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It’s set up a little bit differently from most forums: instead of multiple categories (dating, pimpin’, dc, politics, misc, etc.), there is just one forum for everything. If things get too unorganized then I can make changes. I’ve decided against anonymous posting for now.

There is a sticky welcoming you with rules. I plan on adding moderators if things get rowdy.


For a DCB forum!

Since you will only find one or two posts a day here, I almost feel bad that you kids aren’t entertained enough. And as things get busier for me this summer, I don’t anticipate posting frequency to go up anytime soon. I think a forum composed of my readers would be pretty entertaining. Plus it could be a proving ground for future DCB interns.

The one question I’m tackling is whether to allow anonymous posting or not. The issue isn’t with the trolls but with spammers. Trolls are relatively easy to moderate but spammers came from everywhere and are relentless. On some days I’ve had to filter through 400 spam comments, and it’s something I don’t want to deal with on another platform. I prefer anonymous posting because it’s convenient and I realize that some people like using different personas due to mental disorders. Benefits will come with registering, like privately contacting other users, changing the forum style, becoming a superstar, etc.

I found forum software which is bare-bones and fast. You will have sex smilies and that’s about it. I’d like to introduce it early next week.


I know everyone missed it. I had to take it down when the log file got to 26 MEGS and my host blocked the quiz. For those of you who are new, I put up a metrosexual quiz at the height of the metrosexuality fad and got swamped with high school test takers. Sure the fad is dead, but it was still fun to take the quiz again and find out I’m LESS metrosexual than a year ago. I got 13/50 points.

The Metrosexual Quiz.

I plan on adding a new quiz within the next month.