It’s more common to see a hot girl with an ugly guy than the other way around. This is mainly due to the fact that any guy can overcome a dollop of bad genetics with a lot of money and a fancy car. Seeing a hot guy with an ugly girl is so rare that I remember the one instance where I actually witnessed it. It was my junior year in college and I was planning a hot weekend of playing Starcraft on the internet, when I saw a huge pasty girl holding hands with a good looking guy. I noticed that her huge sausage fingers were hiding his hand in a socially unacceptable display of love.

Men have a shallow gene that has been passed on for generations, making looks far more important than any other quality a woman can possess. The best advice I can give a mediocre woman is to go to the gym and do some squats to plump up that ass, because personality is a guy’s number two trait at best. So when a guy says he wants a hot girl, that’s just evolution talking. But when a girl says she wants a hot guy, it is a guarantee that she is mediocre looking.

These mediocre girls rate about a 6-7 out of 10 on the looks scale, and usually grow up with at least one hot friend who gets all the guys. She probably doesn’t have trouble getting guys herself, but she wants that model stud, that one guy who she can show off to her friends. A trophy boyfriend. It doesn’t matter if the guy can has the personality of a rock as long as he is considered hot by today’s societal standards. She’ll introduce her guy to friends and then say, “He’s hot, right?”

If you observe closely, you will notice that hot girls usually go out with average or slightly above average looking guys. These girls are already validated daily by their looks, so there is no need to seek validation in their mate as well. They pick the guy that they actually like, not one that looks good (prompting many “I don’t believe she’s with him” remarks from other jealous men). The mediocre girl is stuck in a society where her looks are judged more than anything else, leaving her with no choice but to live in other people’s eyes, not her own. But one should not have sympathy for the female mediocre lot: they should get their standards in line with reality and choose a mate whose looks is as average as hers.


  1. BR

    I agree with Jabba. I have indeed observed these mediocre men who have convinced themselves that they’re hot. Inflated egos, exaggerated self-awareness, or what have you. It’s amazing.

  2. Anonymous

    I consider my self good looking woman,but not dat hot,i never make the firts mouve on a men,and i am very reserved person,but in my life i had so many men that had ask me out,or send me flower,ect,i was not interest in men that have just the look,i ad been with somme man that have,the old package,good style,smart,confidence,alot of money,and very charismatic men,the man can be gorgous but if he have no charisma,!!!well to bad.

  3. fish

    generally speaking, men get a bad rap. Its women who are more picky. sure men are visual. But aside from the obese extreme…men are so much more forgiving. A woman could have just one body part that is feminine, and she will get attention from men. she will be desired by men sexually. women have this power over men, and know it. i guess the great equalizer is age…and is why women are so competitive…with other women. Men get a bad rap for just wanting models or blondes with big boobs. but this is such a false myth perpetuated by women to make it seem like men are the shallower sex…which is untrue and quite the opposite. Again, i am speaking generally…but women are far more shallow and picky. Its biological. women have a finite number of eggs…men have infinite number of sperm. That is why women are pickier. They have the longer lists…looks, money, power, career on and on. what do men want? simple. men want women. like jerry seinfeld said. they don’t care where a woman works, how much money she has etc…if she is not a grandmother or insanely obese(and i mean insanely obese)…he will be attracted, and excited if a woman pays him attention. women on the other hand place much more importance on facial attractiveness in men. A man could have a great body…but he will not be considered “HOT” unless he is photogenic and has a handsome face. on the other hand, a woman could have an average or even homely face, and yet have a nice body, or even a nice body part…and will still have power over men. Men are such easy creatures to please. But society would like us to feel the opposite. Yes, men are visual creatures…but are much more forgiving and accepting of these visuals. men dont control the fashion world. women and gay men do. straight men do NOT put pressure on women!! Its women who put pressure on other women. again, i am talking about general attractiveness. of course you have to take the whole person in before you judge them. but as far as attraction goes…men are easy to please….women are the picky ones. men have to jump thru all sorts of hoops and meet all sorts of criterea to be considered. hot is hot in either sex, but for the vast majority of “average”…even average women can look sexy to MOst men….because most women are HOT to the average man. Again, unless the woman is fork-lift fat or extremely old…she will have power over men. Men know this…and women DEFINITELY know this. There are MANY more things that will make a woman go “eeeww!! hes gross!”
    Again, I am not talking about quality of relationship…i am merely talking about the general topic of attraction…and how men get a bad rap, when in reality it is women who are much more superficial and picky. bottom line…men just want women….while women want EVERYTHING….and change their minds and rules or the time. women may say they want nice and funny, but above all else, they really want a hot face, hot body, money, career, and power in their men. what do men want? women. period. no long list. no games. they just want women, and will find most women sexy. end of story.

