I have great news to share with everyone:

The D.C. Council voted 12 to 1 Tuesday to prohibit smoking in bars, restaurants and other indoor public places… […] Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) said Tuesday he is undecided whether he would sign the legislation. The measure, however, passed with a veto-proof majority yesterday.

In one year, I no longer have to Febreeze my expensive designer clothing. And I no longer have to wash my hair the day after going out. What a glorious time to live in the DC area.

Now that you smokers have certainly lost, I hope you will let it go with dignity. Just like with seatbelts or motorcycle helmet laws, this has to do with public health and nothing more. Maybe this will encourage you to quit a disgusting habit. Good luck.

28 thoughts on “FANTASTIC

  1. inSOMnia

    Ohh poor smokers now you are going to have to suffer of lung cancer alone and wont be able to take us nonsmokers down with you. BoooHooo. Now you can bitch about how its unjust and not fair that the majority doesnt want to get smokey because of your dirty habbit that you can not quick. Enjoy standing outside of the club for that drag.

  2. inSOMnia

    Did you know i read that girls who smoke are twice as like to provide oral sex and tend to have more sexual partners than girls who dont.

  3. Anonymous

    “Just like with seatbelts or motorcycle helmet laws, this has to do with public health and nothing more.”

    Explain to me again how seatbelt laws and helmet laws have to do with “public health.”

    What is a smart thing to do and what ought to be required by law are two different things. Should we force people to eat vegetables in the name of “public health.” Use condoms? Stop drinking?

  4. Anonymous

    Actually I’ll answer it for you: seatbelt laws and helmet laws have nothing to do with public health. I get no benefit from other people taking these precautions; I also am not harmed if someone else is not taking these precautions.

  5. RCR

    Actually we’ll be outside surrounding the door, forcing you to walk through a dense cloud of smoke when you enter and leave the bar.

  6. A_Unique_Alias

    Now that “you non-smokers” have won, I hope you will accept your success with dignity, as you walk down the disgusting hell that will become 18th Street, NW in the evenings.

  7. DennisB

    Great, they banned smoking. Now they’ll look for something else to ban. In non-smoking Howard County, it’s now junk food in schools they want to ban. Maybe in DC it will be alcohol after midnight. Or on Sundays.

  8. jessa j

    yawn. i wanna hear more about your bowel movements and vomiting.

    “why yes, mr. venezelan waiter, i will have icecubes in my drink.”

  9. Gloating

    Enjoy the victory, until the health nazis come after your legal behavior. To save public health, we have to ban drinking, sex and iPods.

  10. Anonymous

    “You?re right, anonymous, unless you count ?death? as something to do with public health.”

    I don’t- save for murder and assualt, death is a pretty private thing. Especially if you die from failing to protect myself.

    How is something that doesn’t impact a second or third party “public health?” If we follow your logic, what ISN’T public health?

  11. nabeel

    haha, you guys are funny. they are not going to ban drinking or sex.

    the reason they are banning smoking is it causes second-hand smoke which is a health hazard to everyone around the smoker.

    there is no such thing as second-hand drunkness or second-hand multiple orgasms… 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    To say that alochol is not a threat to “public health” and at the same time maintain that second hand smoke is- this is laughable.

    There are two kinds of DC blogs: those that focus on politics and related issues, and those that focus on boyfriends, girlfriends, happy hours, and the like.

    You all should stay away from the former.

  13. O-face

    Brah, where’s the pictures of Venezuelan women or pics and story of the nightlife???? YOu killing me DCB

  14. Phil

    Anon – let me clarify – I feel people have the right to not wear helmets, not fasten their seatbelts, or do any other dumb thing that will ultimately kill them if they so choose. Smoking bans, seat belt laws, helmet laws, are laws for the stupid (present smokers excluded, of course :)). They are, however, designed to protect the well-being of those people (i.e., their health and in smoking’s case, the health of others). Smoking happens to be an annoyance to many people, so that’s used to bolster their argument. I, however, have a brain and can decide if I don’t like people smoking around me, I will not patronize said establishment.

  15. Aja

    Yes women who smoke have an oral fixation will bring increase your chances at scoring once the ban is in place!!! They should ban Euro Trash!!!

  16. Ned

    I don’t smoke and hate the way smoke smells etc. etc. But bars are made specifically for drinking and smoking. And for the whole safery hazard dealy, I doubt cigarette smoke harms people more than say, walking down a busy street

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