Via Craigslist.

I’m so incredibly tired of one night stands…

…I want it to have the potential to become something more than just fucking.


Her pictures did not help. Let’s imagine for a second that she is cute. Why why why would any guy go for this girl after she announces to the world that she is the neighborhood bicycle?

14 thoughts on “WORST PERSONAL AD EVER

  1. fanman

    Tired of one night stands?! There isn’t enough alcohol in the world to get someone to hit that.

  2. CruelHazel

    Right, I really should be good and claim looks don’t matter and yadda-yadda-bullshit-bullshit. But that aside, just reading this ad made me feel all queasy on the inside. I just wanna slap her around and I don’t know why. No, wait, I do. She sounds like a pissy, self-absorbed ho.
    I’m not sure how serious she is really about her previous sexual encounters. Some trashed guy probably hit her up once and now she’s trying to use that as leverage to convince people that she’s a hot piece of ass.

  3. pink elephant

    Ooooh that is so sad. However, your entry was quite comical…i assume whoever posts for dates on craigslist should accept negative feedback!

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