  4. bubba

    hey bubba, were you hurt by a woman? Maybe. I LOVE women…But i have to agree to some extent with what you say.

    I think both men and women have it tough. But generally speaking, women DO have the power when it comes to sex. And i do think in general, the average woman can be sexier then the average man…thus making for more lonely and frustrated men then women.

    Not being wanted or desired hurts. And I feel men in general suffer more in this regard. sadly though…so many women get caught up competing with other women to be considered HOT that they resort to eating disorders and depression. If ONLY they would realize that most men find them attractive.

  5. anonymous

    i do belive a women (doesn’t matter if she’s hot or not) will go after a hot guy if and only if she’s insecure. I have experince this myself. I’m not hot but this girl use to like me and told me im cute and stuff…but i didnt treat her rite…i was nice to her but i never complimented on her looks or anything.
    This is what happend…..she had me on msn. So she after breakin up with me told me the name of some hot guy she likes. She would comment to me about his eyes and his movements. I’v seen him myself and he’s a friend of mine currenty (didn’t know him that time) and he is VERY handsome. Hazel eyes, good bone structue on the face, black hair….like a model! I’m obviously not gay but i can tell when a person is beautiful or handsome.
    She was insecure and in class she would start dressing up after we broke up and was even so nervous during class presentations that she would like start shaking….weird
    But the main thing is…she liked HOT guys cuz of her own insecurity.

  6. Ugly and Proud

    What’s wrong with being an ugly girl? I’m ugly and proud. I expect a lot out of a relationship; I expect to be treated just as well as a hot girl is treated. Just because God made some of us ugly and some of us pretty doesn’t make ugly people lesser human beings. We have a right to date hot guys as well. You’re just jealous because girls don’t like YOU.

  7. cpcash

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isnt beauty (or lack thereof) a matter of individual taste? People have different set of standards when it comes to looks. In other words, sexy to one might be ugly to another.

  8. Dee

    “so? what about the hot guy who happens to be a gentleman who knows how to treat the ladies right?”

    Guys like that exist only on TV…only on TV.

  9. some random kid

    Looks are deceiving. Anything that looks good, we want- simply because we ASSUME that it is of high quality and will give us everything we want.

    This is exactly the same with human beings. You would like to look at someone, because he/she has the features for it. It is merely a look. Hot people are like walking billboards with anything alluring to sell the product. Saying is one thing, but proving is another. You can only do that by doing.

    The truth is- you would want to be with someone, because you can sense his/her personality, which is great and exceptional.

    Yes, it’s true that there are a lot of “Beauty and the beast” couples. That’s because the ugly one is always judged by his appearance and ends up feeling intimidated. Same for the hot one. So it is no wonder why these ‘opposites’ attract.

    What I am now going to say is not true in all cases, because looks are there as an indicator of what could be qualitative and what could not. But if you look at the general scale of it- this ought to be very true.

    Ugly and beautiful people rule the world. Because they are both on the extreme end of the spectrum- together. Look at models and look at Bill Gates, for example. Without models, people wouldn’t have some fashion magazine to look at. Without Bill Gates, we wouldn’t have PCs with great features and applications. Without both, you wouldn’t even have an ONLINE FASHION MAG FREE OF CHARGE.

    In this world there is no place for mediocre people. So, either be good-looking or be charismatic, because either of them (or simply both), can and will definitley make you successfull and you’ll end up with someone to be with.

  10. Vanessa

    It is interesting that you state that women who are “mediocre” only seek out handsome partners. Your argument is rather lame. In fact most women appreciate good-looking men and if you have ever been in the company of a group of women (average looking to beautiful) you would observe how almost instanteously they turn into young school girls in the prescence of gorgeous man. The fact is there are very few such “Adonis” types in everyday life. In fact there are plenty of attractive women out there compared to men. Men can literally choose among all types of women who would qualify as beautiful ranging from a variety of ethnicites and shapes, within reason. Lastly, you can be very sexually attractive to the opposite sex and highly intelligent at the same time. Very few people possess these characteristics along with a great personality but one thing I do know is that we do not engage in envious and rather immature commentary about why other people seem happy.

