Who: Me, Kathryn, Cookie, Rock Creek Rambler

When: Wednesday, October 19, 2005. 7PM

Where: Dragonfly. 1215 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC.

While this happy hour is a team effort, I’d like to take all the credit for the overlord theme. It came to me when I realized that YOU are a complete mooch. I entertain you, week after week, and all I get back is comments, mostly full of hate.

I figure that many of you want to pay me and other fellow bloggers back for the entertainment we’ve given you by buying us drinks. It’s like when a cult member sacrifices their life to follow their master, but on a slightly lesser scale.

I’ve met only a couple commenters. My theories on a few of you:

Lala: Persian snob. Definitely has curly hair, but she straightens it. Shy.
Aja: Most likely to be down to earth, the first to get a dance floor going.
Holiday: White girl, pretty cute.
new p: Possibly smart guy but bitter and filled with sexual rage.

I would absolutely love for all the DCB haters to come out. They’ll talk to me, think “Oh wow what a great guy”, and then want to be my daytime IM chat buddy. :thumbup:


  1. holiday

    Interesting to get a shout out on your blog. I’ll consider coming, but I think I like the anonymity.

  2. Lala

    Yay! While I appreciate the shout-out (and the WAY off the mark assumption…I couldn’t be more white and, unfortunately, loud and un-shy if I tried), I’m going to have to pass as my calendar is booked. I’ll take a rain check, and I hope you guys have fun.

    I’m not a hater, DCB, I’m a love-to-hater. I do heart you, you little douche!

  3. The Senator

    I have to agree with anonymous DCB you are a dork. But you can visit my website where I babble about pretty much nothing and also write about on how much I think I?m a gentlemen of all gentlemen cause I take my lovely boyfriend out to the symphony. OH and don?t forget I got the next swami picks on the next college football game!!! That should be exciting to read!

  4. Anonymous

    Lala’s “calendar is booked”?

    What the fuck does that mean? For a *Wednesday* 7 pm event that’s announced nearly 2 weeks ahead of time? This isn’t a prime night, like Friday, Saturday, or even Thursday night. This isn’t a prime time, like 10 pm. So what’s the deal?

    Lala is right about one thing — DCB’s assumption about her is “way off the mark.” Lala is not a snob, because snobs actually have something to be pompous about.

    Sounds like Lala’s got a major case of the fuglies, and wants to hide behind her monitor, so she doesn’t have the face the music. Come out and play, Lala, if you think you can prove otherwise. All of us look forward to seeing you there, however much we’ll regret it after.

  5. DCB Post author

    whether i agree with Anon’s opinion about lala or not, that was an INCREDIBLE hater comment


    I think it’s almost impossible to come back from that.. impossible. wow

  6. LaLa

    LMAO. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. But seriously? Grad school, two jobs, am moving at the end of the month, and am taking a trip to NYC next week. I’m not saying I’m a non-stop party girl, just that I am, in fact, booked! But thanks for the laughs, anonymous. And, as always, DouCheBag. 🙂

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