me lose interest. Still, I was a gentlemen and didn’t go for sex. The third date was a disaster; I realized I wasn’t into her and didn’t have much to say. I thought to myself a lot on that date: “How much money did these dates cost me? I really should have went for it on that first date. I wonder what new flavor taquitos 7-11 will come up with next. Maybe I should go back to dating whores.”

It?s two months later and I?m still lost and confused, like an elephant who just escaped from the zoo. I?m wandering through society wondering who I should set my eyes on and randomly pounce on. While I like conservative girls because they are smart and don?t have sex with every guy that gives them attention, I can?t help but look back and reminisce with the whores I?ve been with.

One reason why I like whores is because they are excellent in bed. It’s kinda hard not to be with all that experience sleeping with different men. Some of you conservative girls reading this are saying, “That’s bullshit, I had a boyfriend for two years and all we did was have sex and he loved it.” Sorry but your sample size of one or two guy?s doesn’t make you an expert. Whores instinctively know what a guy likes, and ensure he will get his that very first time they bang.

Another reason why whores are excellent is because they care more about your pleasure than theirs. A great example of this is the lower back tattoo. Why do you think she would get a tattoo that she will never see? It’s so you have something to look out while you’re doing her doggy style. She wants you to be visually entertained during sex; how thoughtful is that?! Whores will also go down on you without having to gently push down on her head. It really ruins the romantic moment for me when I have to think of a plan to get a girl to do something that I know will give her no sexual pleasure.

Finally, you don’t need to buy her a promise ring to get some action; she will put out no later than the second date. Seriously, what’s the point of waiting for sex anymore… this is 2005. Even college basketball players at shitty schools have groupies now. Conservative girls make you purchase the orange without making sure the juice is worth the squeeze.

Even with all these very good reasons to bang whores, I know it won’t be smart to go back. Experience from my friends ? and not me ? have shown that you WILL get something if you sleep around a lot. It?s not that condoms don?t work, it?s just that you both forget about them during the heat of the moment. And plus there are those girls – hot, clean looking girls – who don?t want you to use a condom. It’s hard to say no to that?

The bottom line is that whores pleasure your small brain while conservative girls pleasure your big brain. I don?t believe that all the hip hop stars who rap about wanting a ?freak in the sheets and a lady on the streets? are so accurate in their assessment. That is what I want, but hopefully like the elephant I don?t get put down before I find it.

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  1. James

    Conservative girls are whores trying to act sophisticated.

    Just takes a bit longer to coax them out of the clothing.

  2. Andy

    I would agree with James on the it just takes them a little longer part but easy girls are definitly better sex.

    “Maybe sex just isn’t supposed to be enjoyable with somebody you love.”

    dcb you should check out this 1971 Jack Nickelson movie called Carnal Knowledge. It’s very good and very on topic.

  3. Right Thinking Girl

    Don’t start banging whores again. Once you meet some really good conservative girl, she’d move mountains for you; we’re all about the long term -meaning since we want to have your babies and get married, we’ll be total sluts in bed AND treat you like a prince outside of bed. The thing is though, being conservative, we want to make sure he’s worth our time, responsible, sweet to old ladies, puppies, and children, and see if it’s going somewhere before we jump out of our clothes. Once we’ve acertained that much, we’re total sluts, partly because we want to get married and we know that men are less resistant to this idea when they’re getting lots of freaky sex. Plus, I hate to sound all sappy here, but sex really is better when you’re with somebody you love and nobody with any self-respect can love a whore. Whores will jump out of their clothes immediately but with a whore, you’ll never wake up in the morning dying from testosterone poisoning, crushed under the memory of talking about Big Important Things, wondering if she’d make a good mom to your kids. Stick with the conservative girls but until you find one, it’s perfectly permissable to fantasize about the whores.

  4. Cleveland Park Mens Club

    “Right Thinking Girl,” I’m all about the love, blah, blah, blah….and generally agree w/ what you are saying. But, your problem is that this took way too long to explain.

    Conservative girls are “modest.” Modest = boring.

  5. DCB Post author

    RTG: I’ve never had the patience to wait out a conservative girl to discover the treasure you speak of.

    “The thing is though, being conservative, we want to make sure he?s worth our time, responsible, sweet to old ladies, puppies, and children, and see if it?s going somewhere before we jump out of our clothes”

    Problem is making sure can mean a loooong time of no sex. Is it okay if i pursue whores until you put out?