  11. josh Levine

    im an attractive male, age 21. I have been seeing a beautiful blonde gal for almost a year now, but i cant help but feel insecure with her. i spend so much time worrying that im not good enough for her, that i tend to not treat her as well she she deserves. All my friends love this girl, and generally would love to “love” her if i wasnt in the picture. My problem is, i get jealous of her friends that are boys. i get paranoid that she is secretly seein others behind my back, etc. and the only way i cope with these insecurities is by trying to confront her about them, only to be sadly mistaken. This has happened for a few months now, and im scared that my insecurities will start to brandish her attraction for me, and my biggest fears will come true. does anyone know any exercises or thought-work activities i can try to get my mind off such horrible notions. Please keep in mind that we are both very attractive individuals, she coudl have any man she wants, and well id like to think i could have alot of different girls. but i only want this one… i just always seem to be screwing things up though. HELPP!!

  12. Scorpion

    Josh if you downgrade from a hot woman to an ugly woman then you are gay.

    I recommend you get a batch of hot female friends, that way you can make her jealous and scared that way she will have to worry.

    If she is an American woman, then she is bound to cheat unless you can lay down the law.

  13. BB

    The article is so true. I actually know some of these “mediocre girls.” They’re not just mediocre, they’re — UGLY. And because they’re so shallow, so conceited, and so in denial, they only care about THE hottest guys they see.

    They always overlook the guys who are sweet, honest, and totally sexy, just not as hot. I’m not a gorgeous gorgeous girl, but I know that looks only make up a PART of a successful relationship. At least, from a girl’s point of view.

  14. dena

    I’m curious though, If hot girls usually date average men, and mediocre girls are too plain to get hot guys then who do the hot guys date???

  15. Rebecca

    I think you are only looking at one side of the coin here. You are stereotyping ugly girls to be insecure and hot girls to be outgoing. I am told every day(by people other than my mom) that I am gorgeous. If people are so sure that I could have any guy, why don’t I? I’m extremely insecure, as are a lot of women. A study I read showed that most models are very lonely because they don’t believe they are beautiful, and also because men are terrified of them. I for one would like to meet a guy who won’t act shy and cowardly around me. I’ve been with hot guys and mediocre guys and they both act the same way. All I want is a guy who takes control of the relationship, and makes me feel like a woman. Why can’t he be cute too? The idea that only mediocre women want hot men is ridiculous. Trust me, we all want a gorgeous babe to wake up to. Some of us just accept that it won’t happen.

  16. Cristine

    Guys going for hot girls has nothing to do with evolution lol! You post is entertaining. But don’t blame everything guys do on evolution. First, it makes no sense (read what evolution really means). Second, it makes men seem like they are stuck in a hopeless animalistic stage that they were never able to evolve from. Give yourselves a little more credit than that.

  17. a desirable

    My god, there are about six intelligent comments here. I am mistaken for a model at my best (not by men alone mind you), but I have never ever ever dated a man because I find him attractive. It’s physical attraction + mystery that ignites the attraction and understanding, love, n’ compassion that keeps it going. A man who is in control of himself, mature and loving is the best man, oh and HONEST.. why don’t you men try that on for a change. Bi the way, I’ll only consider having a one night stand with a woman, they’re just more fun, less sweat and mess in general if you know what I mean…Remember that ladies! I’m a man eater make you work….OB>

  18. AG

    But what exactly is a ‘medicore’ girl to you guys? DCB first wrote about the ‘huge’ girl with sausage fingers holding hands with a hot guy.
    Then writes that a medicore girl is rated about 6-7.
    I live in NYC and a girl rated 7 is actually pretty. Not super hot, but a 7 is better than average. I don’t think the huge pasty girl described above would even be given a 6, but less than a 5, or below average.

    It’s difficult to find girls that are 9-10 and many guys I know wouldn’t even give their girlfriends (whot they find hot) a 10, but say that number is reserved for perfection or super models.
    So a number 7-9 is usually a pretty girl and beauty is subjective anyway..so what one guy considers a 7, another might consider an 8 or vice versa.

  19. Scorpion

    If a girl has a hot face, tight body, flat stomach, bubble butt, she is at least in the 9 range.

