Today, I woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach and the warm sensation of sun on my face.

In other words: I said screw D.C. and hopped a flight to Miami.

I have to catch up on some work before I can go play … but, there is something about sitting on a balcony with seagulls singing and a big blue ocean rippling before me that makes work seems like a fun thing.

So, as the haters continue to grumble from the depths of their icy D.C. asses, take comfort in knowing that later I will be toasting my ass to a soft Latin beat.

Here’s something that’s pretty neat-o … check out The Shore Club’s soundtrack on iTunes. It sounds good to me, however, the girl that did my nails at Agua Spa (on the Delano’s roof) yesterday said the Delano’s iMix is “the hippest.” I don’t know. You decide. I haven’t had time to listen to it.

Hotel soundtrack rivalry. Now, that’s hot.

21 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING, MIAMI!

  1. DCB

    Final year of college me and some buddies went to Miami for Spring Break. We made a stop at the delano cause one of our friends was a high roller, and while it was out of my league, I did appreciate the huge curtains blowing in the wind.

  2. Anonymous

    You are so cool Kelly Ann. Trying to show off because you are down in Miami. This is the most pathetic thing ever. We know your motives, we know you, we hate you. We hope you do some bad coke and die.

  3. Sally Struthers

    You are so pathetic, you keep posing and we will keep laughing at your silly little posts that reveal your immature self. Those were not waves you heard, it was the lambs, and no matter where you go or do, you can’t escape their sound.

    Have fun, you obviously need a break, but then again, you run from insanity.

  4. Miss Metropolis

    yep dcb, it’s a cool spot.

    insomnia … anon is pretty hateful. 🙂

    haterz: girly posts? pffft! ur just jealous a hot chick didn’t massage your feet.

  5. DC Voter

    Usually when people are having a great time on vacation, they’re too busy having the time of their life than to check up on a blog every few hours to brag to everyone that their having a good time– from their lonely hotel room with no friends.

    If you’re still wondering if DC still hates you. We do. Stay in Miami…oh yes, but first get a boob job so you’re welcomed there.

  6. I agree

    If was on vacation, I would not be posting obnoxious comments on how I’m so cool by getting my nails done, I’d be on vacation. It just shows that Kelly Ann is miserable and is crying out for attention. But what else is new?

  7. DC Reader

    why are you letting Kelly Ann ruin your site?

    And if Kelly Ann were really in Miami, why would she be posting?

  8. Miss Metropolis Post author

    Do you want to see my plane ticket? Geesh. I was working there. I work about 90 hours a week, so even when I go away … there is work to be done.

    Oh – and who is this Kelly Ann person?

    The name is Metropolis. Miss Metropolis. :whip:

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