  6. Right Thinking Girl

    DCB: No. That would be immediate grounds for putting you on the “do not call back” list. But you already knew that.

    And who are these girls who are taking forever to get into bed? I mean, what is “a long time”? Most conservative girls I know are NOT modest (and just for the record, I’m in the DC area so maybe Kansas conservative girls are modest, but out here, we’re the same sluts in bed you find anywhere.)

  7. SK

    Drag them all too bed. As long as they dont quote chapter and verse from “The Rules”, or start reciting their hail marys you should be all good. Whore is such a negative word. I think a woman is only a whore if shes sleeping around and never getting off. Thats when you know she has issues.

  8. Anonymous

    Answer this, why is it that the whores are so willing to please you and conservative girls are not? Self-esteem? Education or the lack of it? because all women have the same sexual needs.

  9. Centrist

    So, yeah. I get what you’re saying. I went through this “man-whore” phase about two years ago where I fucked a bunch of whores. Luckily I made it out of this phase without any infections. Then I discovered that there’s this other class of girls who are non-whores-who-realize-that-you-have-to-put-out-in-some-way-to-keep-guys-interested and that’s currently working for me. i.e. a little sucky-sucky can prolong the interest past the third date without relegating you to complete whore status. The problem is that you have to go out with a bunch of people on first and second dates in order to ascertain wether you have one of these on your hands. I dunno. Try it some time.

  10. Emily

    This whole Madonna/whore complex is ancient. Women can’t be so easily defined. It’s because men keep these two categories alive as if there were no spectrum that women feel they have to be one or the other. Women think “Oh! I need to be respected. I’ll dress conservatively and not have sex and pretend I don’t want to” or “Fuck it. I want to have sex, so I might as well go all out and sleep with everyone.”

    Sluts in the club shouldn’t respresent women as a whole. There are plenty of sensual, beautiful women out there who can’t wait to be wild in bed with the men they love. They’re the ones walking by on your right while you check out the ugly girl with the fake rack on your left.

  11. Sabato Jr

    …good luck pursuing any anal adventures. From my experience conservative girls don’t answer knocks at the back door.

  12. Anonymous

    You always have to watch out for the prim and propper looking girls b/c chances are they are banging both men and women…hence the invention of the drunk sorority girl. It wasn’t me, but my drunk alter ego that blew both you and your brother from both ends…

    Wenches come in all shape and sizes..

    However…a good woman is hard to find. You probably won’t meet her in a bar.

  13. Star

    modest = sexy, seductive
    slut = boring

    Of course, there are many boring guys, who’ve never heard of the notion of feminine mystique, who keep the whore industry alive and well!

    But really, it’s a no-brainer that if a girl exposes herself (physically or emotionally) to everyone she meets the same as she does for you, then she isn’t trying to make you feel special. This is great for guys who don’t have enough self-esteem to not want to “share”.

    And most girls I’ve seen, whether they’re trying to play themselves as conservative or as a slut, all have self-esteem issues too. It’s just a difference in tactics. In the slut, it’s plain obvious. But much of the time, girls who act modest are trying to hide their insecurities. Worse yet, they’re trying to manipulate guys to make themselves feel better about themselves.

    You don’t really know what you’re getting, until it’s too late. So if sex is all you want, the slut is a much less risky investment. For the remaining 10-20% of guys left, they have to be careful when picking out conservative girls. A lot of what comes off as modesty is actually the Britney Spears style false-modesty, which guys should always avoid. The real modesty is far less intentional. It’s a mix of instinct, values and common-sense.

    And yes, there are guys who wait until marriage before getting down and dirty.

  14. Anonymous

    I think that the kind of whore that youre talking about are good , because when you meet them you know what youre getting in, but all these “conservative girls” that you are talking about are worse because these are whores who give you the impression that they are conservative and you get involved thinking ” well these is a good girl” but what they really are ” the worst kind of whore” that make you fall in love and then fucked you all up , fucking averybody else behind your back

  15. jen

    date whores if you like cave diving … date “conservative”, i.e. girls with standards, if you actually want to feel it. personally, i don’t fall on every dick i pass on the streets but i don’t think that makes me “conservative” or a bad lay. i like to think that i’m a little bit more picky. i have to tell ya .. from what i read of you, you ain’t tall enough to ride this ride …

  16. joe muthafuckin' wood

    conservative broads can be whores, too. look at ann coulter! although…she might have a penis.

