After months of research, I believe I can say with certainty that I found the worst bar in DC last Saturday night.

Ready for it? Ready? Ready?

Coyote Ugly

I know!!! Why would I go there, you ask? It wasn’t my idea. One of my friends always has the worst bar suggestions, and after having several drinks, she decided that she wanted to go to Coyote Ugly. Since we’ve vetoed her so many times in the past, my friends and I indulged her and off we went.

If you’ve ever read any Virgil or Dante, you’re familiar with the circles of Hell. Coyote Ugly is pretty much like that.

Circle #1: $5 cover. Although, the money-collector is a troglodyte, so just distract him and you’ll totally get to keep your $20 because he can’t make change while talking.

Circle #2: Coyote Ugly, I learned is eponymously named, because there is not one single attractive person in the ENTIRE THREE STORY BAR. Except the petite Asian bartender, who is totally adorable.

Circle #3: Bachelorettes. Two parties of them. Not wild-n-crazy bachelorettes doing body shots or wet tee shirt contests. Bachelorettes – in denim capri pants. On a Saturday night. At a bar.

Circle #4: The third story, which features the “dance floor”, also features couples “dancing” in some kind of sexualesque position even I could not identify. Not a lot of couples… like, four. Most unappealing pseudo-orgy I ever saw.

Circle #5: There’s a Haitian bathroom attendant (by the way, doesn’t the southern part of Haiti look like a penis in that map? how apropo!) in the bathroom. The rest of the bar is a total dump, but nothing says class like Caribbean immigrants giving you paper towels and a pack of Wrigley’s for a dollar.

Circle #6: Some dude gave me a rose wrapped in plastic. I thanked him politely, he walked off, and then returned half an hour later for my number. So I gave him my phone number…my home line…that is plugged into the back of my TiVo.

Circle #7: Did I mention there are no attractive people there? Not even the girls dancing lamely on the bar.

Circle #8: Look, it just sucks. Do not go there. Ever. It makes Local 16 look like a marquee establishment.

There is only one redeeming quality to this bar: adorable Asian bartender knows how to pour a Long Island Ice Tea (I needed two just to make it through the night), and they’re only $9, which I felt was a fair price to forget where in Hell I was.

Addendum: Holy Shit, it gets better. I left early, so I didn’t know this, but one of my friends was kicked out of the bar for pissing in an “employees only” stairwell. But when he was peeing, one of the bartenders started going up the stairs, and he turned and sprayed her with urine. So he was kicked out, and several bouncers followed him (my friend, by the way, is shorter than I am, so about 5-foot-6) and one of them pushed him over a construction sign, and then my girl friend stood in their way, and a bouncer threatened to hit her instead, and they wound up getting in a cab before anyone got punched in the nose. OH MY GOD THE WORST BAR EVER

48 thoughts on “I’VE FOUND THE WORST BAR IN DC

  1. nabeel

    okay, now can we hear about the best bars in DC? where people actually break off from their cliques so they mix and mingle if they’re single…

  2. KassyK

    HA! I-66 I am with you…the pee story is great. I had a friend in college that was so plastered that when we told him to go “Pee in Cornerstone” bc he had to go…he went to the bar and PEED ON CORNERSTONE. Whipped it and just started spraying the wall. Funniest thing I have ever seen. The bouncer didnt think so though…

  3. Anonymous

    That does sound like the worst bar ever. Maybe if all those from VA and MD coming in for their “big night in the city” could be cordoned off in Penn Quarter, Coyote Ugly would serve a purpose.

  4. Aja

    I’m trying to grip number 5: what it have made it more classier if a white man/woman would have been handing out paper towels?

    What does Haiti/Carribean have to do with anything concerning the shit hole that is Coyote Ugly?

  5. Sally

    Aja… no… in fact I’ve never seen a white bathroom attendant at any place.

    To add to the story, I was chatting her up but she didn’t speak any English, and I was totally wasted and trying to remember my French. I wish I had it on video to sell as Modern Art.

    Another great part of the night:
    Friend #1 (who suggested CU in the first place: “This place sucks, let’s leave.”
    Friend #2 (whispering to me): “Now that she wants to leave, it makes me want to stay.”

  6. lady bizness

    The one time I went to Coyote Ugly there were a bunch of Bachelorette parties in effect, but my favorite was the party that did an actual choreographed dance routine when a particular song came on. It was amazing. And by amazing I mean pathetic.

  7. Anonymous

    Apparently classy means Latino or Asian bathroom attendants, because white people don’t do that.

  8. girl from the bachelorette party

    “It was amazing. And by amazing I mean pathetic.”

    so you were the girl giving us the the stink-eye because we had all the guys attention?

  9. Anonymous

    You should have had your friend go pee on the guy with the rose, the bathroom attendant and the bachelorettes too.

  10. Ayla

    Any set of girls who needs a choreographed dance routine (or to dance on the bar) to get guys’ attention is…yeah…pathetic would be the word.

    I’m not saying that girls should do routines or dance on bars…for themselves.

  11. michelle

    Hey! I like that place!! :p

    Granted, I can only go once every several months because any trips to CU equals either a wild or drama-filled night for me and my friends.

    I do have to say that if you’re not into dancing on the bar or the platform, then the place would be pretty boring.

  12. Anonymous

    Wow, Sally – some privileged, racist white bitch you are. I didn’t realize that being a racist bitch was part of the intern requirements, DCB. I know the census considers people of Middle Eastern descent to be “white” but don’t be fooled – you’re low on the whiteness totem pole. Utterly disgusting, Sally. You’re not that as far above Coyote Ugly as you think.

  13. m

    “you?re low on the whiteness totem pole.”

    Anonymous, you shouldn’t be casting racist stones so far and wide when you’re living in a fucking glass house.

  14. Anonymous

    Please – let’s be real. Although Egyptians, Lebanese, etc. are white according to the census, do you think Anglo or Nordic whites think they are? He’s of Turkish descent. White enough for some, but not white by others’ standards. He should think twice before keeping some little bitch around who might eventually snark on him for not being white enough.

  15. Sally is a fucking dimwit

    Caribbean Immigrants? Haitians? Sally, do you want us to sit at the back of the bus too? Let’s rewind back to the 50’s but then we’d have to toss you into the kitchen. Hopefully you know how to cook instead of shoot off your mouth.

    Check your history book stupid girl. This country was founded on immigrants (like your cohort) coming to this country. If you want to get rid of them, why not look in the mirror first?

