Last night?s happy hour was great, grand, wonderful, and lovely to meet various bloggers. Some might call it lame, but I could have fun in a gulag, so there you go. Recap!

Yuca is meh, but I didn?t have to pay for any drinks, so I can?t complain too too much when that?s the situation. The mojitos are a bit too sweet but definitely not as bad as NYC?s Marriott Marquis, where the mojitos are actually more disgusting than a small bowl of shit (and probably more expensive).

Bloggers… well aside from Jackass McGillicuddy in a corduroy jacket – the new asshole fashion, apparently, replacing the popped collar (I once got brown recluse bites or similar from trying on a corduroy jacket at the Raven… long story) – were more non-nerdy than I might have guessed. I almost broke a glass on McGillicuddy?s head, but I?m trying to avoid assault charges after what happened last time.

Kathryn is a pretty pretty lady and I can?t believe some tall guy with brains hasn?t swooped her up.

The Countdown of V
is sleek and chic and I’m probably one of few people who doesn’t find her … um… “mission” weird.

Circle V, I adore this girl, she is fantastic and she doesn?t believe in flat shoes or idiots.

– dude, cool shirt but the haircut is a no-go. And seriously, come to me when you want some real girl-game advice.

I-66: super friendly, too beta for his own good (could you call it betamax?).

Doctor Virgle
– obviously! And I know some ladies who would love to get their hands on you.

– love, love, love, and first to buy me a drink so she gets substantial props for enabling my terrible drinking ?problem?.

KassyK – earned my respect with her gorgeous Michael Kors coat.

Text exchange between DCB and me:

DCB: ?I?m drunker than I look?
Me: ?I?m not at all, guess I am harder core than you?
DCB: ?I don?t feel good?
Me: ?You are in trouble. I have incriminating photos of you?

Bear in mind, folks, that I had 2 mojitos and 3 beers… and DCB had 3 mojitos. There is just nothing better than drinking a man two times your size under the table. Zing!


  1. jessa j

    honestly – i just made up the story about me having to tube feed sea lions last night – cause i know if i got wasted with DCB we’d end up making out in front of everyone and exposing our torrid love affair.


  2. Kathryn

    My favorite Sally quote of the evening, and not just because of the mutual poptrivia spew it evoked: “Whoa!”

    You are allright, allright, Sassy Sally.

    And DCB goons – she’s hot. More than worthy.

  3. I-66

    Well after what I’ve seen today, I think if “beta” is the worst thing written about me, I can handle that.

    Pleasure meeting you, Sally.

  4. Jinxy

    Wow, Sally. A couple of tepid aspersions for the menfolk, and the ladies get compliments galore.

    How positively edgy.

  5. virglekent


    You know some girls? tell them to get in line, I’m busy getting my hand on myself. Hold up that didn’t come out right. Anyways thanx for the shout out.

    By the way I hope DCB hasn?t ran through those girls you speak of. I?m not following that! That would be like a hotdog going into a train tunnel. What?s the point? It?s just a tough act to follow.

  6. Barzelay

    What the hell did I do to you, besides being slightly rude and apparently close-talking (both of which suck, and I’m very sorry for them, but both are also quite common when very drunk). I certainly didn’t grope you. What the fuck?

  7. Sally Post author

    Oh yeah, I forgot, homeimprovement ninja is the worst close-talk offender of them all. Acleast I was comfortable telling him so. I didn’t get close enough to Corduroy to know about his conversational style… and he didn’t harrass me at all, but I def-jam saw some obnoxiousness.

  8. Barzelay

    So you wanted to break a glass over my head for what?

    I was definitely obnoxious toward DCB, though I don’t think I said anything at all to you. But yeah, I was definitely obnoxious. Again, sorry. To be honest, before having even read anything on here today, I was wondering whether I ought to find some way apologize to you and DCB about it, because I knew I was obnoxious. I was wasted.

    But I’m getting accused of groping people, which is a very different thing from being obnoxious. And I really have no clue of the basis for that accusation.

