If you follow political blogs, you may have seen the biggest conservative blog self-ownage in the history of blogs. Senator Biden recently came out with a plan to withdraw troops from Iraq that was viciously attacked by many popular conservative blogs. But later, the White House endorsed Biden’s plan, and the blogs were left with their pants down.

And yet, oddly enough, not one of these worthies has seen fit to comment on Bush’s embrace of Biden’s plan. And it’s not lack of time: they have somehow managed to fit in posts on Whoopi Goldberg, Cindy Sheehan, the Carnival of the Cats, and all sorts of other momentous topics. But somehow the fact that our President is, by their standards, unfit to direct our foreign policy seems to have escaped their notice.

Drum: “Just goes to show how dangerous it is when you blog before you know the talking points.” Full story.

I think by now most of you will agree that the reasons for invading Iraq and Afghanistan are more geopolitical than anything else. It’s fascinating that in the history of civilization the art of politics hasn’t really changed. I guarantee that hundreds of years from now there will be leaders pushing wars that are unfavorable to the working classes, who end up supporting them anyway. (The US Civil War comes to mind, where Southern land owners convinced poor white men to fight for “freedom” when it was just about free labor.) While Bush’s gross incompetencies can not be ignored, they would have never surfaced if he was a better marketer. Otherwise, this war is no different from other conflicts we have been in. It wasn’t that long ago when we invaded an entire country and lost almost two dozen Americans to capture a drug dealer (who will be eligible for parole in 2029).

A lot of people complain that this war is a total waste, both in monetary cost and human life, but I know at least one defense contractor who disagrees. The war in Iraq has transfered huge sums of public money to the military complex of private contractors and big business, helping a weak economy while shifting wealth to the rich. But a war like this alone isn’t enough to prop up our economy, so you have a Fed with lax interest-rate policies and the scandal-ridden Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac charters to create a huge housing bubble where people are taking imaginary money out of creative loans to buy the latest SUV and 60-inch plasma television. Without this war, bubbles or bloated agencies, our unemployment and GDP growth rate would make France look like a superpower.

The only way I can sleep at night is by knowing that I will never fully understand how bad things really are. When you live in a country whose citizens are more worried about gas prices and fetuses, and politicians who are more willing to investigate football than spy leaks, there will be no full disclosure, no detailed descriptions of cigars in vaginas. This can only be good, because if we only knew the extent of the house of cards we live in, we’d be boring people talking about things like economic indicators instead of hot celebrity marriages.

23 thoughts on “MORE IRAQ OWNAGE

  1. Anonymous

    You must be in your 20’s. It’s not that bad and it gets easier to sleep as you get older. Stop worrying so much. You can’t do anything about it anyway!

  2. inSOMnia

    Very well put. It drives me crazy with all this shit. I cant belive there are people dumb enough to support him.

  3. Muffin

    I gotta call bullshit on this post and agree with Anonymous (a little).

    Without getting in to the details of good vs. bad war, or the effect of housing prices on the economy, I’ll just say that the whole tone of your political posts is weird – and a little juvenile. You’ve got this “look at all the hypocrisy!” vibe going on – like a precocious child pointing out his parent’s superficial flaws.

    “Without this war, bubbles or bloated agencies, our unemployment and GDP growth rate would make France look like a superpower.”

    Totally ludicrous trolling, of course. Speaking as both an immigrant to the US (of UK origin) and a contributing Democrat ($600 last election cycle), I’ll say casting the prosperity America enjoys as illusionary or exploitive fundamentally misjudges the nature of the American character. This kind of frivolous “disillusionment” is common in young people in America – something my father (for example) finds bewildering. When my he was a young man in northern England, a common greeting used when meeting someone you hadn’t seen for a while was, “Are you working?” Typically the answer was no.

  4. George Bush

    Son, we live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, DCB!! I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for the fallen and curse the Marines; you have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Iraq, while tragic, probably saved lives and that my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.
    You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want me in that Desert, you need me in that Desert. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use then as the backbone of a life trying to defend something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said “thank you,” and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest that you pick up a weapon and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.


