There have been a few comments on this site saying I need to get over myself. I don’t think they are totally unwarranted, but it’s not my fault.

Last night I went to Front Page, mostly to take a break from the trendy hipsters. My friend and I were talking to three girls when he points to me and says, “Yeah he thinks he’s too cool for this place.” Then one of the girls says, “He is.” When you keep getting comments like that, it’s just a matter of time until your head stops fitting through doorways.

Totally random picture taken Halloween 2002 when I was a “chick magnet” (i.e. dork). The cop was really hot.

5 thoughts on “EGO STROKE

  1. Anonymous

    So when is the hammer coming down on DCist? After their happy hour yesterday, I want to see some blood!

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