  9. Isoroku Yamamoto


    You bested a 3-mojito-drinking “man” with 2 mojitos and 3 beers? Look out, folks. We have a drinker here. That’s like the boozing equivilant to getting second place in the wheelchair relay at the junior special olympics. I guess that would make Blogger Happy Hours the socialite equivilant to the Special Olympic Training Center.

  10. KassyK

    Barzelay…ok I guess I was that drunk that I dont even remember you groping me and I dont remember pushing you away per say…Eek. Apologies to Sally for thinking she was the pusher.I need to eat more when I go out to these things…Hmmm.

  11. Ayla

    I can’t believe someone whose blog name is his last name with a .net is asking DCB to revise previous posts so that his reputation won’t be ruined among co-workers, friends, etc.

    If you’re worried about your personal and professional reputation, sweetie, then DON’T DISCOLSE YOUR FULL NAME ON THE INTERNET. Or just don’t have a blog.

    You opened yourself up to this when you put your full name up and attended a blogger social event and got wasted. DCB, Sally, etc., are not responsible for your actions. They’re posting their opinion of you on their blogs. Feel free to respond in kind. But don’t act like a big victim in all this.

    ‘Cause you aren’t.

  12. Sarah Jayne


    I like Ayla!

    It’s like those idiots that film themselves burning down a building… If you didn’t want to get caught – 1) Don’t film it! or 2) Don’t do it…

    Pretty simple…

  13. Mr. Anthrope

    Hold up. The above arguments are weak, at best. So, if you don’t have a blog with your name posted, no one will be able to credit/discredit/accuse/name you for anything. Is that what you’re saying? Or, are you saying that, by posting your name on your blog (as opposed to having a listing in the phone book, a profile on facebook or myspace, or having any friends/acquaintances who know your name), you’re giving the go-ahead for people to say whatever they want to about you? AND/OR, are you saying it’s cool to be an asshole as long as you do it anonymously?
    Perhaps, actually, you meant none of these things, as you didn’t really know what you were positing.
    I have no idea what went on in the happy hour, as I wasn’t there. However, I do know enough not to jump on the bandwagon and beat down on someone ignorantly because I smell blood in the water –
    Want MY name too? It’s M. Jason Rhoades

  14. Ayla


    If you write about anything other than the weather and how you earned your Boy Scout merit badges on your blog, then you are basically opening yourself up to the possibility that your co-workers, family, and friends might find out about your personal life. ESPECIALLY if your blog name is your last!

    To have a public blog, and then to go to a blogger happy hour to PROMOTE that blog, is opening yourself up even further to public scrutiny and public comment, no matter how accurate or fair those comments may be.

    To then COMPLAIN about that “unwanted” attention is just as ridiculous as celebrities who sell their grandmas to get attention, then bitch and moan about getting their picture taken and having the public know about their personal lives.

    Can’t take the heat, on either count? Get out of the kitchen.

    And by the way, Mr. Anthrope: Your blog sucks.

  15. Mr. Anthrope

    If you go outside, you open yourself to criticism. Blogging is just another way of communicating with others.
    In any event, exactly how are you qualified to shit on people you don’t know? Again, the childish “mob mentality” surrounding this incident is disgusting. It’s only made worse because people feel insulated from scrutiny by anonymity, Ayla.
    And, last time I checked, having a blog didn’t qualify one as a celebrity or public figure.
    Oh – and if you don’t like my blog, that’s cool. I think it’s very telling of your character to offer such a critical, yet uninvited assesment. Though, under your reasoning, I’m asking for people I’ve never met and who don’t know me to be assholes to me because I have a blog. Makes perfect sense.

  16. Ayla

    I wasn’t “shitting on people I didn’t know” nor was I joining in the “this guy was a close-talking groper” when I made comments about Barzelay. I was pointing out how dumb it was for him to ask DCB to edit his blog–not because the “grope-y” comments were unfair per se, but because they might get viewed by co-workers. It IS dumb to worry about what co-workers might think of you, your blog, and your behavior at a blogger event this late in the game. That was all I said and I stand by it.

