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…has been discontinued until further notice.

It takes at least half an hour to skim through a week’s worth of comments (sometimes they number over 200). I don’t feel like doing it anymore. I doubt the feature will be missed.


The past week was the most commented week ever with 320 comments.

It is nice that all of you women are attempting to take the ?high road? and say things like ?i hate diamonds? and ?i don?t need a diamond ring?, etc. Except we all know this is not true…

Marriage Alternatives
A marriage is basically a partnership agreement anyway (that seriously screws both parties), so why not go the extra step and limit your liability by forming an LLC? I need to do some research, but I?m pretty sure my way of popping the question will be ?would you do me the honor of incorporating with me in the child production sector??

And the comment of the week…

Marriage Alternatives
ARe you not entertained? Are you not entertained?? Is this not why you are here???? Son, we live in a world that has rules, and those rules have to be guarded by men with blogs…


ladies, while it?s better than letting yourself go, throwing around iron won?t turn back the clock. you?ll just look like an old broad with masculininzed muscle tone about to hit the wall.

This explains to men how you can be in a bar or on a date talking up a female and you think it?s going great think it?s a lock?and then she never returns another one of your calls. It?s because, despite your great education, confidence, professional success, and pimp-tight game, you wear tigh Lance Armstrong-like bike clothes and she has ?a thing? about that.