What’s with women going crazy about reaching career success and gaining material possessions? I know why guys are doing it – for women – but I’m not quite sure why women are doing it.

I got a little tip for the four girls who read this page: if a guy says he likes a BMW for the engineering and that McMansion for the space, he’s lying to you – or to himself. It’s all for the status to impress you. Guys are generally low maintenance and don’t need a lot to get by. If a guy could fuck all the supermodels in the world by living in a refrigerator cardboard box, he would. Who are YOU trying to impress? Do you really need that much money to buy more useless crap?

The biggest mistake that women continue to make are thinking that guys hold them to the same standard that they hold men. We really don’t care about what kind of job you have or how big your bank account us. My future wife can work at CVS for all I care, just as long as she’s good in bed and can clean the house well.


  1. nabeel

    I don’t believe its the women as much as its also the men. Both sexes are caught up in constant consumerism in a nation where capitalism has gone out of control.

  2. Liz

    “if a guy says he likes a BMW for the engineering and that McMansion for the space, he?s lying to you – or to himself. It?s all for the status to impress you.”

    That and he’s got a really small penis.

  3. nabeel

    I’m staying out of the consumerism mentality.. buy buy buy, spend spend spend, swipe the plastic! The government tells us to do that so they can make money and speed up the economy. But I’m doing the opposite… I save a lot and ignore all the useless crap and am desentistized to all these advertisements we come across. I buy only what I NEED.

  4. Liz

    With that type of attitude you’ll never get a wife. Not one with any self respect, that is.

  5. DCB Post author

    james: you’re gonna be lonely for a loooooooooong time with a comment like that. :rolleyes2:

  6. James

    :laugh: is it too much to ask that a woman be a good cook?

    I mean we all have our requirements; smart, funny, attractive…I don’t see how her cooking skills is any different.

    You know you like sandwiches… :banana:

  7. Anonymous

    I can’t think of one woman who I have dated in the last 2 years who can cook well, and even if they don’t, who cooks regularly. In fact, women are sort of getting lazier. They can’t do laundry that well, CANNOT iron a damn shirt, and if you can find me one who can darn a sock, please let me know.

  8. J.P.

    I am not sure I totally agree on this one. I know plenty of guys who buy fast cars because they are into racing while meanwhile their women will have nothing to do with them while they are off at the BMW/Audi Rally.

    The thing that’s annoying are the people who buy stuff as a status symbol. I feel bad for them because most of the time they can’t even enjoy what they bought because all they care about is people noticing them using it.

  9. O-FACE

    Women are like parasites. They feed off of what you find and consume, and then try to take it for themselves. F-that. Oh shit X-Files is on!!! Gotta run

  10. CruelHazel

    So, just to defend some of us womanfolk, some of us are still pretty domestic.
    I don’t think it’s so much that women are getting lazier. I think we’re evening out with men. There’s less of a focus on domesticity in women as more and more women go into careers. While it’s less likely to see a women who cooks and cleans now than in the 50’s, it’s far more likely to see a guy who does than in the 50’s.
    It’s not lazy, it’s equality. 😉

  11. Megan

    You don’t need to make a lot of money to have sex with the kind of girl you’re looking for. Just get a managerial job at Wal-Mart, threaten the checkout girl with her job, and you’ll be getting regular sex in no time. Give her regular 25 cent wage increases and she’ll be darning your socks in no time.

  12. jules

    I got all acquisitive when I started dating men who wouldn’t go down on me. When did that start, by the way?

  13. toomuchcoffeelady

    my theory is: since the opportunity to get married seems to be available for fewer and fewer women, as much as we don’t like it, the fact remains that we still *need* to be financially secure until Mr. Right comes along. Just because fewer men are committing, doesn’t mean women deserve to never own homes, die on the streets, etc.

    99% of women who say they loooove their jobs are just trying not to sound like a golddigger.

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