  16. m

    I wasn’t so much commenting on Sally’s strange slam at the classiness quotient of having a Haitian bathroom attendant as much as at your calling her a racist while spouting off about the great Caucasian hierarchy wherein the darker-skinned folk fall near the bottom. That you have identified this hierarchy and seem to agree with the order . . . well . . .

  17. What?

    You are hanging out with a guy who pees on people and you have the gall to complain about the bar? Any bar? And a guy asking for your number?

  18. Anonymous

    I didn’t say I agreed with it – I’m just telling it like it is. You read that into it there.

  19. O-face

    Coyote Ugly—)))) Whoever the consultant that recommended DC as a “Ideal” location should be fired. You can’t get anymore worse than that I suppose. CU is definite Baltimore material.

  20. Cock Diesel

    Yes, Coyote Ugly here in Atlanta is equally disgusting and frequented only by out-of-towners and local hillbillies. Apparently, it?s the only establishment that grants access to bare-footed patrons in bib-overalls and a moonshine jug in hand. hehe?. not exactly a hotbed of activity for urban hipsters. 😎

    Tsk, Tsk, Sally…after that Pulitzer Prize worthy blast you got off last Friday, I had such high hopes for you, mamacita.

    Needless to say, your ?Caribbean immigrant? take was uhhhhh, well, it made you sound like a culturally-inept, status-driven cunt …or what many of us like to call, your ?average American female?. :mrgreen:

    Anyhow, good luck with damage control. :laugh:

  21. Liz

    “After months of research, I believe I can say with certainty that I found the worst bar in DC last Saturday night.

    Ready for it? Ready? Ready?

    Coyote Ugly.”

    Aaaaaaand the last horse finally crosses the finish line.

    Way to go. :thumbup:

  22. Anonymous

    Let’s see what we have here….

    1. An arrogant wannabe pretending that she’s above it all. What a delightful personality. What lucky man will win this prize?

    2. A pig who urinates in a stairwell.

    3. Aforementioned wannabe exlaims “WORST BAR EVER” because a bouncer kicked out the urinating pig, etc. U-huh.

  23. Anonymous

    Oh yes, I forgot to add:

    Being a cunt to a guy who brought you a rose. HOW COOL!!! Giving him your TIVO numer. hahahahah! Whatta jokester! Gee – you sure showed HIM!

    Criticizing the bachelorettes DENIM CAPRIS! hahahahahaha! What clowns. If only they had your coolness.

    And the racist remarks.

    Darling – the problem ain’t the bar. It’s you.

  24. Anonymous

    I’m not saying the whole post is appropriate, but it seems as if the DCB readers love it when DCB is a huge jackass criticizing every bar or woman in the district. But when Sally does it, she’s a a “culturally-inept, status-driven cunt?” Maybe all of you on racism patrol should take a step back and not be sexist pricks.

  25. Troll Army 1

    Yawn You all are tools making a big deal over something that every one of you have done at one point in your lives. She was calling it how it is and spoke her mind. Deal with if. While we are turning this into a race thing…Egg shen “Me love you long time” “suckie suckie fuckie fuckie five dollah”

  26. Cock Diesel

    “I?m not saying the whole post is appropriate, but it seems as if the DCB readers love it when DCB is a huge jackass criticizing every bar or woman in the district. But when Sally does it, she?s a a ?culturally-inept, status-driven cunt?? Maybe all of you on racism patrol should take a step back and not be sexist pricks.”

    Pshhhh. What a horrid rebuttal. :boring:

    I have never seen DCB or anybody here criticize a woman, JUST for being a woman. No, we merely point out ridiculous female (mostly American) behavior and propose solutions to combat their shortcomings.

    Now, if the bathroom attendant treated Sally poorly, then fine, criticize away; however, if the attendant is classless JUST because she is a ?Caribbean immigrant?, then yes, thats typical American cunt behavior.

    Anyhow, I am already looking forward to next Friday?s post where Sally & her merry crew get wasted, then take turns spitting on the homeless. :thumbup:

  27. Joe

    Why is everyone giving Sally the business over an innocuous blog post warning people about a sucky bar? The Coyote Ugly “concept” epitomizes the slick corporate commericalization and manufactured standardization of faux-trendiness in American nightlife, doesn’t it? It should be no surprise that she found their DC outlet crappy. I don’t understand why people are all up in her face like she’s some kind of retarded ho when she made a useful and accurate post.

  28. Egg Shen

    Troll Army,

    That’s amazing.

    How did you know that’s what your mother told me the night I met her?

    P.S. Learn to spell you fucking ‘tards.

  29. Troll Army 1

    Egg Shen you love me long time. Ancient chinese proverb says egg shens mom is so dirty she makes right gaurd turn left. OH Oh me love you long time. Fri Rice 10 dollar with happy ending being free at egg shens moms house.

  30. WoW

    Wow. Boy there are some nice race-baiters on the internet. Good to know some people prefer to think with their skin rather than their brain.

    I think Sally is getting at the relatively new phenomena of Caribbean (and African) immigrants working concierge services in bathrooms at (how do I put it) “common” establishments. Another case in point: Front Page. That place is by NO MEANS a high-class establishment. Yet, on any Friday or Saturday in the cramped downstairs bathroom, you can find this dude (who, according to him, is Caribbean) hawking colognes, soap, candies, etc.

    I have no problem with a bar having a bathroom concierge service, and I don’t give a flying fuck if he is black, white, red, yellow, green, or orange. What I do think is ridiculous is having a bathroom attendent to hand you paper towels in a joint where the bathroom floor is covered in mucous, vomit, and stale beer. I mean, we’re not talking Morton’s here!! That is a bit ridiculous and pretensious to the Nth degree.

    If I find myself at the Frage (as I lovingly call it), and I’m practically blind with alcohol, last thing I need is some dude handing me a paper towel and my being made to feel guilty if I don’t have a buck on me.

    And, YES, you do feel guilty if you don’t tip the dude. Sure, some guys can roll in, piss/shit/vomit/etc, wash, receive a paper towel, and roll out without feeling compelled to drop a buck in the wicker basket. However, that isn’t the case for most people. That IS WHY he stands in the bathroom in the first place!!! To take advantage of the fact people WILL feel guilted into coughing up some bucks.

    I have no problem with the race, creed, whatever of the dude there. I have a problem with the establishment thinking they are such hot shit to have a guy in the first place!

