I can’t say that I hate spinsters as much as I used to. While I would never consider a spinster for a girlfriend, I see them as an option for meaningless sex because most are easy to get in bed. It’s laughs all around when they pull the “I’m not a slut” card. Ten minutes later… :hump:

35 thoughts on “COUGARS

  1. Chaco

    DCB has perfected the “I’m bored beecause I’m too cool to be here” look. Drag him to Front Page on a Thursday night, then you’ll REALLY see that look.

  2. TC the Terrible

    Anon – push up bras only lift sagging tits, they don’t make the tops perfectly round. Those ta-tas are ‘after market add ons’ and probably as hard as concrete.

    Lonnie – the second chick is hot for a soccer mom. Most of whom are willing to put it in the street, so long as you don’t leave any love stains on the back seat of the mini-van.

    Older women/spinsters can be well worth the time spent to bang them. They tend to have pretty low expectations of a long term anything and understand that you are looking for a disposable piece of ass. Most of them are ready to dump you first saving you the drama of cutting them off.

    And since soccer moms tend to be overly busy (even more so for the single ones) they don’t cramp up your schedule the way a 25 year old professional looking for commitment will.

    But that’s just my view on it.


  3. Anonymous

    A good push-up bra will make perky boobs a little fuller – up to a full cup. Britney Spears, anyone? It ain’t just for sagging boobs – or you must never have seen the ubiquitous VS catalogs.

    Even so, you’re probably correct that those are ‘after market add-ons.’ That bra-top can only push so much. That or she’s got those filler pads.

  4. V

    Bra?! No way, those boobs are levitating out of that tank top thanks to the modern marvel of a tit job.

  5. sean

    THe one on top looks like someone smashed Goldie Hawn in the face and gave her a boob job. The one on the bottom is straight out of the “Partridge Family” with that outfit. She just needs a guitar and some of that young lovin’ from DCB.

  6. KassyK

    My friend thinks she KNOWS the bottom girl. Lol….Ok it was just confirmed–She knows her, what are the chances?

  7. amester

    LOL wait she went to my high school (bottom girl), at least I am pretty sure she did…she is a bit older but gorgeous in real life, she has a baby…I’m dying, what are the odds?

  8. hedonistic

    Guys, you need to make a decision. If you’re going to love the cougar phenomenon, you need to stop calling them sluts. Show a little respect to those fine women giving you those low-expectation-pieces-of-ass, eh? A little gratitude is in order!

  9. TC the Terrible

    Hed – I’m all for the older tail, up to a point. It can’t be that old and still worth hittin’. But it is true that cougars can use what they got better than the early 20’s sluts. They just don’t look as good doing it.

    When it comes to older women I say; ‘turn ’em over and turn ’em around but never turn them down.’ Or something like that.

    They know why they are out at the clubs and they know what you are after when you walk up to them. It makes life easy on you and on them. They’ll hit it and quit it till the cows come home and never pretend that you are going to call them again. Hell, they don’t even pretend to be miffed if you forget to get their number. They know the deal and are greatful for the strokin’.

    But the one on top is still a dog with fake tits.


  10. DCB Post author

    “DCB did you nail that one on the bottom? Nice dude.”

    No she looks like my mom a little.

  11. Ayla

    I am starting to see the Josh Groban resemblance. Loved you on “Ally McBeal!”

  12. Eugenius

    That guy in the top pic looks familliar…….why is he always with bitches……damn frustrating

  13. Roissy

    the aging beauty in the top pic has the delts and bis of a woman hitting the weight room 3 days a week. classic. ladies, while it’s better than letting yourself go, throwing around iron won’t turn back the clock. you’ll just look like an old broad with masculininzed muscle tone about to hit the wall.

  14. Anonymous

    There is nothing manly about that woman. You are just bitching to be a bitch. If a woman isn’t fat, she looks like a man for having a healthy and toned body. Women get criticized for being “soft” and for having hard bodies. Sure, she has a pneumatic chest, but that is meant to make her more “womanly” and you still don’t appreciate it. Fuck you. Why don’t you just go gay already since the woman can’t do anything right.

  15. Anonymous

    The blonde has definately had a boob job they are like Rocks and I bet they feel like them as well…! Wouldn’t like to get hit in the face with those babies!

  16. Sudamericana

    I have your blazer in the female version. Just imagine us if we were dating, going out in matching outfits …awwww…that would be so cheesily romantic 😀

  17. CrazyGirlCity

    You can’t truly tell with the second girl because it’s not a photo straight on her face. It’s about 3/4 profile. You can’t tell shit with profile shots. The first girl looks like she could be Cameron Diaz’s older sister.

  18. Asian Mistress

    Know your cougar breeds

    Top cats – These cougars are the top of the food chain – classy, rich, pampered and ultra-hot. Find them at hotel bars in the Peninsula or Essex House. Think: Ivana Trump, Jerry Hall , Sarah Ferguson

    Slut cat – These cleavage-bearing, twice-divorced alley cats can be found shooting pool and chain-smoking Parliamants at dive bars on Monday nights. Think: Janice Dickenson, Kim Cattrall (inset left)

    Euro cat – These sultry and sophisticated foreign felines have the olive skin and sexy Spanish and Italian accents to match. Cage these cougars with a few salsa-dancing moves. Think: Isabella Rossellini, Catherine Deneuve

    Buff cat – These gravity-defying fitness fanatics have the bods of women half their age. Keeping up with them is a workout, and we’re not talking about the gym.

    Think: Madonna, Demi Moore , Jane Fonda

    Rock cat – Spot these downtown rock ‘n’ rollers by the badass tattoos and leather jackets. They’re ferocious in the sack, plus have stories about partying with The Stones.

    Think: Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett

    NY Post

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