A woman should not have been guarding an unrestrained Brian Nichols on Friday afternoon.

I think it’s a bad idea to put women into specific situations where they are at a disadvantage because of their strength, such as in some law enforcement and fire protection positions. Women are not designed to tackle men twice their size to the ground. Women are not made to carry a fire house up several flights of stairs. Unless they are taking steroids or muscle-enhancing drugs, they can not do just as good as men.

Be honest with yourself for a minute. If there were two fire houses in your neighborhood – one all male and one all female – and you could choose which one you want to put out a huge fire in your house, which one would you choose? Or if four thugs were trying to break down your door to rob and kill you; would you rather have a pair of female cops come save your life or a pair of male cops? It’s not being sexist if you chose the men; it’s simple recognizing that both sexes have their strengths and weaknesses.

When 200-lb Brian Nichols overpowered a female guard, I couldn’t help but wonder ‘what-if’ the guard was male. Would an average strength male guard been able to do a better job than an average strength female guard? Women should continue to pursue careers in law enforcement and fire protection, but let’s not kid ourselves when we let a woman guard a Brian Nichols that many men would have a challenge restraining.

5 thoughts on “SOMEONE HAS TO SAY IT

  1. Marc

    Improper training caused this incident.

    A small woman can handle a 200 lb man with proper training.

    I enjoy how they had to make it seem like women are capable of transporting such subjects by making another woman escort him to jail on national television.


  2. Law

    Females are only good for one thing. Moral Support. It applies so much in the military. I hate everyone of them I see. those lazy ass bitches

  3. James

    I’ve seen/met some women who could handle 200 pound men. Of course they’re in the 350 weight range…

    I’d agree with this but qualify it; there are some men who couldn’t handle a 200 pound guy either.

    So lets ensure the person taking the criminal to court is actually capable of doing their job.

  4. Anonymous

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