Here are my five favorite photos from the happy hour (you can view all the photos here). Not by coincidence, I’m in all of them.

Left to right: Luke, Senator, Me.

Look at the masculine way I’m holding that drink.

L to R: Random person, Senator, Random person, V, Me.

When this picture was taken I guess I thought it would be a good idea to protect my crotch, as you can see from the placement of my hands.

This photo was taken the instant Mike G and I met. You can see on our faces what we really think about each other.

This guest was feeling my edgy vibe (thanks to the soul patch) even though I kept running out of things to say. It all ended when she accused me of lying after I brought in Spaniard to discuss his recent break-up (him and his girlfriend really did split a few hours before the happy hour). Surprisingly, there are some girls who are resistant to my charm.

L to R: Eugenius, Me, Spaniard, Insomnia

The Haters!!! Sorry Insomnia, I know this is a bad picture of you, but I don’t look right in our other group photo.

While many DC blogs were busy patting each other on the back Friday, the most anti-social DC blogger of them all, the Why I Hate DC guy, was in John Kelly’s Friday Post column.


Only quotes I remember:

V: “You’re taller than I thought.”
Luke: “Your face is getting shiny.”

Most awkward moment:

A lady friend of mine trying to get a rise out of The Senator by making fun of his profession. He handled it well.

Most unawkward moment:

Meeting Mike Grass from DCist. He was standing next to me for at least 10 minutes until Kelly came and told me who he was. I introduced myself and we ended up talking for a while… about blogs.

I had a chance to meet the CPMC guys, a few readers (including CatCiao, a suspected hater), and many girls who had trouble admitting that they are DC blog groupies. I also met the girls behind The Butterfly Network, and talked to them for a full 45 seconds.

Today the Washington Post Express published an article focusing on Kelly with a big CPMC mention. This site gets an indirect mention.

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