  17. jonblover71

    wow, what a great story, and well written! 2 thumbs up. I love to be with whores, they are better at sex, and they know it and so do guys.
    Every mans fantasy is to be with a porn star..so do you think porn stars are conservative? Experience is most important with a woman. I give her 3 dates..and if not putting out by then..then its not worth it. Imagine going on 10 dates..only to find 1) the woman sucks at blowjobs, 2)The woman just lies there 3)the woman doesnt swallow, 4) the woman doesn’t like anal or at least fingers in her asshole. 5)just whines or says eww when you come…
    Heres a tip fellas…ask for their favorite color..if its red, black or purple..u have a whore. Also, lots of tats and piercings are risky items..so a whore is likey to have them. Thongs hanging out..another good clue.
    Best of luck finding more whores:)

  18. Melissa Gira

    Re: “forgetting” condoms in the heat of the moment? Are you for real? From my position — fucking boy-whores & girl-sluts — it’s those of us who’ve slept around the most who are most up on our shit when it comes to religiously practicing safer sex. It’s the “Oh, I’m a nice girl/boy, I only sleep with people after out third date, I don’t have anything!” ones that *I* worry about.

  19. johnnyboy

    They all want to be treated by whores, it’s just that the conservative ones want to know that you are going to come back for more, and that your not going to tell all your friends about the fact that they like their hair pulled when your giving it to them from behind.

  20. Anonymous

    With HIV EVERYONE should be conservative. A condom is a false sense of security. It only decreases the chances of getting something. DUH!

    I’m a woman, healthly sexually and want to be with one person that’s healthy and of good character. Not conservative ( too sensual and creative for that :)) or a whore just in between both as I can hold out for years!!! This doesn’t make me a bag lady or boring it makes me SMART!!

  21. Butter

    I am SOOOOO torn on this subject. Throughout my youth into my 20s I was the “romantic” who wanted to share all with one. Now that I am 31 I find myself regretting not taking advantage of the opportunities that were presented to me because all that I overhear are promiscuity and infidelity. Of how one is dating this one and that one and this one and that one, etc…. but is not in a relationship as if they were visiting a buffet table. Personally I find it disgusting and when I found that I was one of those “buffet items” I immediately removed mself from the situation. the woman I am with now has expressed that she has been sexually active with 41 men and it is difficult for me to delve into deep fealings for her when she loves me dearly. It is hard for me to respect any woman at his point due to how disrespectful their sex life would reflect upon me. No man wants to walk into a party where another could say or think “Yeah, I fucked her…”. Do I lead a life of disrespect with companionship or a life of promiscuity until the subject no longer has issue with me and then give my “boring and needy” years to some hapless partner? Because the latter is how I feel I am given now.

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  23. Jess

    I think a major problem is thinking of women in the difinition of ‘whores’ and ‘conservatives’. To generalize and use derogatory terms like that is incredibly ignorant. And it shows that you have no courtesy for women. You will NEVER find the right female if you can’t learn to respect us! That means not using words like whore.

    So if a girl is good in bed she’s slutty? Sorry but experience DOES NOT mean knowledge. I was much better in bed than the first bf I slept with and he had been with a couple girls before me.
    Plus I’ve been with a few men who were awful in bed despite having a lot of experience. That was because they didn’t have any KNOWLEDGE about what women like (or of female anatomy), how different we are from them (like it the aspect of how much harder and longer it takes for us to get an orgasm. Hello foreplay!) And since the females they had been with didn’t have the guts to say what they wanted the guys just kept thinking they were some great studs. It’s really quite delusional I know…
    And yes I know the topic is females not males so you might say ‘well perhaps women are different. Maybe they learn more from lots of experience’. Well if you believe that then you’ve never met a female like me. The guys I’ve been with have all been thrilled with my skills and shocked to hear that I have not been with that many men. If you want to tell if a girl is good in bed look how she dances. If she can move her hips really well (which I can. Comes from my Greek side haha) then she’s probably pretty good in bed. Also if she’s done anything like horseback riding for some time (I rode for 12 years) she should have some good skills from that. Then there is the personality aspect. If a women is not confident about what she wants or has any fears or hangups about sex or herself (ex. being told her body was ‘dirty’ as a child) she’ll be more of the type to just lay there and be quiet. Also if you don’t know her well enough she might be shy. Some women take longer to come out of their sexual shells. Those aren’t the types you’d want to be with casually. It can also be a maturity factor (which is why a lot of guys like older women. However there are younger women who are very mature and comfortable about their sexuality). Also the amount a women likes a guy can effect how well she does in bed.