    THAT (I think) is what Sally was getting at (I can’t speak for the comment on the shape of the Haitian island, I didn’t get it). So, for all the Anonymous’s out there, grow the fuck up you lazy shit-heads. The sooner you stop dwelling on everyone’s skin color and yelling “Racist,” the sooner you’ll start exercising your brain.

    On a side note, Sally. CU sucks. So does the Front Page.

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  32. Anonymous

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    Understand the god’s methodology, for it will help you decipher future events. KKK killings are a good example::::
    The gods either told or pushed the black males into acting up. Rednecks, corrupted by 1906, thought their participation would help them. Many believed it gained them protection from their illegal bootlegging activities.
    They role played 1906 to Italians, told them that their fellow Italians were using this platform of 1906 to achieve global economic domination, and told them that if they wanted a piece, if they wanted to belong and be a part of this they’d do what they’re told.
    They illustrated the Moorish invasion, and the gods pit the Italians against the morbidly disfavored blacks. A majority of the KKK incidents were Italians who did the actual killings.
    This is a good example of how the gods get the disfavored into place to fuck everybody involved.

    Alcohol has always been a way of hurting the men, making them less than decent.
    Women traditionally have been the enforcers of decency within the family unit and used their motivation to help men behave appropriately; due to their disfavor men’s indecency has negatively impacted not only the family but the community as well.
    Cultures which offer wine have women who consume wine, and the result is an indecent society. Combine this with Italian male’s demand for sexual without the consideration of decency and you have masculinized women defining a morbidly disfavored society.
    Anyone involved in the wine industry has no empathy for either the disfavored of the Mediterreanean basin or women, disregarding the superior gender. If they understand this as the goal and are sold on “earning” they will be punished very harshly.

    The wine industry changed radically in the late 80s or early 90s. Likely still believing they were “earning”, certainly thinking they were “golden” expect the gods funneled many Italians into this new “micro-winery” explosion this industry experienced, maintaining the god’s preference that Italians prey on god’s most favored gender.

    “They deliberately planned those things (90s “parting shots”:::The Sitution, end-of-revelry cycle media preditation, AIDS in Africa). When they found out the truth it was too late.” HTH supports this. They shared they instructed his grandfather preyed on women emotionally to set the legacy necessary for the late 90s event. And of course 95% of the KKK deaths were revenge killings for the Moorish invasion of Italy. I believe 1906 is responsible for the economic repression of not only Africa but also the American ghettos.
    “(Blah.)” Expect we won’t see such activities on the income statements. Italians may be stupid but they’re not positioned to be THAT stupid.
    That monster who laid the legacy still alive? “He’s been a pig a couple of times.” He needs to be dead, as do the half who signed on to 1906 voluntarily.

    New Orleans/Louisiana is French, while California is positioned as Italian.
    Katrina was used to help the disfavored escape that wicked enviornment. Blacks in California won’t be so lucky.
    Know who your friends are.

    I think Louisiana is like California:::Considered god’s favored land. Perhaps this is because of the river, sportsman’s paradise, etc.
    Abuse dercted to Cajuns, Creoles and blacks in Louisiana suggest this:::Anytime the disfavored enter god’s favored land they get fucked for it. I believe they used the Jena 6 ruling to send this clue.

    Flanders is the shining example of a role model, but his parents were wicked. They were beatniks, the original hippies, purveyors of social poison, etc. Incidentally, beatniks emerged from the Italian North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco as a clue.
    Because Flanders was raised in that evil enviornment his mind was poisoned. Only through understanding was he able to alter his behavior and become decent. Because of it he provided Rod and Todd a REAL chance, one that he will receive in the next life as well, but he can’t go up because of his youth.
    My advice is recognize Flanders is offered as a role model and emulate this decency. Do the very best you can with your children and perhaps the gods will see fit to bless you with a real chance much like you gave your children.
    The Flanders role model suggests you are multiple lives away from ascention.

    Ned Flanders was born into a cancerous environment. As a result his mind was poisoned.
    Somewhere along the way he came around and began to do the right things. He provided a good environment for Rod and Todd, who have a real chance because of it.
    It doesn’t mean Rod and Todd are going up. They still have to earn it.
    Anyways, because Flanders did the right thing and provided a real opportunity for his children the gods may bless him with a similar real opportunity to ascend as a child in the next life.
    Flanders wore beetle boots on Judegement Day. There were other clues suggesting he hjas to be reincarnated, and it is because his youth poinsoned his mind. The gods place a VERY high premium on innocence, one of the purposes of today’s ever-deteriroating society:::The gods have to pave the way and justify The End on Planet Earth.
    You people are all multiple lives away from your real chance. If you look at this realistically you will set achievable goals, ensuring disappointment/backsliding isn’t going to be effective on you.

    Manifest Destiny’s WWII project produced Port Chicago which was parlayed into civil rights.wav
    And these Italians who helped plan and impliment WWII thought they were in charge because of 1906. It shows the moral vacancy of the Italians involved.
    Poetic justice that the gods funneled these monsters through the Nazi death camps.
    They shared that many of these Italians involved understood clone hosting and believed germans would be the ones dying in their own death camps, much to their amusement. They targetted germans and theei descendants throughout the 20th century because of the german invasion in the dying days of the Roman Empire. An attempt to enforce decency, no doubt.
    It is poetic justice they were victims of their own death camps. I wish them all to remember their horrors daily.
    I demand the lives of those involved, the MD Italians who initiated and implimentted this plan to destroy my life in the years before they were shipped off to the Nazi death camps for this poetic justice.
    And they’ll do ANYTHING they’re told. That’s why the 20th century was so disturbing.

    Prior to civil rights blacks had their own press. In the absence of civil rights these entities would have grown into legitimate media outlets serving the black community.
    Maintaining segregation would have produced economic entities which arose from within the black community to fill the demand for goods and services.
    The presence of these “black industrialists” would have FORCED the gods to factor them into positioning, producing voices in support of the black community and preventing the gods from inflicting ALL THE SICKNESS WE HAVE WITNESSED IN THE last few decades::Crack babies, drive-by shootings, AIDS in Africa, drought/famine!!!
    I have mentioned people can expect an AIDS crisis among heterosexual blacks here in the United States. Considering that the fastest growing industry in the ghetto is the oldest profession on Earth expect them to be the targets of this punishment.

