The Butterfly Network is officially dead. Can’t say we didn’t see it coming with all e-mail forward posts. This serves an important lesson to wannabe bloggers: content is king. It doesn’t matter if you are good looking, well-liked or a long-time blogger, but if you don’t consistently produce then you will be eliminated.

So that leaves me with only three female bloggers that I enjoy reading daily: Kathryn, Cookie, and Jessa. A while ago Cookie mentioned a blogger friend of hers, and when I visited her page for the first time I just shrugged it off – “Why should I read this.. the posts are too long… where are the party pictures… blah blah this sucks” – but now I find myself reading her blog pretty regularly. Her writing style is very smooth and flows like a conversation. She appears extremely smart, but maybe too smart for her own good.. she is like the 6’6 woman who has a tiny pool of available guys she can date. Most guys would be intimidated unless she dumbs it down on purpose: “Oh yeah sports is so much fun. I like when they score the touchdown hehe.” Us men prefer to date someone stupider and poorer so our fragile egos remain intact.

Blogs that are on their last throes: Circle V, DC Urban Family DC Urban Boy, Blackberry Debs, and Texas Cutie. Resurgence award goes to Why I Hate DC. I was worried about him for a minute.

Moment from the last blogger happy hour:

Me: “Is it just me or is there a lot of… gay guys here?”

*Male bloggers dancing with each other.*

Girl: “Why yes there are. Well it’s about communication. Gay guys communicate better, so they have blogs.”

Me: “Hmm I guess.”

I think I need a heterosexual male blogger buddy.

12 thoughts on “DING DONG

  1. holiday

    There is a real lack of attractive male heterosexual bloggers. I’m just kidding. I haven’t even met any of the bloggers.

  2. The Blonde

    We are practically dead. This is due to the fact that The Brunette does not want to admit that she has been NOT EVEN IN DC FOR THE PAST SEMESTER. I just called her out. She’s hanging out in the wang of the nation until the end of this month. The Brunette, our friend, and I will be moving to NEARLINGTON in January. I predict the blogging to resume then. Only because we’re narcissistic and otherwise completely obsessed with ourselves.

    And it’s cool that we even register on your radar.

  3. always write

    Plenty of blogs you’ve never tried consistently write solid content, without party pictures. Instead of bitching about a lack of what pleases you, try expanding your interests and asking for some recommendations. (Feel free to apply this advice to your love life as well.)

  4. Kayla

    Wow. You are so smarty smart. I wish I could find me a man just like you… It would make me so much of a better … female. I hope I can find some party pictures of me and my sorority sisters making out to post!

    Feh, who needs a brain when you have tits!

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