    Well that’s all I have to say. I know it was a long post… my apologies.

  24. Jess

    p.s sorry for the spelling mistakes in my last message. I was typing in a hurry and forget to check it.

  25. Anonymous

    Yeah but reminiscing about Jennifer D. (one of the biggest whores in DC who I’m sure you’ve had) must be pretty hot.

  26. Anonymous

    excuse me.
    all these is no sence,i am a reserve type of woman,and hot sex is not a wore thing ,you can be a girl that dont spleep wit every man that is comming a long,and have exellent sex with my long terme boy freind,are you sensuel or not .

  27. spcwby

    The Economics Of Prostitution
    Michael Noer, 02.14.06, 12:00 PM ET

    Wife or whore?

    The choice is that simple. At least according to economists Lena Edlund and Evelyn Korn, it is.

    The two well-respected economists created a minor stir in academic circles a few years back when they published “A Theory of Prostitution” in the Journal of Political Economy. The paper was remarkable not only for being accepted by a major journal but also because it considered wives and whores as economic “goods” that can be substituted for each other. Men buy, women sell.

    Economists have been equating money and marriage ever since Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker published his seminal paper “A Theory of Marriage” in two parts in 1973 and 1974–also, not coincidentally, in the Journal of Political Economy.

    Becker used market analysis to tackle the questions of whom, when and why we marry. His conclusions? Mate selection is a market, and marriages occur only if they are profitable for both parties involved.

    Becker allowed nonmonetary elements, like romantic love and companionship, to be entered into courtship’s profit and loss statement. And children, in particular, were important. “Sexual gratification, cleaning, feeding and other services can be purchased, but not children: Both the man and the woman are required to produce their own children and perhaps to raise them,” he wrote.

    But back to whores: Edlund and Korn admit that spouses and streetwalkers aren’t exactly alike. Wives, in truth, are superior to whores in the economist’s sense of being a good whose consumption increases as income rises–like fine wine. This may explain why prostitution is less common in wealthier countries. But the implication remains that wives and whores are–if not exactly like Coke and Pepsi–something akin to champagne and beer. The same sort of thing.

    As with Becker, a key differentiator in Edlund and Korn’s model is reproductive sex. Wives can offer it, whores can not.

    To be fair, Edlund and Korn were merely building an admittedly grossly simplified model of human behavior in an attempt to answer a nagging question: Why do hookers make so much money? Prostitution is, seemingly, a low-skill but high-pay profession with few upfront costs, micro-miniskirts and stiletto heels aside.

    Yet according to data assembled from a wide variety of times and places, ranging from mid-15th-century France to Malaysia of the late 1990s, prostitutes make more money–in some cases, a lot more money–than do working girls who, well, work for a living. This held true even for places where prostitution is legal and relatively safe. In short, streetwalkers aren’t necessarily being paid more for their increased risk of going to jail or the hospital.

    Notwithstanding Jerry Hall’s quip when she was married to Mick Jagger, about being “a maid in the living room and a whore in the bedroom,” one normally cannot be both a wife and a whore. “Combine this with the fact that marriage can be an important source of income for women, and it follows that prostitution must pay better than other jobs to compensate for the opportunity cost of forgone-marriage market earnings,” Edlund and Korn conclude.


    Another zinger: “This begs the question of why married men go to prostitutes (rather than buying from their wives, who presumably will be low-cost providers, considering that they can sell nonreproductive sex without compromising their marriage).” Guys, nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more than “low-cost provider.”

    Of course, it’s easy to pour cold water on some of the assumptions made in Edlund and Korn’s mathematical model. But these so-called “stylized facts” are supposed to predict human behavior; they don’t necessarily pretend to mirror it.

    In particular, the assumption that there is no “third way” between wife and whore is problematic, if not outright offensive: “The third alternative, working in a regular job but not marrying, can be ruled out, since we assume that the only downside of marriage for a woman is the forgone opportunity for prostitution.”

