Even celebrity males are not immune from the plumping of the American woman after marriage.

Pierce Bronson’s wife before:

And after…

Her arm is almost as big as his head. At least she has a pretty face.

Postscript: Her metamorphosis from hot to not is much worse than I thought…

39 thoughts on “I HOPE HE IS IN LOVE

  1. Mattea

    haha, well good luck finding an ageless tanorexic slut with a perfectly round ass and a stong appreciation for back hair.

  2. M

    95% of women know how to pose in a manner that mitigates their “flaws.” Notice how she is turned inwards, with a twist of the head?

    Arm fat, as guys know, is one of the very difficult things to hid. Same goes for finger fat. She’s got fat arms, indicative of plenty of other fat.

  3. M

    Not they were super skinney in the wedding photo, but she has some very fat arms in the second picture with virtually no tone.

  4. Chaco

    Prett scary. You’d think she would work to keep herself in shape for super famous and wealthy man who can walk out of his home and pick up a new woman every day of the year.

    Maybe she has a great personality and he cheats with skinny babes on the side. Then again, maybe he has a ‘thing’ for chubby women.

  5. Kathryn

    She has a beautiful, beautiful face. And I think she had a kid with him pre-wedding, and another one or two post-wedding. He was with the same woman for something like 20 years, then she died. I have a feeling he’ll be with Keely Shaye Smith Brosnan through thick and thin, too.

  6. jenk

    haha that’s what I was going to say!

    but which came first? did she get fat so he turned into a drunk or did he turn into a drunk and then she got fat? hmm…so many questions.

    ps: many, many, many other celebrity wives continue to look fabulous post marriage. I would say this is a abnormality in Hollywood. not like Hollywood can EVER be paralleled with real life, but whatever.

  7. Peter North

    wow, the (contrived?) shallowness of this post is completely eclipsed by some of the comments.
    and dude, Charles Bronson has nothing to do with Pierce Brosnan.

  8. anon

    Maybe she just had a baby in the “fat” picture. Luckily Pierce’s not as shallow as the blogger is, or most of the commenters.

  9. nabeel

    Um… I don’t see anything wrong with the 3rd picture? granted, the 2nd picture looked like she put on several pounds… but looked like she shed them right back off for the 3rd pic…

  10. nabeel

    oh okay, I didn’t know. excuse me for piping up such a “retarded” comment, M… no need to be disgrateful…

  11. Anonymous

    The problem with the whole argument is that she’s fucking hot in the second photo, and in several interviews, Pierce Brosnan has said he thinks so, too.

  12. anonymous

    I went to HS with Keely, she was actually in our “circle” of a dozen or more “friends”. She used to say back then she would do “anything” to achieve success, and she wasn’t kidding, as she “blew” her way to the top. She struggled with weight then and obviously still does, strange with all that money can buy, believe me unless she’s changed dramatically, which I doubt, she will soon take advantage of whatever means possible to slim down for approval, she needs the attention, you’ll see……….

  13. G

    haha. When you do a search for “Pierce Bronson” and Keeley, DCB’s website comes up first in google. No mention of DC, no mention of spinsters, nothing.


    By the way, I checked Wikipedia, the same place where people will write paragraphs about any of the awful sitcom’s 5th season’s 3rd episode. Apparently Pierce does not even have a wiki page. It must be pretty bad for an actor workwise, when the wikipedia nerds do not even take the time to make a wiki page, as in Pierce’s case.

  14. G

    err.. the search query makes no mention of DC, spinsters, etc. Yet, DCB comes up first in the search query. Must be difficult times for PB these days.

  15. vargas

    She looks good fat. In fact she looks better fat than most of those skinny cunts in Hollywood. You’d be lucky to have a woman like that give you the time of day fuckhead.

    Instead of stiing your fat funky ass in front of a computer terminal rating hot chicks why don’t you clear up your fucking pizza face and go work out at the gym.

    After all hot dudes don’t have time to disparage chicks – their too busy dating them, moron.

  16. Molly Pagiss

    Some of you guys are so superficial! It’s so refreshing not see another half-dying “look at me- I’m as thin as can be” celebrity woman. So what if she’s on the chubbier side of curvy! She seems happy. And Pierce (who is absolutely gorgeous I might add) doesn’t seem to worry, so why should we? Honestly, you guys critisize people like Nicole Richie for being too thin, yet admonish Keeley for being too fat? Stop contradicting yourselves, and let people be.
    And get yourselves a life rather than harping on about superficial crap like body shapes.

  17. Anonymous

    I think the weight gain on her makes her look even HOTTER than before. I hope she stays true, keep the weight on & more. Don’t go Hollywood on us and drop all the weight. The bigger she is the better she looks to me.

  18. DamianDOLE

    OH God Keely Shaye Smith Was Once a Goddess!!
    She Was once A Brooke Burke!! an Elizabeth Haslebeck! SHe was Gorgeous beyond imagination .She was on a talk show as an enviromental health personality and she had legs and style and a look a bod that was up there she was Stunning I was just a kid she help me through puberty but now oh god,,Im feeling queezy..

    what Happened here? ,Wealth and sex and Food?
    Keely Shaye Smith I still kinda like what i see/=(?

  19. Langx

    She’s not fat. She’s healthy. When I look at chicks like Paris I think they are sick. It’s nothing pretty about your neck bones peering through your skin. I personally got tired of throwing the skinny chicks all around my bed room. You’ve got to have something to throw back. It was becoming unfair because skinny chicks can never make you take a loss in the bedroom.

    In the second picture I see hot Milf.

  20. Beth

    I think she looks great the way she is and for that idiot who went to school with her and stayed “anonymous” because they were afraid to say who they were (nice how people are big n bad and have so much nasty things to say BEHIND A PC!)…I’m sure you were innocent in High School and did nothing wrong right? Pfffffffffff. Grown up people!

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