Listening to people whine about how stressed they are is staring to get old. I know life in 2005 is really tough…

– automobiles to get you anywhere you want

– microwaves, restaurants, Hot Pockets so you don’t have to actually cook

– money for anyone who wants it in the most prosperous country in the history of man

– information, mobile communication, multimedia, niche porn, etc… basically whatever you could possibly want

– gyms so you can work your fat ass on the human equivalent of the hamster wheel, simulating caveman hunting activity when man had to actually do more than call the pizza place down the street

“I had to stay at work an extra hour and come home and warm up some chicken nuggets. I missed The OC, omg. I’m so busy I hate life!”

“I can’t handle this house mortgage and Mercedes Benz car payment. Insurance is so high it’s just not fair! I can’t order a $13 Grey Goose Martini this week :cry:”

Maybe you just have need to move back in with your parents. Next time you’re about to say “I’m stressed”, think about saying the truth instead: “I’m unable to handle life.” Would you still say it?

If you put most people in a time machine back to 1900, they’d die within two weeks.

24 thoughts on ““I’M SO STRESSED”

  1. Dating Hell Diarist

    This is one of those rare posts where I totally agree. I mean, for Christ’s sake, child soldiers in the Sudan, kids growing up in brothels in India & getting forced into prostitution at 14 … and here we are stressing about our bad hair days. It is surreal when you stop to think about.

  2. Spaniard

    Good point, although with all that convenience comes alot more to worry about. Cavemen didn’t pay for their methods of communication, worry about mortgage on their cave, take their automobiles to get repaired, have to buy leaf skirts, etc etc.

    Sure, most people should focus less on their stress and focus more on life and spending it well. I had an older friend that got married, wife miscarried their baby, she disappeared from his life, he met a new girl, she purposefully gave him HIV, his parents banished him, then he went on to get robbed and lose most of his $40 grand inheritance investment.

    When you stress, just realize there is always someone out there with more stress than you.

  3. Kathryn

    America, f–k yeah!

    I try to keep a mental rolodex of situations that are infinitely worse than my own, no matter how “stressed” I may feel. Pretty effective in providing perspective.

  4. Senator

    This is a very intersting post. In the 1800’s we used to court women with flowers and offer them chocolates. Lately it has been difficult since I am a closet homosexual

  5. nabeel

    right on, DCB. I let out a sigh everytime ppl complain about trivial things, but then spaniard has a good point. back in the old days, ppl didn’t have to worry about getting turned down for a loan because they had a bad credit score. this world has just gotten more complicated. we all just have to learn to take it in stride…

  6. Muffin

    I was reading the Smithsonian magazine while I was sitting on the pot the other day. They had this article on this body recently found near Salisbury Plain in the UK. The body (aged around 35) has a necrotic bone infection – probably untreatable in the age the guy lived in (around the time Stonehenge was constructed).

    For fun I like to imagine people who romanticize the past having necrotic bone infections. I imagine they’d re-embrace the “oppressive capitalist machine of modernity” right quick.

  7. wayan

    I totally agree. Stress is all what you make of it. Whenever I think I’m too wound up, I think of my time in East & West Africa it makes me wanna be Africa happy. Happy with what I have today without a worry about tomorrow.

    Chill, it will do everyone good.

  8. Liz

    they are stupid.

    you can buy a whole bottle of grey goose for $50. i hate paying an arm and a leg for drinks.


  9. kilgore

    Emotional and spiritual struggle is an inherent part of human life, regardless of context. In other words, everyone is entitled to feel down sometimes, no matter how many conveniences or advantages they may have in comparison to some.

    Consider the dramas we deal with in day to day relationships, the arguments we get into over petty things, and how upset they make us. Of course, if we found out today that the loved one we were arguing with was terminally ill, we would realize the futility of such arguments immediately. If they recovered somewhere down the line, however, we would inevitably slip back into old habits.

    The main point I’m trying to make is that the little stuff in life is legitimately important. It is helpful to compare your current fate to how much worse it could be (and it could always be worse) in order to get perspective, but people will always struggle with the ups and downs of their own immediate life situations. Not to do so would be inhuman.

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