    Be sure to let all your married friends know what they’re missing.

    Also, the emphasis on the utility of children is puzzling. In most Western democracies, fertility rates have plummeted as wealth has increased. Empirically, men not only buy fewer whores as they get richer, but they have fewer children.

    Still, the economic analysis of marriage explains one age-old phenomenon: gold digging.

    “In particular, does our analysis justify the popular belief that more beautiful, charming and talented women tend to marry wealthier and more successful men?” wrote Becker. His answer: “A positive sorting of nonmarket traits with nonhuman wealth always, and with earnings power, usually, maximizes commodity output over all marriages.”

    In other words, yes, supermodels do prefer aging billionaires. And Gary Becker proved it mathematically decades before The Donald married Melania.

  28. Anonymous

    I don’t know about you guys in America, but I’m an Asian and one upheld by morals at that.

    Many people tell me American people are loose and easy-going, especially in the context of sex. They mingle around liberally with the opposite genders in bars, fuck around and love it.

    “If you don’t fuck before you marry, you are a loser, I hear. And most probably a nerd too.”
    That is the common perception implied. With shows like [Virgin at 40], I wonder how many American men wait till marriage before they engage in sex.

    It’s sad, if you ask me. Not so much because hormonally charged American teenagers are fucking around but because there is an obvious gradual increase in under-age sex in Asian countries too. I cite Singapore as an example, since I’m from there. Some of my friends are already sexually active, can’t be helped.

    I’m not going to discriminate anyone harbouring different beliefs from mine, for I am not fit to judge or to set generic moral rules that all must abide. I understand the culture in America is different from that in Asian countries.

    However, what I can’t stand is the fact that the conservative ones are being discriminated and made fun of. I find it despicable because they are the ones with the discipline and morals to hold up their beliefs instead of bowing to popular trends and yet they are being laughed at. I shall attempt to demystify some misconceptions…

    1) Conservative men are not uncool. You’ll be surprised by how conservative men are usually the ones with self-confidence and behave gentlemanly, while retaining their hip status.

    2) Conservative men are geeks and weak. Research has shown teenagers that don’t engage in sex are twice unlikely to smoke too, and hence, are healthier.

    3) Conservative men are failures in the working world (because they cannot socialise). I don’t think I need to explain why this is so wrong. Just ask your boss who he prefers as a worker. Someone who sleeps around or someone who is single but is morally upright.

    Now, I don’t know about you all, but I believe in respecting women. Vice versa of course. I want a girlfriend, and eventually, a wife who is confident about herself and does not see the need to say things like “I can be very hot/great in bed but I need to see whether my boyfriend is worth it. So please don’t reject me yet. Can we date first” She should just shut her door in his face and walk off.

    I believe conservative women are way classier (and most of the times, smarter intellectually and socially) than sluts.

    I believe conservative women are more challenging and exciting than sluts. (Instead of the slut opening the door for you leading to the bed, I want a woman who requires wooing before she allows me to be her stead – while I don’t expect her to sleep around or date other boys after she becomes my girlfriend.)

    I believe conservative women are equally adept in bed, as with slutty women. Because when you are having sex, you will want her partner to enjoy it more than you do, since making love is an expression of your love for him/her. Hence, I won’t doubt her love-making ability.

    Besides, the thought that she’s been there, done that with so many other guys makes me cringe. And no, I don’t need XXX sex combinations to satisfy me. I just need to know she loves me enough to make love with me. That’s all.

    I want women with conservative thinking, who believe in preserving their virginity till marriage, who don’t accept kisses on first dates, who don’t demand you buy her presents/gifts/rings because her other girlfriends receive them, who are kind hearted and not bitchy, who believe academics are important and lastly, who are subtle and genuine in their love instead of simply whispering sweet nothings.

    Call me an outdated, old-fashioned little dweeb, but I could hardly care less. Maybe you are right. I’m 16, haven’t dated before, attended a 10 year all-boy school, knows few girls and haven’t had a crush, not because the girls I know aren’t pretty/attractive but because I know I’m not mature/ready enough.

    If you are wondering, I’m not a geeky and rejected loser who demands high standards of women while not adhering to them. I know I’m attractive, physically and mentally (my friends/sisters tell me that), that I won’t have a hard time getting a girlfriend of my type. It is just that I’m in the midst of my studies and I don’t want my ticket to my dream college to be in jeopardy.