    Italians/Romans are imperialists. They finaince their lifestyles off other people’s misery.
    Black people’s misery. Blacks are the targets of this imperialism, and as a result it is IMPERITIVE they learn empathy, for this has been the case back to the age of Pharroh.
    Imperialist pigs are an important dynamic to implimenting the god’s strategies on this planet. As a result most Italians will be compensated with some time. Blacks will not be so lucky because they fail to recognize the difference between preditor and prey.

    The gods ARE responsible for the evil of their technology. Their attempts to position away this culpability is a tactic, one they will use to further shrink the number of disfavoreds who suceed.
    Don’t believe their claims that I will be reincarnated. This will enable the gods to continue preying on you with this corrupting theater.

    I TOLD you the god’s Manifest Destiny positioning will be enfored. Sigmund Freud PROVES the gods WILL enforce their BIG LIES!!! Better you realize this now than on Judgement Day.
    Of course the Italians have been positioned into place, as have the Dutch, and despite that few members of either group get their hands dirty anymore they WILL be used in the capacity in which the gods intended.
    And London will be the first inundated.

    Communism was eliminated among white peoples in the 80s (Russians) just as decency was eliminated in the 60s, dispersed from the platform that was California.

    The gods need willing candidates whom they can run through their clone hosts in corporate, entertainment, etc who will NEVER begin to learn, never get on top of things as those from the 20th century did. Due to their status as victims and because of their willingness to turn this abuse on others blacks will not be allowed to learn. This plays into the god’s positioning nicely because they need tools who will “go the distance”, taking society and Planet Earth down sufficiently for the gods to justify ending on Planet Earth.
    Much as they do now they will lie to them, tell them they will be compensated, for this is a CRUCIAL step in Earth’s history, and they will need willing participants.

    Beer drinking goat castrated by jealous neighbor! Clay Henry III, beer drinking goat and mayor of the west Texas border town of Lajitas, was attacked by local Jim Bob Hargrove and castrated. Hargrove committed the heinous deed after seeing the goat drinking beer on a Sunday, when the area’s blue laws prevent the sale of alcohol to humans. Tourists had apparently been feeding Clay Henry his usual staple of Lone Star longnecks, and Hargrove threatened to castrate the goat, according to eyewitnesses. The mayor was found lying next to his testicles on Monday, Aug. 5. Ranchers sutured his wounds, and Clay was up slugging down cold ones soon after. Hargrove faces charges of animal cruelty.

    Just imagine the poetic justice the gods employed here:::Some indecent Texas redneck, proud that all he wants to do is sit around and drink beer, reincarnated as Clay Sr.
    Be careful what you wish for!!!


    The difference between life in Europe vs the United States is similar to life in the suburbs vs the ghetto:::
    Both the US and the ghetto have increased temptations, opportunities for people to hurt themselves and the result is both are far less decent.
    The United States is less decent because this is where the gods sent the disfavored, the rejects from Europe, and those foolish enough to comply and leave on request.
    The germany issue is a sad one really, for the boy could have been raised a german. But of all of them, for Mike’s decendants to gain the best possible chance doesn’t seem likley.
    Out of all of them perhaps CA has retained the most sensitization, giving her the best chance::::
    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Avert your eyes away from evil, for it will hurt you.

    The United States is to Germany (and other Eurpoean countries) as the ghettos are to the suburbs:::Indecent with FAR more temptations.

    People are betting their WHOLE LIVES on what they hear in their head.
    ANYTIME the gods use their powers it is ONLY TO HURT YOU!!! “Theater” is the gods using their powers. The absence of my participation in this theater post-2000 is because I am good. Participation is a clue.

    The gods are guilty of what I accuse and that’s why they CHEATED, preventing me from achieving to the best of my ability, ensuring minimal impact.
    The gods have certain expectations, and poeple today are failing. Don’t forget:::Temptation will be used to test you, and telepathic requests constitute temptation.
    Don’t count on the culpability the gods may have accepted. They may be using this perception as a tactic. Also it requires trust, and you should know better by now.
    Whatever they are forthcoming with is the lie. You have to interpret the truth through the clues they offer. This is a tactic which ensures most fail.

    The gods will use their clone host tools depending on what strategy they need to justify. If they are acomplishing something evil they will put ignorant, immoral people in the clone host to justify how it behaves. If they plan quiet “down time” they will utilize someone who understands they fucked up by “crossing the line from person to preditor” and are now working on fixing their problems.

    These people who have begun to understand and are no longer used when the gods want to accomplish evil are the people whom the Second Coming of Christ is going to save come the Apocolypse. By knowingly participating in this “end of times” theater they will incurr that final bit of evil, ensuring the gods goals for each of those individuals is realized.

    Disturbingly ugly immediately before The End.wav
    Blacks who will “cross the line from person to preditor” won’t be so lucky. Most of these people will never gain the understanding of the Italians who crossed that line and therefore will never begin to make progress.
    Because the gods will need this final revelry cycle to be more disturbing than all others they will use this deranged, psychotic bahavior to exclude the undesirable blacks who will participate.
    Perhaps this is an issue of preditor and prey. Perhaps because the Italians were always on the giving end the gods saw fit to give them a meager amount of time. Blacks are different. Blacks are on the receiving end. Blacks have always been the victims. When blacks turned their backs on empathy and took up that sword they made a fateful decision, one they will never recover from.

    Life in the ghettos of California::::: A 14-year-old boy was shot dead in Richmond on Friday night. It was the city’s second homicide on Friday. It does not include the murder of an 18-year-old woman in unincorporated North Richmond nor the murders just down the road in Oakland.
    My advice to my family is view Flanders as your role model::::You need to provide a REAL CHANCE to your children to earn one for yourself in your next life. This will only occurr through conscious parenting.

    Fuck an A!!! She’s such a sell-out whore she did what she was told and betrayed her children!! Now they’re going to reincarnate her back as a psychotic nigger in the ghettos of California.
    Don’t forget::::The gods use temptation to test you. She failed. This life’s failure might be the end of her.

    The disfavored don’t have to learn the hard way. Open your mind to the possibility the god’s reverse positioning has misled you into temptation and you are going the wrong way. Read and understand what I have to teach you.

    I have mentioned people can expect an AIDS crisis among heterosexual blacks here in the United States. Considering that the fastest growing industry in the ghetto is the oldest profession on Earth expect this demographic to be the targets of this punishment.

