I like to pre-drink before going out. It’s fun and saves a little bit of money. The other night I was thinking about this and realized that pre-drinking and then driving is less “safe” than having those drinks while driving.

I’m going to make an assumption that it takes around 15 minutes to start feeling effects of alcohol after your first sip. Let’s also assume that that is about how long it takes to finish a drink. If you’re at home and have two drinks, you’re getting in the car well after you feel alcohol’s effects.

On the other hand say you take a to-go cup with you during the 25 minute drive to the city. You’ll only feel effects for maybe 10 minutes of the ride. Therefore, it is actually safer if you drink and drive then if you pre-drink beforehand. Yet if I get pulled over with an alco-beverage in my cupholder, I’m getting a huge ticket and will be subjected to a breathalyzer, even though my BAC will surely be under 0.08. I don’t drive drunk, but I would like to enjoy a drink in my car if I know it won’t put me over the legal limit (a number that seems artifically low).

If you are going to punish people for having a certain amount of alcohol in their system, why is it necessary to also regulate how they can drink it? I rather be on the road with someone who is drinking one beer than someone who is talking on their cell phone.

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  1. Charlotte

    I think the more important question at hand is why do you live so far away from the city that you have to drive? All the cool kids live in the city limits.

  2. Anonymous

    Exactly, Charlotte. With the exception of DCB, please save the drive, and hang out somewhere away from the city. We’ll all be better off – you won’t get DUI’s, and we DC residents won’t be annoyed. This goes double if you live in any of the following areas: Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington (and it’s ALL FARlington, by thr way), Falls Church, or Vienna. Enjoy Clarendon, or whatever else is out there, but come no further, please.

  3. holiday

    This post reminds me of Louisiana, where drive-thru daquiri shops are rampant. I think the law is that they can hand you the daquiri while you’re driving, but what you do with the straw is your own business. I don’t drink and drive, but I live in the city. It’s easy to pre-game and walk wherever I’m headed to.

  4. Anonymous

    this is just idiotic. I am so sure that I want to be on the road with alcoholics that can’t control themselves to have just one drink or people that just have one more because they are in traffic…

  5. Anonymous

    Your post is asinine. Wait until one of your friends or relatives gets killed by a drunk driver.

  6. Another Anon

    I find it ridiculous when people act all huffy about this subject. If you life in DC and walk or take the metro, then get the fuck off your high horse. I guaran-fucking-tee that 75% of you would drink and drive if you lived someplace where public transport didn’t allow you to get off your ass drunk and not worry about it.

    What’s frightening about this is that eventually most of you will get married and then move back to the suburbs. You will then be the ones going out to dinner with your wife and getting shitfaced because you never learned any self control and then getting a DUI.

  7. Anonymous

    “I guaran-fucking-tee that 75% of you would drink and drive if you lived someplace where public transport didn?t allow you to get off your ass drunk and not worry about it.”

    Maybe, only we’re not dumb enough to live in one of those suburban hell-holes. Enjoy Centreville or Laurel – I hear that TGI Friday’s is the spot on Saturday nights.

    This anon isn’t moving to the ‘burbs at any point. Never lived in one, never will.

  8. Another Anon

    I do not live in DC so go suck it. If my comment does not apply to you then keep your mouth shut, because it DOES apply to huge percentages of the population. If you believe otherwise you are blind. How old are you? 29? Married? Probably not. Again, it really doesn’t matter if it applies to you because it DOES apply to a huge portion of the yuppies in DC and every other city. I went to college near DC and Baltimore– the most racially segregated cities I think I’ve ever been in north of Virginia.

    Overwhelming amounts of black poor population in the city and adult whites living right outside the city. You can tell me how “Maybe, only we?re not dumb enough to live in one of those suburban hell-holes. Enjoy Centreville or Laurel” Well guess what? I know for a FACT most of your fellow yuppies WILL enjoy these places at some point. THAT was the point I was making. And you can piss and moan about how I am wrong– but you’re better off saving it since every fucking person reading this knows what I am saying is the truth and has seen the reality of urban sprawl/white flight.

  9. Anonymous

    “I rather be on the road with someone who is drinking one beer than someone who is talking on their cell phone.”


  10. Charlotte

    Much angst from Another Anon. But i think that part of my point (in addition to just generally liking to senselessly make fun of people who don’t live in the district) is that you can choose where to live based on a lot of reasons. Part of why i chose to live in a location where i could walk to everything was because i knew there would be nights when i wanted to “get off my drunk ass and not worry about it.”

    Your tirade that we’ll all get what’s coming when we get married and move to the suburbs doesn’t make sense to me in this current context anyway. After all – the bachelor is self-referentially NOT married, so who knows why he lives out there. But anyway, maybe we should just build the suburbs better. After all, i’m NO fan of arlington, but if you live at courthouse or balls-town there are drinking places within walking distance. No such luck in Laurel.

  11. Irina

    Don’t you hate it when idiots can’t handle honesty?
    I have yet to meet one person who has never driven after having one or a few. My best friend used to be really anti-drunk driving, but after she moved to new orleans, she’s totally relaxed.

    The only drawback to drinking while driving rather than pregaming is that the latter gets you hyped and excited to go out, while the former doesn’t as much.

    My other suggestion is to use a taxi.