    As for my “uninvited” assessment of your blog…again, sweetie, you INVITED assessment of your blog the second you clicked “publish.”

    What are you not understanding about that?

  17. Mr. Anthrope

    I could be wrong (though unlikely in this situation), but I believe Barzelay was indeed asking for a retraction because he believed the comments to be unfair – and, as such, he did not wish for others to read misleading accounts of his actions. If you and I are on different pages and arguing past each other, as I am misunderstanding you, I apologize – for that.
    Number two: Your “sweetie” attempts at patronizing me don’t irritate me, but rather make me laugh at the dirth of tricks in your bag.
    Third, you are correct in that I invited assesment of my blog when publishing it. However, I hoped that most individuals with any social skills and grace would converse with others about their blogs as one would with someone about their appearance or clothing style. Rarely do I hear someone walking down the street calling out to a stranger that they’re ugly or dressed poorly. They very well may think that, but most people have enough sense to keep their negative thoughts to themselves unless it is really necessary or constructive to point something out to another. Obviously, I misjudged at least some of the online population. Lesson learned.

  18. Barzelay

    I don’t mind my real name being out there, or else, obviously, I wouldn’t have it on my blog. But I do mind DCB faslely claiming I groped someone. The person he claims I groped says it didn’t happen. It’s not a matter of it being my name. If DCB was merely expressing an opinion, i.e. that I’m a douche, that would be fine, however unpleasant. But he made factual statements about me groping that were untrue. That’s libel, among other torts. And that I do mind.

  19. RCR

    For a person who’s online moniker is a play on the word “misanthrope,” I would think you should have some thicker fucking skin. “I hoped that most individuals with any social skills and grace…” Boo fucking hoo. Get over it.

  20. Mr. Anthrope

    RCR, did I say I was upset about someone not liking my blog? Actually, I think I said it was cool. However, that was not the point. If someone is being a dick, my caring about it has no bearing on the fact they are being a dick. Poor social skills are poor social skills whether they offend anyone or not. I was not offended. I do, however, think it shitty and puerile. Nonetheless, I appreciate your concern and attempt to inject a grown-up opinion. Thanks!

  21. DCB

    “That?s libel, among other torts”

    FUCK YOU. Are you calling me a liar? If I see a man grope one woman, in my world he is a GROPER. I saw you clearly grope one woman, so therefore you are a GROPER. I know what I saw, and I will gladly stand by it here, in court, wherever.

    From Kathryn’s blog..

    I-66 said…

    I’m cutting myself off after this – this needs to die and die fast… it’s messing with my vision of a completely harmonious blogosphere…

    DCB saw it. I saw it (and I have 20/15 vision). And if I had a dollar for everything I ever saw involving drunk people that neither of them remembered, I’d have a pretty fat wad of cash.

    I made a conscious decision to not post on my blog about what happened because I feel I did enough, but the continuing denial is bothering those involved who know what they saw and were sober enough to remember. Continuing to insist that what multiple people saw did not indeed happen is akin to calling us all liars — and nobody appreciates that.

    I will say it one more… YOU ARE A GROPER DOUCHEBAG.

    P.S. I’ve decided to make this a hall of fame post.

  22. Mr. Anthrope

    Huh? Move on? I believe you brought it back up. Like I said, I think it unclassy they way some people post. Whatever. It is not my intention to say any more about it.
    Seriously though – I do laugh when I see anonymous baiting (the post above RCR).
    Have a nice day!

  23. KassyK

    Again for the record…def dont want to be involved in the humiliation of this guy…BUT also not saying that anyone is lying…good chance it did happen and my various glasses of wine clouded my memory…Like I said-next time I will have more dinner. LOL.

  24. Anonymous

    Mr Anthrope is the boyfriend of Barzelay’s girlfriend’s sister. Real credible vouch there

  25. DCB

    sure i hate and make fun of people, but im not in the business of messing up someones future career. i plan on taking his full name down shortly

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