3 thoughts on “FA VIDEO OF THE WEEK

  1. oface

    Bastard. The Mike Cooper/Carl Monday story…I’ve been looking for that video for weeks on end. Youtube took it down like last month because everybody linked to it…Dude totally fucked it up for all Ohio State fans across the world. Shit kind of made me sad because I really never could understand why the library keyboard was always so soggy and now I know. If Carl Monday ever shows up at your home, RUN….He’s a bad mama jamma who will humiliate you without mercy…….

  2. oface

    Oh, they also arrested him and set bail at like half a million dollars. That became a big scandal because you had all these people getting bail set for like 20 grand who were sex offenders, rapist, murders and here comes this goober who just wanted to get intouch with himself…….

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