18 thoughts on “NOT THE OLSEN TWINS

  1. inSOMnia

    Wow i want to throw food at them in hopes they gain weight. DCB did i tell you me fardi and kevin one time saw this thing on the simpsons where bart ate at the gym. So we copied it and got steak and cheese subs and ate it in front of the fat people running on the treadmill. The treadmills faced the window outside so we just sat down and ate them in front of them. They acted like they didnt see us. It was a good memory

  2. Liz

    “Please just make it go away! Now they?re just making fun of the real emanciated people! We?re gonna go eat now!”

    I do believe the word you were looking for was EMACIATED?

    But yeah, that’s totally gross.

  3. mafia mike

    WTF happened to Lindsay Lohan?

    Damn, thats just disgusting. Somebody give her a chocolate cake!!

  4. 30-06

    Hollywood brainwashes little kids into thinking it’s ok to starve! Hell, they glorify it!

    Burn Hollywood down, no one needs it…

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