Two months ago I chatted up a group of spinsters that were entering a bar. One of the spinsters caught my eye and I wanted to see if I could penetrate the group. I went for the bank-shot attempt where I talk with one friend and try to bounce to my desired target. The conversation fizzled out so I did not succeed.

When they were leaving, I asked them where they were going next. The alpha spinster answered, “I don’t know… BUT WHY DON’T YOU WRITE ABOUT IT IN YOUR BLOG!!!!”


First, her “insult” was pretty non-insulting. Second, I have no idea what she tried to accomplish by withholding the fact that she knew of my celebrity status. Whatever.

I’ve been recognized through the blog six times this past year. Two of those times were during dates. One date already knew bout the blog but the other date did not. For that time I just ignored the person who called out “DCB.” Two other times were by guys who were fans. The last one was a girl who showered me with groupie love and attention. Nothing bad right? So why would I remove all photos of myself?

I’m a private person, believe it or not, and I hate when my reputation (especially the DCBeast* reputation) precedes me. I don’t want to be drunk on a Saturday night and have to worry about a girl bringing up the DCB Hall Of Fame. I like going in fresh. There will be new photos soon enough, though I’m sure my stalkers are already up-to-date on my Flickr and Myspace pages.

* = coined by Kathryn


  1. Anonymous

    Well, I am the girl who went out on a date with you one of the times you were recognized (?at least I think I am, unless you forgot about it and are not counting me, which would be really sad?). I knew about your blog beforehand, in fact I think the existence of your blog was central in this date having taken place. I have three things to say about such episode:

    1) It was an almost surreal experience. It?s the nearest thing to having been out with a celebrity I have experienced :laugh: . I still tell it like a fun story among friends?. And yes, I specially make fun of the fact that I went out with a guy I met because I commented on his blog. I have to admit this mere fact sounds sort of geeky/desperate/etc?. but to top it off, this blog guy was recognized by his followers (probably as geeky as me) ! UNBELIEVABLE, I think even my grandchildren will listen to this story.

    2) I have to say you were lucky that when you were on your date with a girl who did not know about your blog, your fans were less explicit?calling out ?DCB? does not say much. On the other hand, I remember they even told me things like ?do you know who this guy is? Do you know what you are doing? Aren?t you afraid that he is going to write about you?? ? yep, they might have not been doing you a favor with the average chick, although you had a number one fan in me at the time, so I found it absolutely hilarious and even flattering (don?t ask me why? maybe I was crazy then).

    3) I was not afraid, as these guys were saying, that you were going to write about something about me? and you did not, at least not directly (I am sure I am the sort of girl you describe in “you will die alone? and must admit I took that post a little bit personally, though you were speaking in general terms and I must fall in that category within the classifications your mind automatically makes). So I encourage girls out there not to be scared of DCB in that sense if they do recognize him. They might be other aspects they might be careful with, but not that?

    4) I am not signing with my usual alias, just to keep a little mystery here?

  2. Anonymous

    sorry, in case anybody noticed: I had four things (not three) to say about that episode, added one last minute…

  3. Days of Broken Arrows

    Why is it women get so uppity when they travel in packs? Forget being recognized, what concerns me is the way that when women are out together, they tend to think they’re hotter than they usually are.

  4. chicgirl

    I thought you were like a rockstar Mr. DCB. But, I have to admit, I was a bit nervous after chatting with you and knowing that I am a cool, but still, the definition of the ultimate spinster in your mind. I suddenly realized that I could be the subject on a blog and was not censoring appropriately. But – what those girls didn’t realize is that while you are a rockstar blogger, you wouldn’t diss someone outwardly on your blog (except perhaps the Senator;) So – they probably were fearful of you knowing they were spinsters….

  5. Eugenius

    I recognize that DCB is a celebrity…..thats why I try to hang out with him every chance I get…….there now you know why…:-(……by the was wassup for this weekend?

  6. LDC

    Just the other night a guy came up to me and said: “You are a legend, you ARE DC.” But so what? The guy was a dork, probably works in finance and collects Hot Wheels. When someone I respect approaches me and gives me a compliment other than than the usual, “Did anyone ever tell you look like …” Then I will be impressed.

    But don’t kvetch when you post your mug all over this site.

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