I just read an article by Joel Achenbach from the Post about how he’s worried about immortality.

The immortality fears come after talking to Ray Kurzweil, certified genius. He’s an award-winning, multimillionaire inventor, author, futurist and entrepreneur. He’s so smart you wonder if maybe he’s already got some artificial components jammed into his skull.

Sounds like a smart guy. I wonder what amazing ideas he has come up with to have all these labels.

Sex will get complicated, Kurzweil said, as the technology of “virtual reality” enables us to have intense sensory experiences with software-based entities that are indistinguishable from real people. This will all happen in your mind, but it will be just like real life, down to the cigarette afterward.

Interesting. So to get labeled a “futurist” all I have to do is rip from the movie Demolition Man, one of the top 5 best action movie of all time.

Any more great ideas Ray?

Kurzweil says that when we stop the aging process everyone will be able to stay in their thirties. I asked him what this might mean for married couples. Some, he said, will remain committed for hundreds of years, but an increasing percentage of marriages will end in divorce.

What’s great about predicting future events is that everyone will forget what you said when the time comes. A couple years ago I predicted that VHS tapes will make a huge comeback in 2005, but no one has remembered to call me out on it. I can make all sorts of crazy predictions!

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