Georgetown University students are on a hunger strike for higher campus worker wages. Sacrificing yourself for other people is a noble and self-less thing to do. Let’s read more about their hunger strike:

Diane Foglizzo, a brown-haired, strong-willed senior, is on the sixth day of her hunger strike. She said she’s lost 10 pounds on a meager diet of water and orange juice. Another student activist, weakened by hunger, was rushed to the hospital Saturday.

A hunger strike is not a “diet”. You only drink water and that’s it. Orange juice has a shitload of glucose, which is what your body consumes its organs and muscles for during a real hunger strike. So really she’s on a juice diet that is popular every few years. I knew students of ultra-rich parents couldn’t sacrifice themselves completely for someone else. That said I better get back to making sure I don’t sacrifice for anyone but myself.

6 thoughts on “FAKE HUNGER STRIKE

  1. Anonymous

    This reminds me of the WTO strike/rallies a few years back, when I found 3 people sleeping on the stoop of my apt. complex….all hangin’ w/ the anarchists, but wearing Asian-made Adidas, Gap Jeans, and with an empty Doritos bag and Desani water bottle at their side. The only thing better would have been a Mocha Chai Decafe Skim Latte in their hands. I swear the BMW parked on the street was theirs too…. True story.

  2. James

    Not to be sexist, but ever notice how it’s usually women that are caught saying stupid shit in these articles?

    Oh and dcb, I hope you never get Photoshop. These Paint productions are the best :banana:

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