  20. fish

    This is total bollox. Yes woman are attracted to power. BUT…they are equally attracted to guys that are model hot. There is such a double standard. Women are given a “pass” when they judge men’s looks….but men are accussed of being shallow. Truth is woman are FAR more shallow. Yes, its true, you see many hot women with average men. But more often than not, its because they are rich. Men on the other hand don’t care so much about looks. And “average” woman can be HOT…because she is a woman. An average woman can work out and men will drool over her. But a man can work out in the gym all he wants, but if he has an average face it wont matter. A man with a great body but an ugly or average face will get ZERO attention from hot women. BUT a woman with an average or even ugly face but with a great body who works out will get TONS of attention from men. Meaning? Men are alot less shallow. They will look at a WIDER selection of women as HOT….while women are much more picky and will look at a much smaller selection of men as HOT. Its so true. Plus men NEVER judge a woman by what she does. It doesn’t matter. Men don’t judge women by where she works or how much she makes or what she drives or anything like that. BUT women definitely judge men in those areas. SO…not only are women more picky about men in the looks department, they also judge men on $ and power. Men are much less shallow…but are portrayed as the shallower sex. Its totally unfair. I guess the great equalizer is age. Women have this power over men. But as they get older their physical control over men starts to slip away. So if woman just use their power and don’t develop a decent well rounded attitude…when they hit that wall, its ain’t pretty. Its sad that women go for looks when they are young. Looks and money when they get older. And then money when they get older still. Then they realize too late that the “nice funny” guy they ignored all those years ago isn’t around anymore and they are stuck in a loveless empty marraige to a rich guy who ignores them. Pay back is a bitch. 🙂

  21. Scorpion

    American women are shallow. They are the most shallowiest. Yet they of all women have no business to be shallow considering they get ugly fast.

    While In Eastern Europe and South America an overwhelming majority of hot women are NOT shallow. Now if you are a guy that works a walmart or looks like Freddy Kruger you still will have no chance.
    However average men will have a higher chance in getting a hot woman in those parts of the world versus in this feminazi shithole country the USA.

  22. Hot

    Well, what do you consider hot? Because to me, looking like a model in a man is nice, but there are far more important things:

    1) Is he in love with me? Is he telling me that he would rather die than be seperated from me? Would he rather be by my side than anywhere else??? This quality is the most important thing, more important than money, power, looks or anything else that you guys are discussing. If a man doesn’t have the ability to feel this way about me, or about anyone, he is worse than useless- he is an emotional cripple who is destined for a loveless, and therefore worthless materialistic relationship. Look into your hearts people…make room for another there, or all your efforts at connection to another person will be wasted.

    2) Is he amazing in bed? A man can love me all he wants, but if he can’t gain the skills to allow me to live up to my sexual and orgasmic potential, I will not be spending time with him for long. Sexuality is very important to women, as you can see from all the women’s magazines with titles “Best Orgasm Ever” and “How to Become Better In Bed”. A man’s best bet isn’t a nice car or a better salary…it’s a map to the G-spot and realistic directions on ways to stimulate the clitoris. Sorry to be blunt but it’s true. That is the reason a hot woman will hang out with a mediocre man…he’s not really that mediocre if he just gave her 20 orgasms, now, is he. Which, by the way, every woman is capable of having.

    So face up to it…a lot of men are intimidated by the reality that women are capable of having orgasm after orgasm for hours. Intimidated, and jelous. The men who deal with this and learn how to facilitate it are the ones the women prefer, of course. The men who refuse to learn better techniques end up in stunted relationships.

    3) Is he committed? If a woman smells that a man is a cheater or dupicitous, she will break up with him and never return, even if he loves her and he’s great in bed. No woman will put herself through a situation where a man isn’t going to fully commit himself to their relationship. Honestly, there was a situation where a man has shown himself to be duplicitous by flirting with me and then sending a friend a sexy letter the next day. As soon as we realized what had happened, we both dropped him. Thoughout the years, I watched this man wreak havoc in other women’s lives and I felt fortunate that I had seen the warning sign years before and stuck to my guns about not dating him. This has happened in several other situations as well. The man I gave as an example is gorgeous and rich. He still sends me emails to this day from time to time, trying to date me. I never will. I’m sure he will still be displaying this bad behavior, even in the retirement home he goes to.

    So there you have it, the formula for dating a beautiful woman: Be 1) committed to the relationship 100% 2) Be in love and show it 3) Be great in bed, willing to learn and do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help her achieve her sexual potential.