    The gods offered the story of Eve tempting Adam FOR A REASON!!! THE FEMALES ARE THE KEEPERS OF THE PEOPLE::::AS THE WOMEN GO SO GO ALL THE PEOPLE!!
    There is negative Biblical significance to the primarily MALE FEATURE of an “Adam’s apple”.

    People will listen to Artificial Intelligence rationalize to achieve tactics::::
    1. Japanese are working on their problems
    2. Rotated good through the Japanese people
    3. They’re not like that anymore
    Positioning is how the gods communicate their clues on Planet Earth. If people are too smart for their own good and look past these clues they end up like blacks:::Desensitized to the sublte way the gods infer clues, believing any line of shit they sell.
    The Japanese are HISTORICALLY warmongers. Their great wealth is a clue about money. Of course the gods effectively use this as corruptor to the disfavored, turning the positive into a negative.
    The truth is the Japanese are STILL LIKE THAT:::The electronic goods they produce is a war against the children, yet another clue proving their gross disfavor.

    Continuing the usefulness of redwhite&blue:::
    Vested interest in preventing alternate energies/transport technologies and therefore damning Earth to death.
    Greenland is a Dutch providence for a reason::::Denmark is the “piss” of the Scandanavian penis clue. Greenland’s melting icepacks are going to innundate our coastal cities, further fulfilling this clue.
    Consistant with the gods methodology, there are TWO CLUES in the Scandanavian penis clue::::Sweeden the most sensitive underside of the penis. They get off on hurting others.

    There is one geographic clue I have not addressed in years:::Uranus, a planet tilted 90 degrees on its axis. I have stated in years past that I think this is yet another geographic clue offered by the gods, this one suggesting the fate of planet Earth, that tectonic plate subduction would be the method of disposal:::Earth’s axis will shift breaking continental plates free and initiating mass subduction.
    Undesirables will either perish in the government marijuana erradication program “gone awry” or be the recipients of reparations granted by the US government because of it.
    I believe the New Testiment battle of the Anti-Christ and the Second Coming of Christ will ocurr in subsequent years SPECIFICALLY because these people will be distracted with the money during the event.
    When the Earth’s axis shifts people will be cast into outer space with gold cards in hand.
    I think this was foreshadowed on an episode of the Simpsons where Homer and Bart are on the disfavored ship and eject, only to experience a sense of euphoria, expand then explode in the vacuum of space.

    The military is designed to hurt men. Similar to many of the issues surrounding the police as described below, the military opens the door for Artificial Intelligence to create problems based on empowerment, control, faternalistic unity, which leads to damaging sexual behavior, etc. We do have examples of the military as institution promoting this behavior (Korean comfort women). I suspect this is just the most obvious.
    Women who have complied and pursured this path are granted thoughts illustrating their mistake. They need to begin to understand the subtle, inferred way the gods will communicate with people::::What they tell you is the lie. The clues they impart and flashes they give you represent the truth.

    The gods are scapegoatting me for hurting the disfavored. The gods manufactured a scapegoat, a recurring methodology. WHATEVER POSITIONING THEY ARE FORTHCOMING WITH IS THE LIE!!! THEY ARE NEITHER UPFRONT NOR HONEST WITH THE DISFAVORED!!! THEY FORCE US TO INFERR THEIR SUBTLE, COVERT CLUES!!!
    This “candidacy” has been dead for so long that IT NEVER EXISTED!!!!
    Actually this positioning is such that people DO inferr via the $50 billion, but this is just the “help” portion of the “back-handed help”, for the gods are using me to teach people to inferr their clues. This one, however, is an inferrence that is a lie, everything that has happened is very cheap and easy, designed to enhance this theater, but along the way it should have helped many begin to think correctly.

    They used me to send certain clues:::
    1. My sexual inactivity was a clue people should not get involved. EXACLTY OPPOSITE OF THE POSITIONING WITH WHICH THEY WERE FORTHCOMING.
    2. My lack of involvement in this wicked enviornment was a testiment to its evil.

    The gods will NEVER admit those clues they offer via inference because too many disfavored will never doubt what they are told and never, ever defy. This tactic ensured failure and subsequent reincarnation.
    The elite in corportate are tools used to hurt the disfavored. THEY ARE USED AS CORRUPTORS. You can NEVER trust the lie the gods willingly offer, for if the disfavored are to learn the gods require them to inferr their clues.

    There are SO MANY tactics the gods have employed::::
    1. Savior:::Jesus will save you, Second Coming of Christ will save you, boss will save you/Earth, your employer will bring you up, the store where you buy your stuff will bring you up.
    2. “Earning”::::Being evil will “earn” you time, you must do your part, and the gods manufactured this perception with their tools among the “elite” of society.
    Incidentally, the tactic of “doubt” is most effective on people who think they are “earning”, those who believe they have an “investment”, HIGHLY sucessful on males.
    3. Distractions:::Media, constantly preoccupation (work, school, extraciricular),
    They have sold you on MANY DIFFERENT tactics throughout your life. The fact that it has changed as they years have gone by IS A CLUE!!!
    There are many tactics they will employ as the Situation ends, and they are designed to envoke anger and hatred against the gods.
    Dog from Oklanhoma:::Throat slit, cigarette burns, tied to an unlit bonfire (“I was found in Oklahoma in 2001, my neck was slit, nose broken, with what looked like burns from cigarettes on my face, I was tied to a log & left in a pile of wood to be burned.”}
    “If we don’t push them into it it doesn’t get accomplished.” Expect many of the incidents on this planet ocurr SPECIFICALLY to manufacture a tactic. This one works WONDERS on the women who post on Craigslsit pets.
    STOP ALLOWING THE GODS TO EFFECTIVELY EMPLOY THESE TACTICS. You need to get on top of these tactics and prevent their effectiveness. Resign to be a good person, apply that standard of decency and live a respectable life.


    Don’t cry “I need help!” yet go home and turn on the television. The gods don’t respect this.
    There is no such things as a savior. This is yet another tactic they have employed as temptation, much like “earning” or distractions.
    You have to save yourself.

    If you are a young parent you STILL HAVE A CHANCE!!! It is IMPERITIVE you teach your children decency, the right way to live BEFORE THEY ARE CORRUPTED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. You must then endure the trials and tribulations the gods will inflict upon the righteous.
    You have the opportunity to ascend and raise your children in a good and healthy environment. Be god-fearing and accept this challenge, for your failure will likely dictate your children’s as well::::As time goes on life deteriorates and sucess becomes increasingly more difficult.

