Before Insomnia went to India for a business trip, I told him stories I heard of the extreme poverty that is unlike anything here. He shrugged it off. Here’s an e-mail I received today:

Subject: Eau De Toilette

Okay you may be asking yourself why my email has that title two reasons. Mumbai/Bombay smells like a toilet. It was a real shock getting to my hotel because it’s not what the pictures depict. The city has a major homeless problem, with thousands and thousands of people living in “shanty towns”. People bath in the sewers while cows and humans take craps in the same water. In the lakes and river its the same story but people fish in this water. In conclusion, it smells like a toilette everywhere. The second reason is that the fragrance on everything is spice. Yes, spice is nice especially with buffalo wings but not as a cologne. The smell of sewage prevented me from eating. Two days and I ate potato chips in my room besides one instance of bad room service.

I guess it’s good that our only major problems in this country is saving up for overpriced clothing or dealing with a messy roommate. I doubt the people of India could ever understand how bottled water here is a multi-billion dollar industry.


  1. Janet

    Actually, bottled water is a fairly big industry in India as well. Aquafina, Evian and the lot are big in the Indian market. (note to your friend- stick to Evian)
    Yes, India is poor and filthy and times are hard for a whole lot of people. It is also the 4th largest economy of the world. What I am saying is this, there are plenty of people buying overpriced clothing and bottle water in India as well.

  2. CatCiao

    Bechtel has done a pretty efficient job of buying water rights from many of the developing world’s cash starved governements…water the new oil.

  3. zippy

    India, Iraq, DC. They all smell like trash. The only difference is that the smell of crap is coming from the White House and not the surrounding area.

  4. kanan

    “I guess it?s good that our only major problems in this country is saving up for overpriced clothing or dealing with a messy roommate.”

    Well, If I was an American I would be more concerned with Dubya outsourcing every second job to India, rising gas prices and the President looking up the wrong ass for terrorists….LOL and God talks to your President … dumbfucs brought him to power a second time !

  5. krizzo

    India, China, and the USA are expected to be the top 3 world economies by 2050. Although many people are poor there, there are also many people who are not.

    The quality of life is quite different too. Because labor is so cheap, most upper-middle class families (which earn about the equivalent of $30-50,000 / year USD), can afford to have a chauffeur driven car, and 2-3 servants to do their laundry, keep their house clean, and cook for them.

    If you are staying in a Grand Hyatt, JW Marriott, or anything other high business class hotel in India, I don’t think the quality of the hotel should be any less than one of those in the States. They’re generally pretty level world wide.

  6. Anonymous

    (Cross-posted at Kathrynon)
    The CPMC is now returning a 404 -Page not found error message. Is this the end? Time to declare victory?
    If so, this is owed in large part to you Kathryn [and DCB]. Rock on!

  7. Mister Jinxy

    Yeah, what the F is up with that?

    Been trying to post trivial stuff about events nobody goes to and the proper pants to wear all night….

    What gives, CPMC?

  8. Anonymous

    I’m from India…just so u know…Evian costs 80 rupees/lt and Aquafina costs 12 rupess/lt…they r bottled in the same place :))

  9. inSOMnia

    Yeah it was an interesting trip. I will have pics of Jaipur which is a little better. I had time to go the some palaces and the monkey temple. There are monkeys running around the city!!!! I drank the Aquafina which was 12rupess. And drank lots of Limka.

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