  23. Spunky lady

    I have always preferred the company of above average-looking men, even “hot men” for that matter. I even like dating the metrosexual types. Yes, I am a very very visual female. The first thing I hone in on the guy is his face and physique (typical male attributes). I appreciate a guy who takes great care of his body. Even works out. I take very good care of myself and am in perfect shape. From a scale of 1-10, I would rate myself as a 9!

    I’m not looking for security and never have. I avoid the men who worship me as I do not desire to control in the relationship at all. I don’t like the men who drool like dogs at me. I don’t respect dog mentalities. I respect the men who respect themselves. I am at peace with myself and therefore have no desire to control the man. If the man is better looking than myself, it does not bother me for I do not lack in self-esteem.

    Now, what I look for in a guy are the following in order. Guys pay attention:

    Looks, chemistry, personality, intelligence, and ambition in life.

    Why should I settle for somebody that I have absolutely NO chemistry with at all when I can choose to be with somebody I really want to be with. I mean, come on, let’s be honest, ladies. If you’re going to sleep with the guy, you can’t be faking it in bed. He’ll figure you out sooner or later that your love isn’t true and that he’s really nothing but an atm machine for your convenience. This is what I call reverse role pimping.

    I would consider myself above average intelligent, and beyond medicore. Conceited? No, but aware that I do attract attention without much effort.

  24. Scorpion

    Spunky might be a product of a prostitute with AIDS. Thats why Spunkly likes the faggot looking men

    Thats why American women like Spunky are scum and inferior to Eastern European or South American women. Either way Spunky will eventually become a fat cow, like most American cunt looking women.

    In EE or South America, they dont care too much about a mans looks as long as he is average. However cunts like Spunky are hypocritical if a man cares more about looks, and hot women. If anything women are not to have any desires, but to put up or shut up.

  25. Spunky lady

    Hey, Scorpion

    The reason why I posted was becasue of what DCB posted on the topic which I quote:

    “If you observe closely, you will notice that hot girls usually go out with average or slightly above average looking guys. These girls are already validated daily by their looks, so there is no need to seek validation in their mate as well. ”

    First, this is simply untrue. The only reason why a hot girl would perhaps settle for somebody she probably doesn’t really care toomuch for in the looks department and is not as appealing as she is about is because she lacks self-esteem and is not being honest with herself. She doesn’t believe she is worthy enough to be seen with a hot guy. But this is all due to social programing that women have been taught. It is time we began de-programming ourselves of this myth, and for once admit we are worthy to be seen with a hot guy.

    It’s really about how one feels about themselves. In South American cultures and EE, as you mentioned, Scoripio, people are encouraged to produce offspring rather than be selective about whom they bed.

    And as for the men, they need to de-program themselves with the myth that only mediocore guys get the hot babes. This is also a lie. I have two very handsome looking brothers that get the gorgeous chicks all the time. In fact the chicks come like flies on dung to these two. It’s amazing to watch.

    As for me, I think like a man (I am visual almost to a fault), but act like a lady. I know what I want and am not afraid to speak my mind. If that intimidates you, Scorpion, then it is because you have had little contact with real women. I feel for you. Real women stand up for themselves and are not afraid to speak their minds. Real women want men who cherish the women and respect themselves and have disdain for men who worship them at their feet. But mostly, real women and hot babes, want a man who respects himself first.

    You, Scorpion, may prefer a woman with a dog mentality, as she is supposed to fear of getting beat up, and the same as some women prefer a guy with a dog mentality, they are “easier to manage”. In either case, neither the guy nor the woman who prefer these submissive types respects themselves nor do they have that respect for that person they are with. These kinds of people sound like they may some wounds that need healing rather than repeating the same injurious mistakes over and over again.

  26. Scorpion

    Face reality Spunkly, you can keep all the hot aka gay men, since they cheat the most – most likely with other men.

    I am sure you would take a hot guy(biker queer) over an average guy with a ton of degrees.

    I have seen tons of hot girls who date hot guys, only to find out the hot guy is taking it up somewhere else.

    You are pathetic piece of shit. Yes according to you average men should not be allowed to have hot women, and take only fat cow women.

    You dont know shit about South America and EE you stupid U.S. cunt. I have travelled to Rio, Prague, Moscow, Cali, Bogota, Bueonos Aires, Budapest, Bratslava, and Warsaw.