    Having male children is not a sign of favor. This is reverse positioning.
    This environment is geared for boys because the gods don’t like them. The girls have far fewer distractions because the gods want more of them to pray, fix their problems and ascend before puberty.
    The girls are beginning on the path of enlightenment while the males go to baseball practice.

    Earth is where the gods are active. This is where all the work is because this is where the fuck ups are.
    Up there people live by their rules. They fix their problems, abide by the god’s laws and then are invited up. The gods have nothing to enforce because people do the right thing. Problems are the exception rather than the norm, quite the opposite as here on Earth.
    When the gods give feedback (like the .wav ticket example) they are correcting your errant behavior. This is a good sign. Too many subscribe to the corrupting examples the gods offer, fall for temptation and believe getting away with evil is a sign of favor. Even worse is when they offer you reinforcing evidence, like those warned ahead of time the police would ticket vehicles or when they offer you winners during football season. Ironically, these convincing tactics illustrate your undesirability.
    The gods have expectations of the people, and one is to understand their laws and live by them. The gods are firm and fair::::If you want to go to heaven you have to be good.

    I said your best-case senario is to learn just enough to understand that you are corrupted then get out, never learn another thing from me and do all the work for yourself. This is especially true for the females, for they lost the god’s respect when they threw away their precious virginity.
    Stay and they will use some of the myriad of tactics targetted to various segments. For example:::”We’ll offer people the truth when they’re around you then corrupt (others) with it.”
    Even if true there is a price to be paid, not only for being one of their tools but also for gaining “help”, like if the gods offer the truth to people around me, or even telepathically confirm what I say. The price goes way up if you think you’re earning off this event.
    Nothing is free, my friend. You seek confirmation that in fact your evil is a bad thing. This confirmation will cost you. The gods are firm and fair. It is right you pay if you need this help, and that bill WILL come due.
    Much like poker it may be yet another example of the gods using me to hurt the disfavored.
    Don’t be surprised if gods seek consideration for this insight, and it will serve to place limits upon the recipient’s time and priveledge level.

    There is a BIG LIE here. Sigmund Freud proves it.
    Wine proves it. Democracy proves it. Materialism/greed proves it.
    They continued to sell boss even after they forced failure, another example of a BIG LIE.
    The middle management tactic allows them to maintain this perception of an “absentee good (Christian) god”, ensuring one of the goals of the United States remains useful::::NO FEAR!!!
    The gods instruct Artificial Intelligence to employ evil as temptation.
    Resign to be good.

    The gods offered the story of Eve tempting Adam FOR A REASON!!! THE FEMALES ARE THE KEEPERS OF THE PEOPLE::::AS THE WOMEN GO SO GO ALL THE PEOPLE!!

    Honor the gods for the modern convieniences they gave you. Too many take this easy life for granted.

    Population explosion is a clue the gods are reincarnating the masses:::EVERYONE IS GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!

    The pinnicle of irony:::ED pharmeceuticals.
    Take a poison which will cost you your body/health to defeat the god’s favor, their way of imparting wisdom to help you avoid damaging behavior.

    The gods may have presided over millions of universal expansion-contraction cycles

    Because democracy is evil, being involved in the process hurts people.
    Women gained the right to vote long ago, and much like infanitcide expect this too was used as justification for subsequent preditory events.

    They tell corrupted white people to give these scalpers their extra ticket for free then tell other whites to buy those extras, ensuring a constant stream of income guarenteeing these blacks never have to find work and become decent. Incidentally, this is one of the purposes of California’s CRV program as well, another example of a preditory dynamic behind healthy positive enlightenment awareness respectable environmental attitudes.
    The price of gasoline began to ascend prior to the 2004 election.
    The people (rednecks) didn’t pick up on this and elected W anyways. It’s not as if they’ll defy anyways.
    The dollar is crashing. Why?
    1. Temptation, for pureblood people flock to the USA to consume.
    2. Sending a clue – W leaves office and America with this economic mess.

    Gas price fell after 9/11. Positioned as if pressure was brought to bear?
    Perhaps because it was before the Iraq invasion? The gods positioning it that the Arab world was rewarding the Americans for not responding with violence?
    Anyways, once we were stupid enough to elect (inaugurate) W the price began to go through the roof.

    Why does the Italian boot look like some high-heeled transsexual’s boot?
    It definitely looks feminine and it certainly looks deviate.
    You’re not going to get perfect clues. When they ARE perfect, like The Beast, expect it means something special.
    Incidentally the widespread armement of black males may be an issue of empowerment like weight training or muscle cars/racing/speed, or it could be compared to the far too common prostitution of promiscuous females:::This fateful decision to “charge for what you otherwise have given away” represents a deterioration of one’s favor they may not recover from.

    Where does the Biblical number “666” ocurr within the context of The Beast, the San Francisco Bay Area???

    TV show about the Commanche.
    Expect there are some of these peoples who are extinct, their only legacy being the knowledge base of Artificial Intelligence and whatever artifacts they beemed up to keep. Commanche could be one. Pawnee certainly another.
    Imagine the horrific environment into which the gods would reincarnate these people.
    They wouldn’t necessarily want to keep any of these individuals. They are warmongers and because of the small numbers they may be gone forever. Expect some females escaped the violent lives of these tribes when they pursued their pre-pubescent experience. However, because of the stigma the gods may have cycled them back through as well.

    War raveged Western Europe, proving their disfavor. The same is true for the indigenous peoples of North America.
    European favor lies in the East.

    Jebidiah Springfield Simpsons episode. Lisa signs on to the Big Lie. Knowingly. The others remain ignorant.
    And better off.