    And when I meet the girl of my dreams, I know I’m going to enjoy my time dating her and wooing her as much or more than the time with her in bed. Because I know I truly love her for who she is, not her body. And because I know she feels the same.

    p.s: Any other guy/girl who feels the same way as I do, please post here too. It’ll be cool to know someone out there in the land of sex actually still thinks the same way I do.
    And for those who are fighting for their beliefs, stay strong. It is worth it, trust me. 😉

  29. anon

    I agree with the above that girls that have sex and are whores just have low self esteem. If you feel good about yourself in anyway you do not care about how much sex you have or whatever. Last i checked easy games arnt fun ones. Thats probably the same reason im pre med. Easy just isnt fun for me. i am 20 now and since 14 i have had sex upon sex and once i hit 19 I wouldnt touch a girl that put out too quickly…this just shows thier desperateness, and how bad they want it(so of course i dont give it to them…I have self control..my penis is not the organ that runs shit.) When a woman is a whore and not classy she is basically just saying whats between my legs is more important then in my skull. Whores are whats wrong with this world.(and i have fucked my fair share of whores but over a few months i was just against that completly.). I know i can get sex so why should i let my animal instint take over. This is what seperates us (or at least most of us from animals.) i got to florida state university..it has been ranked in the top 10 of party schools and STD’s for over a decade and i gotta say i just laugh at all these people here (girls and guys) that are only looking to get laid its just so funny thats what thier life is. No intellect involed in thier lives. I got much to say but ill save that for later.

  30. Anthony

    I am an asian from America as well, I was born here. So addressing Mr. Conservative—you need to get more ass OK pal. You wouldnt be saying that crap if you had a great lay in your life. Girls are just materials to satisfy the sexual nature of humanity. It is a means to an end until the guy (us) has an orgasm. Then its get out of here i have a 5pm meeting with a client.

    -Learn to be a man you freaking beta male.

  31. murcielago

    Wow. So I’m conservative now? News to me. Also to all the people I’ve been fucking recently.

    I think your dichotomy here doesn’t work so well as you think. These might be all the women with whom you have a chance, but they sure don’t define the continuum very well.

  32. some guy

    sigh: I am to old to have something to say about this…….( To try to parse the diference between the the “good girl” and what that means in the sack vs. the “slut” and what that means in the sack )………….I think that it is of utmost importance that any woman understands that to be successful in love and life is to be a whore in the bed room and a princess in the living room. For you see, the quesiton in not who is a whore and who isn’t. A man or woman should reveal their lust to their lover. This should not be considered “secret” knowledge. On the flip side..a man who does not understand that sexual comquest is not a measure of manhood does not deserve to this dynamic woman I make reference to, or even a drivers lisence. Assumeing I spelled Lisence right.

  33. For the record

    There are day when I want to have sex and days I want to be loved.
    Unfortunantly whores more often than not don’t give a damn about what day it is they want to drive a stick or ride an automatic— that’s why they triumph all over the freaking world

  34. GirlsAreALLWhores

    No matter if they are conservative, liberal, anarchist, punk, goth, rich, poor, whatever ALL girls are whores. Girls are only after 1 thing and it is not sex but a man’s money. That is why hookers are better. They cost less and they are more honest about their intentions.

  35. P

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t quite understand the whore attraction. Whores have more miles on their speedometer, so that fact alone kind of makes whores high mileage girls.

    Low mileage attracts me, not high mileage. A BUMP HER to BUMP HER warranty sounds groovy, with a low mileage girl. I think most guys would like to have their 4-cylinder rod, or 6-cylinder rod, or 8-cylinder rod checked out at the STD dealership for free. Banging a high mileage girl means forking out money to have your rod checked out. No way!

    I think the whore-mentality is just a little dated–like three decades. Certainly, HIV and a multitude of STDs that I can’t even pronounce, much less spell, kind of puts a damper on banging a hottie, or a coldie. Of course, banging in general is just plain risky. Even banging an O-R-A-L Roberts’ hottie is risky.

    Condoms 101 should be a class taught in school–even at Oral Roberts University. Guys may know how to change a flat tire and haze frat brothers, but I don’t think all that many guys know how to put a glove on their love machine. I’m serious–DEAD SERIOUS!!!!! Just one little mistake could be deadly.

