I am looking for at least one person to help out with DC Bachelor. I have a lot of ideas but I can’t carry them out because of time constraints.

What I’m looking for, in order of importance:

-Someone creative with an eye for humor and quality writing. It’s okay if your writing isn’t as good as mine.
-Someone social who frequents DC nightlife establishments 1-2 times a week. You must live in the area.
-Someone who reads a fair amount of blogs.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Initially the internship position won’t involve much work (2 hours a week max), so it’s perfect for someone who has thought about creating their own blog but doesn’t feel like starting from scratch. This position isn’t only internet based since you will be brought into the DC blogger elite and make appearances in public events. The readership of this site has gotten to the point where you will be recognized in public.

Example of a possible public duty: We’re at a blogger happy hour and I spot a hot female blogger. You create the hype by going up and asking her if the name “DC Bachelor” means anything to her. Etc, etc.

Email dcb @ (form) with more information on your qualifications and/or questions. Yes, I’m serious.

4 thoughts on “INTERN NEEDED

  1. Matt

    You better add “attractive” to the list of qualifications if you expect your intern to be the public face of your blog, DCB.

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