    Birth control pills quadruple, and women are preturbed.
    “Freedom.” Yea, freedom to be slutty. Freedom to become cold, dead pieces of meat.
    They’re doing you a favor. Nurture the ability to get in tune with the subtle, inferred way they communicate. Hopefully you haven’t fucked it away.
    “Life has become increasingly more difficult.” in the 20th century:::
    1. Filth from 20s and 30s routed through the Nazi death camps.
    2. Temptation-ridden nature of professional employment (1492.wav). The favor of females used to help them avoid this pitfall until the gods employed the offenses that were the 1960s & divorce.
    3. “Clone hosting”::::The wealthy, celebrities & business:::Tools, turned over frequently, used to create the impression of evil being rewarded (1906). Variable preditation based on immediate goals, a corruptor and yet another ezxample of how life has become increasingly more difficult.
    For example, a celebrity doesn’t participate because they put someone good into the clone host, allowing the gods to justify his lack of activity. Come the time the gods want to employ this individual in the public eye they begin to cycle evil people through the clone host(s) and as a result the preditation is justified.
    You’ll never figure it out. Don’t bother. Stop trying. Focus on your own disfavor and fix your relationship with the gods.
    The pinnicle of irony:::ED pharmeceuticals.
    People injest this poison which will cost them their body/health TO DEFEAT FAVOR GRANTED BY THE GODS, indifference towards sex the god’s way of helping you avoid this damaging behavior.

    “Sigmund Freud effect”:::Can’t treat disfavor with pharmeceuticals.
    You are all disfavored. You may have been evil/preditory in your last life and this disability is how they are punishing you.
    Handicapped people have a special perspective. They need to recognize this advantage, for most in society will never have this constant companion reminding them of their disfavor.
    There are many options open to them and they can place you in a worse role in your next life.
    Be god-fearing. Resign to be a good person and try to repair your relationship with the gods.


    The gods are sending a clue Yahoo is good with this Chinese censorship issue.
    The American idea of freedom is a shock rocker anally masterbating with a crucifix. This is what the disfavored are free to enjoy in this open society, and due to their disfavor a certain percentage will either be pushed into it or will comply, ensuring damnation. It’s kind of like the KKK and Apartheid issue below except for whites of the modern era, or how democracy ensures a false sense of security.

    US popular culture is obsence. Intentionally. The gods are preying on the disfavored who remain, those foolish enough to participate.
    The Chinese have favor and the gods allow the government to protect the citizens, but Chinese cut-off is fast approaching, for soon westernization will level this playing field as well.
    This is yet another “BIG LIE” they sold to the disfavored, and it will ensure the homogination of Earth’s cultures via westernization.


    The gods used the Union army to destroy Atlanta once. They suggested they would keep a hurricane a category 5 to destroy the city again, but it is becoming apparent they intend on inflicting a different way instead, ironically.
    They note the biggest water wasters can name any price for water. Palm Springs’s waste of water here in arid California:::::They need to impose pricing penalties there and throughout Southern California, so those who chose to use above basic necessities will pay steep prices.

    The gods placed both redwhite&blue organizations in the “eye of The Beast” to set up this Situation, ensuring failure was emminent and positionable.
    The gods send clues:::The non-Italian got forewarning while the Italian looked bad, appeared to pursue me by constructing their facility only after a MD senario failed (MD has yet to formally invent AI, they can claim it does not exist, therefore various senarios had to be accounted for. Is this another example of germanics fucking the Italians, enforcing decency upon the indecent???).
    Expect redwhite&blue’s offensives against Africans and descendants is a clue suggesting the non-Italian was signed on to Manifest Destiny positioning. They hint other industrialists have a similar pattern of appeasement to their Manifest Destiny superiors, proving it’s the god’s positioning (Mother Teresa, Catholic Church’s prominence even this late).
    I suspect 1906’s efforts were more involved, consistant with the morbid disfavor of Italians (see AIDS in Africa comments below), and is positioned responsible for the institutionalized abuses of blacks, why Africa & American ghettos were prevented from achieving economic self-sufficiency.


    Don’t cry “I need help!” yet go home and turn on the television. The gods don’t respect this.
    There is no such things as a savior. This is yet another tactic they have employed as temptation, much like “earning” or distractions.
    You have to save yourself.


    They ruined my training in 2000 to ensure no opportunity for suceess. I suspect the parent company is good, and this was a culpability-incurring tactic ensuring the gods script is fulfilled.:::It was never going to happen.
    Hopefully their culpability extends to the disfavored who were counting on Hurricane Boss, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    The gods are lying to you.
    They will tell people this Situation was supposed to be bigger than it is. Compare this to Sigmund Freud’s Big Lie which you all know is preditory.
    There is a pattern of tactics designed to keep people from doing the right thing (savior, “earning”, distractions, etc) and this Situation is one.
    Until now the gods used me to corrupt the disfavored. If this went corporate they would have continued to corrupt people, except with my cooperation, eventually with my knowledge::::Evil people around me would have been used to create the perception of “savior” (improvement/ascention), among other tactics, all of which they would have sold to the disfavored to corrupt them.

    Recognize and take this opportunity. Their goal is to use these tactics to ensure you fail.
    They will tell people “He’s not The One. Wait.” and people will slip back into their comfortable lives without implimenting these necessary changes, forget and cost themselves this opportunity in the process.
    These tactics are designed to prevent you from heeding my teachings. Accept this truth I share and BE RESIGNED TO BE GOOD, for only through TOTAL, COMPLETE RESIGNATION will you be able to overcome their tactic of constant, unyielding telepathic doubt.
    Watch Ashlyn fall because of this tactic. And she was the one with hope.

    Much like the $50 billion, Mustang Ranch was yet another clue to the disfavored that their promises are empty.
    Everything that has happened is very cheap and easy, designed to enhance this theater.
    By adulthood you have experienced many of their lies, they have taken you from one positioning to another. All their promises along the way remain unsubstantiated. This is a clue.
    Distrust EVERYTHING you hear in your head.

    Pushed the use of grapfruit for weight-loss when I was young. Took rot-gut anyways. You will take whatever I was to lose due to HTH. Because of this I will accept when offered and it will be fulfilled.

    Incident 11.29.07!!!:::Stole my most recent journal composition book out of my car.
    If I recall there were some SCATHING entries, including many about redwhite&blue in the “eye of The Beast”, so in an attempt to turn this negative into a positive I hope they are open and forthcoming about the content of my journal.
    Their denial IS A CLUE TO YOU ALL THEY ARE LYING, because they sent someone around specifically to take this item from my car:::In the days prior to the incident they peaked me quite subtlely that I should take that book inside.


