I took a month off from going to bars and clubs because of health issues. When I went out on Thursday night to Cafe Citron, I was worried that I lost my club charm and wouldn’t be able to get my usual pile of worthless numbers. I was wrong. This one girl I met was VERY receptive to my game. After only a minute talking to her, she wanted me to do her right there by the yellow air duct. South American girls really know what they want, like a lion who goes after his prey without apology.

She didn’t really say much for some reason but I think it was her way of showing that words weren’t important. How right she was.

P.S. Check out how big my guns are getting. While all you lazy Americans are watching reality television, I’m at the gym getting big with the meatheads.

11 thoughts on “I STILL GOT IT

  1. kanan

    I am trying to grow mine longer.. ala tom cruise in vanilla sky…what product do you use..like a volumizer?

  2. DCB Post author

    I don’t use anything. It’s how you dry your hair… if you dry it flat then you’re screwed. You need to towel dry it until damp and then puff it up with your hands. It will stay slightly volumized throughout the day.

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