  12. Ayla

    Hmm. I’m going to go slippery slope with this one. If it were legal to drink while driving, it would soon become “not such a big deal” to drink irresponsibly while driving, to smoke weed while driving (yeah, I know it’s not legal/not the same, I’m just saying…can of worms). The more relaxed our attitudes about drinking and driving/drinking while driving, the higher the risk.

    People are already distracted enough while driving. Adding one more distraction could do nothing but harm.

    I see DCB’s point, I just don’t agree with him on it.

    And as for the whole “If you don’t live in DC, why are you breathing” thing…really? Are we still doing that? Seriously?

  13. RCR

    Let’s do a little reading comprehension exercise:

    The thesis of the author’s post could best be described as:
    a) The suburbs are radical
    b) The suburbs suck dick
    c) Race relations in America are tenuous
    d) It’s silly that you can’t drink while driving if you’re under the legal limit.

  14. Anonymous

    Waaaah. Another Anon, Can you make a point without swearing? FYI, I’m 28, married, and own a house in DC.

    By the way “white flight” only makes sense if you are talking about white folks moving into DC, not away from it. Have you read any articles written in the past five years about DC population shifts? I’m guessing not. And Boston is a much, much more segregated city than DC is, but perhaps you’ve never been there.

    For future reference, trying to make a point helps when facts are present and coherent language is used.

  15. Another Anon

    Oooohhh…I’m sorry I did not use proper syntax in a BLOG COMMENT SECTION! Seriously, lame comeback.

  16. Anonymous

    Other than refuting your “points”? The comment about your writing was ancillary. Although good job on the language this time out.

    …and I’m outta here.

  17. Anonymous

    Another Anon is an 18 year old red neck girl who reads urban planning magazines…

  18. Another Anon

    You should read the posts that this post is linked to as “related posts.”

  19. double-O-negative

    this was already a ridiculous post, and now the comments have trumped it. this friend of mine has a philosophy that the reason drunk driving is such an issue in this country and so many people die because of drunk drivers is because they don’t have any practice. he figures that people are scared to do it because of the consequences, so when they HAVE to do it, they’re not experienced enough to pull it off. just thought i’d throw a little more idiocy into the mix here.

  20. Anonymous

    in contrast to your normal posts, which are brilliant by the way, this one seems a bit…uninspired

  21. Spike

    People seem to totally miss the point of this post. Drunk driving is certainly dangerous, but statistically speaking there have been studies that show that driving tired is far more dangerous.

    Apparently, some of the self-righteous DC Yuppies took offense when they were called out for living in an area where they, for the most part, avoid the scenario posed by DCB. I think some of the commenters, while less than articulate, accurately point out that many who decry DCB’s behavior do not drive drunk because of morality, but rather out of a lack of need.

    No doubt many of them have done so in the past and potentially will do so in the future.

  22. Coco Montoya

    It may be futile to try to make this point to someone who thinks the entire world exists only to serve his pleasure, but the choices you make in the pursuit of that pleasure don’t affect only you. Your selfish need to have fun without limits, at any cost can have a devastating effect on another person’s life.

    Exhibit A of who-knows how many:

    (Hopefully that works. My html is pathetic.)

  23. Anonymous

    Drunk driving would not be a problem in DC if the metro was open later. And let’s face it, most of the drinking-age crowd would love to live in DC but can’t because it’s too expensive. I’m sure if price were not an issue they wouldn’t be living in Arlington.

    I think drinking and driving is ok if you know how to do it properly. When I do it I limit the amount of drinks I have, and insert a cushion of time between my last drink and my departure. I also drive much more slowly and cautiously than I do sober.

  24. Marc

    Jacqui is the first thing I think about any time I am drunk and need to get home. Thank god for sober friends with cars.

  25. Coco Montoya

    “I think drinking and driving is ok if you know how to do it properly. When I do it I limit the amount of drinks I have, and insert a cushion of time between my last drink and my departure. I also drive much more slowly and cautiously than I do sober.”

    I hear this all the time and it makes me absolutely livid. Are you trying to tell me that alcohol doesn’t have the same chemical effect on your brain that it has on every other animal brain? Alcohol slows your reaction time, impairs your visual ability, alters your sense of time and space, and impairs your motor skills. This applies to everyone. You may drive more slowly and think you are driving more cautiously, but you are deadly dangerous to yourself and to everyone with whom you share the road.

    If you want to drive drunk, that is your choice. But if you make that choice, take responsibility for it! Don’t blame the Metro hours and don’t make lame rationalizations about your driving abilities. Choose to drink and drive if you want, but be aware that there are consequences that range from the inconvenience and expense of a DUI to the tragedy of killing or disfiguring an innocent person. Drunk driving is such a useless risk to take. Just don’t do it.

  26. jg

    Hmm, why has nobody mentioned the idea of having a designated driver? It sucks to be the one person in your group of friends not drinking, but when you get to go out and get blasted 4 out of 5 times without having to worry about getting back home safely, it’s definetely worth it.

    Just to stir things up- I personally think that people who live in Arlington and Bethesda are better looking than those who live in DC.

    So let’s be serious- DC guys: do you really want to be limited to only hanging out with all the birkenstock-wearing tree-hugging girls who don’t shave/work at GreenPeace who live in Dupont Circle? I didn’t think so.

  27. Who cares?

    Dumb argument as to who lives where. Why do you care? The attitude of residents inside the city and out is the same — shitty.

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