24 thoughts on “WORDS TO LIVE BY

  1. J.P.

    Or RLUG if you were cool enough. Hey Miss Metro, care to start any more comment flame wars? I was just beginning to concentrate on my work….

  2. mil0

    Yeh, dcb your new alter ego sucks at bloggin’

    /cry i’m gonna have to scratch some expensive cards with a key now to make myself happy again.

  3. The Senator

    I may have had something had something to do with that. It was constant taunting coupled with his stupid comments. He would delete comments on his blog within minutes so it became a game to see how long the comment would be up before it was deleted. Got to go now waiting to get penetrated in my anus.

  4. A long time reader, silent no more

    Yesterday Jessa wrote:

    A woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying.
    A bitter single woman.
    An elderly unmarried woman whose occupation is spinning.

    I thought DCB was ANTI-SPINSTER.

    As always Jessa is on point. It clearly states ANTI-SPINSTER at the top of page … so DCB what gives? You completely contradict yourself, a good portion of your previous post and disappoint your many fans by allowing a bitter 30 something year old has been SPINSTER to post.

    I was trying to give it time, figuring you must have a reason, I had faith. So I have not commented, I have waited and waited to see if maybe MM (a.k.a. KAC) would add something to your site, some insight or some valid controversy to stir up arguments (a true DCB talent) but I am left with nothing … not even an intelligent argument (no matter how one sided) from MM.

    Thanks DCB for the past good reads, but I am disabling your link and will only be checking back in to see if DC BACHELOR is back online and once again ANTI-SPINSTER.

    Speaking of the CPMC … careful … seems MM could be your “Senator” and this site’s downfall :shudder:

  5. Star Jones

    Miss Metro—- You are in the process of becoming the anorexic white version of star jones. Nobody likes her. Please, don’t be her. I forgive you and welcome you with open arms because i’m a true christian and enjoy building people up, not tearing down. So i’m here for you!!!! Lets get together and sip some wine!!

  6. A Ho Hum To Whining More About Life

    JP & Jessa J- my hats are off to both of you. Your comments are more enlightening than all of MM’s blogs combined – including her former blog site. 🙂 Keep up with the funny witticism.

    A budding fan– of your comments– not this blog.

  7. Anonymous

    Numbers are numbers even if they are hate comments. i suppose if we really wanted to just wait for DCB then why bother continue reading til such date. I have added another digit to comments, which sucks, but all I have to say is, really if she sucks that bad why continue posting?

  8. A Ho Hum To Whining More About Life

    ..and out of curiosity, if the numbers are high–especially with hate mail– what do you win? Oh..is there a Razzy Award for blogs??

  9. DC Reader

    After catching up from all the comments on the last few posts (not to mention the irriating rants by this guest poster whom I know understand is a former blogger poseur (gasp!)… it would seem the consensus is in and MM is certainlty NOT – she sucks!

    Hurry back DCB … PLEASE

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