This is the best Washington Post article I’ve read all year. Every day I dream of quitting my comfortable job and doing something risky that makes me appreciate life a little bit more.

Two young new dishwashers have joined the crew, Ermis and Geraldo. Geraldo, who wears an FBI cap flipped backward and has a mouth of silver teeth, is covered in piquillo slop and empanada detritus. Joel shows him how to prep squid, saying in Spanish, “Watch what I’m doing. That way you won’t have to stay a dishwasher forever.”

I don’t know what it’s like to put in a hard day’s work of manual labor. My dad still does it, and I understand why he wanted me to go to college. Vodka Boy does it too, aging just a little quicker than his lab coat college buddies… god bless you my friend.

2 thoughts on “YOU ARE NOT A HARD WORKER

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  2. Lisa

    Thanks for pointing out this article . . . I would have missed it and agree that it’s wonderful. Should probably be required reading for any time when I think about bitching about my day as a lawyer.

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