Chaco, good friend, prolific blog commenter, and hall of fame wingman (until her met her), is joining the DCB team. He will be posting every other Thursday starting this week, probably touching on relationships a little bit more than I do.

You can get a feeling for his writing and style through his guest stint at FDDC.

Sleepover time:

I believe firmly that the kiss of death in a relationship is ?too much, too soon.? When it?s too much too, too soon, the girl can go from ?wow this is great!? to ?wow?I need a break? very quickly, and the momentum can be lost just like that. You don?t want that kind of negative vibe in your relationship until you have built a solid foundation.

I’m sure you’re SO hot:

I have a better question: what is the best way to forget her and get another girl? It is very disempowering to have your hopes set on one girl who may or may not ever live near you again. Been there, done that, and it sucks. Your focus should be on new girls. The fact you are even asking this makes me think your game needs work.

The nice guy:

At your age, your socal status is not strictly determined by your professional standing, but more by your standing in your peer group. Are you a leader of the group? Do you set the agenda for what people do? Do the men in the group show you respect? Girls will pick up on your status very acutely, so you need to becomes a leader who commands respect. Don?t be the nice guy who goes along with everyone and allows himself to be the butt of jokes.

Welcome to the lion’s den.

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