If you’re after sex and don’t kiss her on the first date, DO NOT call her back — it will take a while to get her in bed. Some girls take the I-don’t-wanna-look-like-a-slut thing to the extreme.

20 thoughts on “DATING OBSERVATION #293

  1. nabeel

    i think the whole i-don’t-wanna-look-like-a-slut trend is starting to reverse itself. In the 60s and 70s, there was free love. but in the 80s thru 2000 or so, people were worried about their health (AIDS) and reputations (social consequences of too much of a good thing). these are two opposite extremes. I think the pendulum is going to swing back into the middle area or so… at least I hope so 😉

  2. The Senator

    You should always call back, Brother. Just be tactful and gentlemanly if you do not want to go out on another date with her.

    This way, you stay friendly with her next time you are at The Waterfront (ha) and she shows up with her posse as you try to mack on the new girl near the bar.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually, Don’t call her back and she’ll want you more. Its a scientific fact- be a prick and she’ll want you (thats how majority of D.C. girls are). It is what it is, like it or love it. If you act nice and repectful, she’ll walk all over you and use you.

  4. TheMaDDAsiAN

    I agree don’t bother calling her. Leave her ass to dry. THen she will come back for more abuse. HA

  5. Senator is an Idiot

    Stop your bullshit about being tactful and gentlemanly… its just getting old. Show your true colors for once.

  6. Aja

    Why is that sooo fucking true. You don’t call we grow more attracted. you call us every day and we’re like damn kid, calm the fuck down. It is bananas. Crazy, stupid game. Why can’t people just be honest :

    hi, hi, i like you, me too, want to hook up casually? ok. great.


    hi, hi. I like you. no fucking way.

  7. Anonymous

    All women say they want a nice guy. The truth? No you don’t. You want a guy that will treat you like dirt and pays little attention to you and doesn’t do nice things for you. You will obviously keep chasing him. Then when you turn 38, you wonder why you are still single. Good for you.

  8. nabeel

    i’m with The Senator about the respect thing… the way I approach life is, EVERYBODY I initially meet begins at a position where they have my respect – they can choose to keep it that way, and I would appreciate that. however, if they do something to LOSE my respect, then they have work to earn it back, or… not.

  9. Andy

    Women don’t want someone who treats them like shit.

    They want someone who has attractive traits.

    It just so happens that the dirtbag exhibits more of these traits than your average niceguy.

  10. i agree the senator is an idiot!!

    I agree the Senator is an idiot. People see through your game Buddy!! I dont Know you and i can SEE right through you.

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