26 thoughts on “JESUS SAYS…

  1. Virgle Kent

    Why do I get the feeling you’ve been waiting all year to do this???

    But as far as customes go, you’rs is pretty sweet.

    See, I would have def used the pick up line

    ?If you want to get into Heaven, get on your knees?

  2. Wendy

    You look exactly like my cousin! No, I don’t mean like Jesus, but your face and skin coloring are per near identical! He’s way tall too.

    Great costume. Happy Halloween!

  3. Roissy

    i dare anyone to pull that off in a muhammed costume, though there’s scant iconography to consult.

  4. DC Pimp

    Man you are one hairy dude. Please don’t show us the shot of you standing over a vent, a la, Marilyn.

  5. Moses

    Not bad, but Jesus was black, not half Italian or whatever. Good luck finding a chick who needs a little Jesus in her. May I suggest a prostitute. That’s a win-win.

  6. Roissy

    no, jesus wasn’t black, he was semitic. meaning he probably looked a lot like dcb in every way, including the panty-moisting pensive, faraway gaze.

  7. V

    That is awesome. You should totally try out for one of those crazy protestant Easter pageants where you play Jesus in the retelling of his life.

  8. Jay Gatsby

    You know, if DCB tried to board an airplane dressed like that, he’d probably be detained as a potential terrorist. Strange world we’ve got these days.

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