Something happens inside us when someone is unpredictable, when they don’t respond the way they are supposed to. We get a little excited, and the illogical part of our brain tells us to think about them more and more. So we like them more and more. But when this happens dozens of times, and you experience this game dozens of times, you become immune to it. Or at least aware. Game doesn’t work anymore, and you become attracted to things that wouldn’t have gotten you a couple years ago. Because everyone out there can run game. Anyone with a brain can put out the veneer of value. Yes dear, I know that you are wanted by other men. I completely understand that random losers want to fuck you. I get it.

It’s hard to fake quality. You can’t fake a sense of humor. And you can’t fake intelligence. The only thing you can fake is making it seem like you are more desired than you really are. Because you know you are just like every other girl. You are not unique. The things you have said, I’ve heard a dozen times before. I pretend that you are not exactly like the others, just so I can get in your pants and be done with reliving this same experience.

There is nothing wrong with normal. There is nothing wrong with someone who is predictable. You are so insecure that no one will like you if you act yourself, that you say and do what everyone else says and does. “But I barely know you!” You’re right, and you never will.


  1. Larissa

    Well said. I know a girl that all she ever talks about is all of the different guys who desire her. It’s gotten to the point where you don’t even have to ask. I don’t understand why she needs to keep validating herself this way by saying ‘so and so likes me.’ It doesn’t make her seem desirable, but a little sad.

  2. KassyK

    Yikes. But your right. Its weird bc I have a few really hot friends and they have always been divided into two groups…the ones that discuss every single guy that hits on them at the bar and the ones that get hit on but never even peep about it. I think I unfort fall into a bit of both…for 97% of the time I am not talking about it and that 3% of the time when I am feeling really self conscoius…its discussed. Ah-were girls-we’re wired that way sometimes.

  3. chicgirl

    So, are you looking for intelligence, humor and quality DCB? If so, would some unpredictable behavior from this type of girl seal the deal (as perhaps not a game – but because she is just busy??).
    I think it all comes down to real chemistry. If it is there, predictable is good because it is all there anyway….

  4. V

    If a girl is trying to make you feel like she is desired sooo much, then 9 times outta 10 she is insecure that you are better than her and you don’t like her as much as she likes you. The other 1 case would be that she is too stupid to know guys don?t care about shit like that. Either way, it sucks.

  5. Eugenius

    Yes!!!!!! I recognize the hate, I know where its pointing…….so funny, so true….total destruction…..Game Over.

    PS. “different is not the same as being unique” something a little birdie taught me :-))

  6. JAG

    Hmm..being relatively new to this ‘scene,’ I have no idea who this post is referring to, but how intriguing if it is pointing at someone…
    I will say, though, the more “adult” I get, the harder it is to schedule things with friends or potential dates what with work travel, deadlines, workouts, etc. So there may be some legitimacy to the “distant allure,” but most times, yep, it’s just a game.
    Eugenius: you know a smart birdie, and I have always wanted to substitute unique for different in one of my favorite quotes: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must first be different.” I think unique works better…

  7. JAG

    Well, I’m kinda glad there was not an intended single target, but keep it up! Posts like these are what girls need to read and understand, not only because it is how people should behave, but also because it would cut down on so much wasted time! The amount of time that some (dare I say most?) girls spend strategizing when to call a guy back or after what day of the week should she NOT be available for weekend plans is simply exhausting! You’d think we were planning a shuttle launch…OK so maybe that’s a stretch, but you get my point.

  8. hanky

    whats the last part supposed to mean?

    ?But I barely know you!? You?re right, and you never will.


  9. Anonymous

    What if she’s just not that into you… yet or at all? You guys forget the possibility that maybe she doesn’t rush to call you back because you’re not currently at the forefront of her mind. Maybe she doesn’t completely remember how much she was into you at the bar. Maybe she gave her number out to other guys in the meantime and she’s calling one of those back over you. Who knows?!?!?! Point is, it’s not necessarily always games. For every guy I’ve played by ‘the rules’ for and strategically waited to call back, there’s been many more that I haven’t called back promptly simply because they weren’t in the forefront of my mind and I wasn’t sure if I was interested.

  10. Dirk Jiggler

    “She” really is that vapid and inane. You just got a small dose of her true colors. Consider youself lucky.

  11. aChangedMan

    Wow, this post was so freaking money! Every girl who I gamed who thinks she is hotter then she really is was just described in this blog posting. If I could express my feelings, a single tear would roll down my cheek.

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