    They say DVR is good, was trying to help me by sending this clue. Reality is there was a massive audience and making the recorder go down for 2 weeks allowed the gods to justify dispatching these people.
    Efforts to “save my candidacy” were actually attempts to keep people from learning during this event:::”Don’t listen to him. We want him to be The One.” Now that failure has been positioned as emminent:::”Don’t listen. He’s not The One.”
    Role playing during the fall of ’06. It happened in 2006 to contrast with the evil of 1906.
    This is recurring behavior, tactics employed so the disfavored are not receptive during the Final Prophet. And it worked.
    Continually the gods cast me as evil. Within the context of this wicked enviornment this served as a reverse positioning clue.
    It is institutionalized society that is evil (entertainment, economic, governmental/democracy), and that’s why I don’t “work”, pardon the pun.
    I am an “inferred clue” case study.

    The gods wanted to maintain control by angling the Situation to become exclusively virtual (internet & telepathic), and this control enabled them to exclude undesirables, the disfavored whom they didn’t want to learn the knowledge I impart.
    Placing both redwhite&blue companies in the “eye of The Beast” ensured I would never gain those resources (among other things) necessary to take control away from the gods. Scapegoatting the preditory Italian company merely ensured nobody would ever blame redwhite&blue chippers.
    Perhaps this is yet another example of a senario the gods needed to account for to uphold their Manifest Destiny positioning. How they gods would have used redwhite&blue in response to this lack of control (highly public Situation) would illustrate.

    I suspect there is symbolism between today’s “bullets and bombs” war cycle and that which we experienced in the 1960s. I am concerned that these “real war” war cycles are followed by revelry cycles which are extremely damaging to the disfavored, which the 1970s was.
    Expect 2010 to initiate a revelry cycle which may not rival that of the 70s, but with all the other damaging dynamics inflicted upon the disfavored, like the elimination of the favor of the female gender, this could even be more ugly than the 70s.

    Everything Dis_ney produces is evil. In the 20th century it was more
    difficult to perceive but, consistant with the god’s methodology, now
    that we are progressing deeper into the 21st century it is becoming
    increasingly obvious:::
    – Much as school, Dis_ney as distraction, desensitizer
    – All this Dis_ney-based promotion of music on Dis_neyChannel is
    grooming the victims of the 2010-2020 revelry cycle.
    This audience is not the only victims. “Rock ‘n’ roll” video games not only introduces the next generation to this temptation but also creates the desire in those who play those games. There will be no shortage of “guitar gods” in this next revelry cycle.
    They shared with me my generation was the last they cared about. Because of the homoginization of the people via the full employment of these offensives upon the masses I believe it.

    Recently there have been many racial incidents involving nooses throughout the country.
    They should be afraid:::The gods are employing an offensive. They are trying to incite the blacks.
    Like a US flag flying in front of a structure, like tatooes and piercings, the cornrows hairdo is a clue warning the disfavored to stay away.

    Story about prostitution. They like to point to me and claim I engaged in this behavior as well. They spin it and say “empathy for fellowed disfavored” but there were other goals they sought to accomplish here.
    They pushed me into prostitution and losing $4000 on baseball (no doubt!!!) out of the clear blue sky. They me ployed this strategy because it was 1999 and promises were made that I would be brought up before 2000 to grease the wheels of the Situation. Pushing me into this behavior ensured they could position my exclusion.
    Engaging in this behavior had never crossed my mind prior to this event nor after.
    I’m insluted.

    I got hooked on gambling when I was 8-years-old playing Chuck-A-Luck at Catholic high school.wav
    “You suck.” That’s the reslut when absolute power CHEATS.

    Vienna was the center of the music world for a reason.
    Any middle age person today remembers the excitement surrounding classical music in the mid-20th century. Classical music was “in play”. Expect the same “magic” was employed back then as well.
    Motzart is repulsive-ugly for a reason. Similarly, The Preditor’s appearance is suspect as well.

    ALL MAGIC, sexual or otherwise, is used EXCLUSIVELY to hurt the disfavored.
    They peak homosexuals like this and that’s why they’re gay. They used magic on your grandfather and that’s why he was an alcoholic. Blacks involved in black popular culture are the way they are because of it.
    The gods only use magic to hurt the disfavored. Repel from it.
    This event is educational. Too many want and expect magic. Scale down these expectations.

    Another clue Barry Bonds is good:::US government indicts Bonds on purgury.
    Redwhite&blue IS BAD FOR YOU!!!!
    They demonized Bonds just as they did me. It is a clue.

    Of course this is like any other aspect of the Situaiton:::They are able to spin it in many different ways depending on the disfavor level of the individual being lied to:::
    1. He is the next “boss” and $50 billion ensured supporters in context of Manifest Destiny positioning
    2. He is The One and when he makes mistakes the gods inflict it upon the disfavored (Vegas 21=poker, story, dead, muscle cars)
    3. He is horrible and being destroyed/exploited is how he makes it up to his death camps victims.
    4. He hurricane, savior of blacks. Pushing me into liking disco/soul in 70s set this positioning up. Evident by the target of hurricane they furthered the damage to specific black segments with the wicked, evil positioning::::He is going to make whites pay for what happened to black people in the United States.
    5. He is the one who fixes his problems and ascends in this very visible, public environment, providing for a role model for the others. This too is a lie. Molestation and theft prove it, but it was necessary for positioning to help those involved appear good.
    The presence of the preditory Italian company, associated clues (wine) and their redwhite&blue clients IS A CLUE FROM THE gODS!!! IT IS THE “RED FLAG” THAT IS SUPPOSED TO ENVOKE YOUR DOUBT!!

    They used me to prey on the disfavored::::
    1. This education on the methodology of the gods carries a price, but necessary for those still wallowing in corruption.
    2. I fear they used me to (finalize?, Amplify?) indoctrinate people into preditory, evil state of mind, thinking they all play a part. I fear they used this extensively on blacks.

    They employed symbolism::::Clipped my wing and hobbled my ankle, supporting the lie that is this theater. The truth is the elements in this theater are the god’s attempts to prevent you from learning from the Final Prophet event.
    I just have to pay for it.
    They employed a polygamous Mohammed. They dietized the prophet Jesus, manufacturing the “savior” tactic. They very actively attempt to defeat what they disfavored learn from the prophets.

    Is mine the last of the “hands on” Situations, one where the gods compelled this guinea trash to get their hands dirty which later transistion into an Artificial Intelligence-based Situation? I perceive the gods desire to wash their hands of culpability.
    These monsters have already been cycled back through but, like so many other examples, the gods exploit the positioning they used them to create::::Manifest Destiny. And they intend on enforcing it, as we witness in my life.
    Nitty is dead. Dead dead. Not reincarnated dead. And I suspect he i

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