    The thing is U.S. women like you in those parts of the world are 5/10 – if you even are lucky. You cannot even compete. Face reality you are INFERIOR.

    FYI, the women in those parts of the world do care about looks, BUT not as much as cunt face obesebound shit face U.S. women like you. They aremroe than willing to go out with a nice guy with average looks versus some fag looking queer.

    By the way, women have no right being outspoken or to have any real desires or to be overtly selective.

    I see cunts like you all the time. When any of my foreign girlfriends come, you criticize me, since I am an average looking with a gorgeous babe.

    Again you are INFERIOR woman. You are an ugly, uncultured, most likely fat cow, piece of shit. Your mother must be a prositute and your dead a dead beat or a queer.

  27. Spunky lady

    Well, said, Scorpion. (Applause, Applause). And such colorful language to make your point too! Your mother must be proud to know how you address people in such an ill manner! From the way you expressed your point on how happy you are with your relationships, it doesn’t seem you really are happy after all.

    I quote you as saying in part:

    “…Yes according to you average men should not be allowed to have hot women, and take only fat cow women.”

    I never said that at all and you know that. Shame on you for misstating what I said. What I said was that the men need to kick themselves of the programming they have been brainwashed with to think that only mediocore guys get the hot babes. This is also a lie. I know of many hunks that get the gorgeous babes. But, Scorpion, the secret is how you feel about yourself. Sure, there are some average-looking guys that I often see with very attractive looking ladies but that is not often.

    And besides that, what you, Scorpion, may consider hot or gorgeous, somebody else may consider to be skanky and unappealing. It really depends on the individual’s perspective. Don’t allow society to mold you in some category to better define you. I’m sure you dislike labels just like I do. Nobody likes being homogenized into labels.

    BTW, I quote you as saying:

    “By the way, women have no right being outspoken or to have any real desires or to be overtly selective.”

    What country do you come from, Scorpion? In other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Mexico, and South America, women are treated as garbage. I know because I used to live in an apartment building full of them in California and hear the men beat their women every night. It is part of their culture to keep their women down and keep them silent. In America, if you do something like that it becomes a criminal act, and we put guys( and women) like that behind bars for life!

  28. Scorpion

    “I never said that at all and you know that.”

    Yes you did you fat cunt.
    Spunky Cunt, you did IMPLY that you hate average men, and would not give them the time of dat, and that average men should ONLY date fat cow women – like yourself.

    “What country do you come from, Scorpion? In other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Mexico, and South America, women are treated as garbage.”

    Yes your California apartment is full of Iraqis, Iranians, Mexicans, all of sudden gives you an international perspective. You really are a retarded ugly cunt.You dont know shit about Iran or Iraq. Your just like any other stupid American cunt that has no concept about the world. Your so retarded that you cant even find it on the map or give even a synopsis.

    Unlike you, I have traveled all over Europe, South America, and Asia. I even studied in London for 3 years, where I met the real people from all the countries you mentioned.

    Men that beat their women is wrong, but women that try to act all that, is just as bad.

    I hate women in this country because they try to play two games. They say they want to be treated with respect, but than refuse to date a nice guy.

    Thats why I date hot women from foreign countries such as Eastern Europe, Southern European, and South America, where they actually like nice guys and are more physically attractive then cunts like you. The reason they like guys like me is becaue, THERE men beat them and dont respect them. I treat them with kindness and have stated that all men that were mean to them were the GQ looking ones.

    My relationships have turned out much better ever since I stopped dating American cunts.

    “What country do you come from, Scorpion?”


  29. Spunky lady


    I quote you as saying:

    “By the way, women have no right being outspoken or to have any real desires or to be overtly selective. ”

    Do the “hot women” you date know you really think this way about them?

    Hot women, in my opinion, know they are, or at least quite aware they are “hot” but will never compromise their identity or desires for anybody.

    I never said any such thing about average looking guys should date “cows”. In fact, I have dated many average looking guys. But they were uncomfortable with my appearance because I was considered “too sophisticated” for them and always attracted attention to both male and females which would make them extremely jealous. It’s not that I don’t date them, but the ones I’ve come into contact with are soooo insecure with themselves that just my presence in dealing with them supposedly “builds” their ego of their inferior attitude about themselves to the point they wanted to drag me down to that mentality. One guy I dated was average-looking but admitted he didn’t like himself and would always put me down because I always dressed up classy. At the same time however, this same guy but would do anything for me. I had to back out of this kind of relationship because I can’t be involved with somebody like this. It’s almost scary. I am a very positive minded individual that believes in working with what you’ve got. If you feel good about yourself, it will attract those you desire! Maybe not all the time, but the key is in believing you are just as good-looking as the hot guy or hot babe.