    For all you guys out there intent on making it with a whore, play ‘Bad Girls’ when you are banging. Who wants to screw without music? ‘Bad Girls’ would be the first song, and ‘Hot Stuff’ the second.

    A third? Well, ‘She Bangs.’


  36. P

    I’m in step with Anonymous. That’s me, and that’s not someone else.

    However, there are men and women who view sluts and whores as marriage material. One must remember that not everyone in this world marches to the tune of the same drummer. I’m sure Pamela Anderson loved to bang Kid Rock. Naturally, Kid Rock loved to get his r-o-c-k-s off with Pamela. On a slut level, they were both marriage material.

    These types of unions may be of short duration. I guess it all depends on the two individuals, and making a blanket statement is a little risky.

    Some sluts frequent swinging clubs and some don’t. If sluts find swinging clubs sexually fulfilling, that’s their business. Shouldn’t all of us live in a world with little judgment? I don’t find swinging clubs appealing, but that’s me. Are the rooms red? I have no idea! I don’t find prostitution appealing, but that’s me. Money has not exhanged hands.

    Prostitution is big business because men will risk everything good in their lives for on a 30-minute blow job and sex. From the beginning of time, men have been sexual creatures. Most men desire to be alpha males, and alpha males find great pleasure seeding the hottest chick on the African savannah, or in Savannah.

    Jesus and Allah arrived on the scene late in the game. A thousand years, two thousand years, or three thousand years are just a blink of an eye in the history of our species. A guy may read scripture on a regular basis, but he may also read Penthouse on a regular basis, too. Let’s face facts: the sex drive is a huge force in life. Sex is just plain fun. Hookers know that, and hookers know that there’s big money in prostitution. Most religions’ agenda is to take the fun out of sex, but that sex-negative posture drives many people to seek even more sex. Duh! Duh! Pope BeneD-I-C-K, sex IS fun!!!!

    Contrary to what the above prostitution article mentioned, I think high-class prostitutes do have high overhead. That’s my perception. Do high-class prostitutes entertain their clients at Motel 6 or the Red Roof Inn? No! I think many are employed by escort agencies. Self-employed prostitutes generally work the streets.

    One poster here referred to back-door-action. A guy generally doesn’t feel comfortable asking his wife to stick a big dildo up his butt, lick parts of his anatomy where the sun doesn’t shine, or to whip his butt. Prostitution scores big in the fetish department. Prostitution is a little like cable TV: there’s a basic service, but you can upgrade.


  37. Anonymous

    men and woman whore’s are a big part of the curruption of socity,sort of like a disses spreading killing the body and soul..to think we know better than god and to have sex out of marrige is one of our biggest mistakes..if everyone would displain themselfves and wait until marrage,,there would be no std’s ,aids, broken homes,moral decy,unwanted baby’s ending up in jail later on.I learned the hard way and I had my share of bangin whore’s partly cause I had no father figure or mintor and I was brain washed be the media..some of the rap music they play on the radio is causeing moral decay in the youth thinkin sex is just a fun game,,just as is a man has sex with a whore he become’s one with that whore and share’s in her spirit,,I can sit hear for hours and break everything down and put it together but I have too wake up early,,but I will say just this ,,with out god in my life and with out my martial arts,,I wouldn’t of made it out of the corruption,,,,I have feel in love with a whore to my haste in lust with out knowing,,she almost had what might of been my baby,,but she misscarage and the shackels are broke from me and her,,it would be a life in hell too have my baby’s mama be a whore and I be stuck with that mess and drama through the rest of my life,,sorry for a the misspelling words its been a long day.so take what I say for what it is hopefuffy it will be of some use,,god bless you

  38. Anthony

    Umm…hi again. This is Anthony, the asian guy who posted a few posts before. I’d like to apologize for my tone and my insensitivity towards women. It’s just that I’ve recently come out of the closet as a homosexual and that’s been weighing heavily on my mind lately. I can’t get the images of cock out of my mind!! Sucking cock, touching it, licking it….doing things with it in me. Wow….I’m shivering even now. Again, I’m sorry ladies. It’s just going to take me awhile to realize that I’m just a slut too. Well, a cock-gobbling man-slut, but a slut none the less.

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