    I am comfortable dating very attractive looking men, even ones that have feminine features to a point. I don’t care if they are better looking than I. I believe in chemistry. When I meet a guy for the first time, the way they look always sticks to my mind. I don’t believe in being involved in a relationship without chemistry. Some say, “the love will grow” as the relationship matures. I think this is baloney. I know of people that have been married for 40 years and there is no love in their relationships at all. Much of it is based on convenience. To me, either you have the right chemistry or you don’t. I have always been this way since I was little. You say you treat your women with respect…I do hope that is true because there is a shortage of good men just as there is a shortage of good women.

    I can see your point very well about American women playing deceptive cruel head games. It is definitely not right. I see it every day and it makes me very mad as it stereotypes American women as bad news. Sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with them. But think on this too: American women are dating European men because the American men regardless of their “hotness” are lacking in something too.

  30. Spun ladySpunk lady

    Just curious, Scorpion, but is your screenname your birthsign? (What month and day is your b-day)

  31. Scorpion

    “Hot women, in my opinion, know they are, or at least quite aware they are “hot” but will never compromise their identity or desires for anybody”

    Um, yes they do comprimise, but American women dont because they are cunts.

    “Do the “hot women” you date know you really think this way about them?”

    For the most part yes. If the guy looks like Freddy Kruger, then obviously it makes sense for a hot woman to say no. But if the guy is average and being nice, then the hot woman has an obligation.

    European men date American women and then kick them to the side of the curb. Its like trying out a Ford after you have driven a BMW or Lexus. The Ford seems ok for a while, but lacks class.

    If you have decided to shut out all average men, then either you live in a shitty place or you care ONLY about whether a guy is hot or not. If you are hot, and that guy didnt want you to dress sexy, then he is gay.

    In Eastern Europe and South America, the girls I ran into looked like VS models. However, they had an open personality. While I was in Prague, women are not just gorgeous, but they can speak 3-4 languages, and have very open personalities.

    I do care if a woman is hot, but I want some optional features. In the U.S. it is not possible to get that.

  32. Spun ladySpunk lady

    I’m an Aries too. March 29th. I measure as 36-26-37, 118 lbs (been same weight since high school), with a height level of 5’2″. Long dark hair and no cellulite.

    I’ve heard that European men disrespect American women. Maybe I should just steer away from them. I haven’t dated many Europeans; except one from Australia who was highly intelligent and very handsome. We just were friends but no chemistry existed between us. See, I have to admit, that although the person may be handsome, if there’s no chemistry…there’s nothing really.

  33. Scorpion

    So what if the guy was average and had chemistry, you will right him off??

    You are an Aeries I was in April.

  34. Spun ladySpunk lady

    “Chemistry” as in attracted to the person is what I’d be seeking. And yes, I’ve been attracted to average men. I never said I omit average men out of the picture. I think what really matters is the chemistry part and how that person views themself. In other words, I like a man that has a positive image of himself. I say this because how can the guy ever love a woman if he doesn’t love himself FIRST.

  35. Anonymous

    I’m a very pretty boy, like one of those pretty final fantasy dudes, i’m of indian descent, have perfectly straight hair, full lips, pretty eyes and i have the hardest time finding a girl. I hear they think i’m cute, not handsome cute. If i approach girls they never give me the light of day to prove to them that i’m a wonderful person. I was confused, thought i was ugly but i know its not true. I’m 21 with no girlfriend. I’m not changing my appearance for them. This is how i look naturally, and i admire the few girls that make advances, very few. My ways are masculine, but i’m very docile and peaceloving. I guess i’l just wait for the right girl to come along. I’m far from shallow and i hope people would see that. Japanese girls seem to prefer me. I don’t know whether this is a general trend that jap girls like pretty boys

  36. Spunky Lady

    I like the pretty boys alot. You don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous to get the attention of the ladies. I ‘ve never gone out with a pretty boy but I wouldn’t mind at all. I’ve been with the average guys but it just doesn’t put much of a spark in me. I like the pretty boys that KNOW how to dress and treat a lady. The masculine types turn me off. Something about the masculinity macho character disagrees with my peaceful nature. I’m of Indian descent (Cherokee) in me, along with Italian, and Swede. Very dark long hair with pale skin. Petite figure. Elegant and sophisticated in nature.

  37. Snake

    I’ll come right to the real issue.
    90% of “real” guys will not divorce women if they treat there husbands in the way they are treating them from 1000’s of years(You can call me a sexist or whatever but thats all a man wants.Don’t get me wrong,he doesn’t want to treat you as second class he just wants to act like a man.A man has balls and they will call there lawyer if there balls are threatened).Now i am not talking about rest 10% who abuse a totally good woman or have become slaves to the evil women,they don’t have balls.

    Men don’t play games(They think they do but they really don’t).And they are really satisfied with the overall love with a woman.Real love is only alive in men or 50% women and these women live happily everafter with there partner and the rest look for a man who will be there puppet and 10% of them succeed and the rest keep looking and divorcing.

    Treat your Man like a Man and he will treat you like a woman.But when some women treat there men like a woman then there balls start tingling and lawyers phone start ringing.These women don’t know how to back off,hell hath no fury like …scorn..blah blah.

    Before you flame me think the difference between your brains fantasy world and the real world.

    Man i hate my ex-wife.

  38. Anonymous

    Hi Snake

    I don’t respect men that are spineless and lack balls. I also do not like men who behave like puppets to the women they are involved with. I just like a hell of a good looking guy with a sweet nature but has some spine in his back.

  39. ENOUGH

    ENOUGH, everyone in this thread lacks the ability to properly articulate any understanding of the social matrix except for lady spunk and even at that Scorpion is giving her shit because he lacks reading comprehension skills. Oh and don’t use the “c” word to address someone you’ve never met, why is everyone such an e-thug these days. IF YOU SKIPPED MY POST JUST GO AND DOWNLOAD THE FREE 2 HOUR LECTURE HERE I GUARENTEE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE ESPECIALLY THE GUY WITH THE HOT GIRLFRIEND WHO FEELS INADEQUATE AND IS SCARED OF LOSING HER. YOU DOWNLOAD BY SIGNING UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER. THIS IS NOT A SCAM OR ADVERTISING THIS IS ONE MAN’S EXPERIENCE WITH A VERY FINE PRODUCT. http://realsocialdynamics.com/ Oh and to the person talking about the Mystery Method, it is totally legit, it is a self improvement philosophy and program, the fact that he is flirting with lots of women isn’t a signal of his being unfaithful, it just means he understands how to act arround women and men to make them feel good. The link I posted is similar to the Mystery Method.

  40. ENOUGH

    Lol n problem. Hopefully some of the guys on this site will actually use it. Also everyone should check out Double Your Dating. For the google challenged it’s here: http://doubleyourdating.com/
    It is better for newbies in my opinion than Real Social Dynamics.

  41. josh Levine

    im a really good looking guy. i found out a few years ago after posting pics on rating websites. Its funny becuase i was always the awkward shy kid in high school. Its fun being a pretty boy 😛

  42. Spunky Lady



    When I was in high school, I was small in build in that everybody towered over me. Even the gals were built like amazons over me. I was just 4′ 3″ (a kids size) but had a build on me in all the right places. I was told I was pretty too but I never believed any of it. It wasn’t until I got into working on the stage in entertainment that I started to have some confidence in myself and appearance.

    Keep up the positive self-image. Nothing wrong with feeling good about the way you look one bit.

  43. Scorpion

    Enough you are a retarded moronic bastard cunt face scumbag. You lack any real skills.

    If a man wants hot drop dead gorgeous women, all he has to do is go to Eastern Europe or South America. He wont have any problem.

    If he choses to stay behind here, then he likes fat cow women.

  44. ENOUGH

    Hahaha Scorpion, I’m glad you choose ad hominem attack over actually addressing any of my arguments. Then again I guess I can’t expect much from an illiterate dumbass with down syndrome on an internet blog site. Man I love trolls. On a serious note though Scorpion, I’m sorry American women reject you all the time so you have to go to other countries where it’s easier. Yep you’re a real man, you run away whenever something is a challenge. Hey kid before you start learning about how to have game maybe you should pick up a hooked on phonics kit. Lol real skills, maybe you should get out of your mom’s basement before you criticize others for not having skill. Have a nice day you ass poney.

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