    George Bush

  5. Matt

    You will all be happier when you realize that your freedom doesnt mean shit to anybody regardless of who our president is. DCB is correct in that Bush’s biggest failure is his lack of marketing skills. You see, this precious freedom you all speak of is nothing more than a brilliant plan to quiet the masses, a dream of the founding fathers, to dangle a world of choice in front of the common man, when in fact his life is just as controlled as in any other nation.

    What is freedom? You think a man living and walking in China is any less free than you? You are wrong if you do, do you think that Chinese farmer wakes up every day saying “oh what it would be like to be free?” the United States has more citizens imprisoned than any other country. You are free to make choices so long as it is within reason, that is unless you were a socialist in the 50s, a black man at any time over the last 200 years, or countless other categories of individuals.

    The purpose of our democracy is to keep rich people rich, while ensuring that a revolution will not occur. It is brilliant in that it fools people into thinking they are free, when they are no more free than the average citizen of the world – of course there are exceptions both ways. The artistic non-conformist can spew his anti-govermnment views while the WASP can support foreign wars and secret racist agendas, but in the end this false sense of freedom stops the very movement they are trying to create, by automatically creating complacency. People can create their interest groups and feel as if they are making a change, but in the end, everything stays the same. The American Dream is a farse, you will be in the same socio-economic class as all of your relatives before you, come to terms with it or leave, those are your only true choices.

  6. Anonymous

    After following what is going on in the Sudan and other places throughout the world, I am very grateful to live in America. We truly do have freedom. It is not perfect, and the government is controlled by the interests of the rich, but I am glad I live here.

    You should check out the movie Hotel Rwanda. At least George Bush can’t just order a truckload of soldiers to my house in the middle of the night and have my family killed because I don’t agree with his policies.

  7. George Bush

    Hey Matt, interesting ridiculus points. I just got off the phone with the Chinese Farmer and he said for me to tell you to shutup and quit complaining. He also said that at least in america they warn the public about Benzene spills in the water supply after initial contamination, not when visiting journalists find dead fish sunbathing on shore. He also said he doesn’t recall “Minders following journalists around or internet access being blocked either in america.

  8. Stephen


    You should read “Time on a Cross” by Fogel and Engleman. The Civil War was fought for economic reasons, but not because the South wanted free labor. In fact, the North needed the South much more than the South needed the North (prior to 1860). That comes from counterfactual models assuming a split had occured peacefully blah blah

    It’s boring economics, but no one reads it except for us economists.

  9. Matt

    Sending truckloads of soldiars to peoples houses to kill them for not following our policies…hmmm…sounds something like the storm on the Branch Dividian Compound in Waco Texas. In addition to the fact that we are doing that in both Iraq and Afganistan.

    If you think you know about the benzine levels in any of our water supplies you are a fool. Corporations have been involved in thousands of illegal dumps in to water supplies and woodlands, covered up with the aid of government officials, and then let off the hook through lobbying. And as far as regulating the media, I will refer you to your FCC, how free are you that you cannot say shit over the airwaves, fool, you are your own worst enemy.

  10. Anonymous

    Matt, sounds like you should team up with John Walker Lindt and join the Taliban. Is your next statement going to be that we deserved 9/11?

    Have you even been to a Communist or dictatorial country? You should visit and then do your compare and contrast.

  11. Matt

    This is my last response because you are doing nothing more than spewing propaganda without even reading what I was saying. Did I even mention the word communism or dictatorship once? Have I ever stated that those systems are better than ours? I won’t even address your 9/11 comments, because they sound as if they are coming from the mouth of a 12 year old.

    My one and only point is that these wars, speeches, all of this has nothing to do with your freedom, in fact your freedom doesnt even really have anything to do with being free. These things occur for the pure purpose of controlling economic conditions, either in the global economy, or within our own socioeconomic classes. Take a minute to collect your thoughts, and re-read the paragraph I just wrote, because I am correct, and you know it.

  12. seenster

    Congratulations, you’ve just turned your comments section into a conservative blog.

    At least Canada and Germany can dissolve their governments.

  13. Muffin


    Actually, you’re the one who sounds like a child to me.

    “If you think you know about the benzine levels in any of our water supplies you are a fool.”

    Because it’s impossible for a private citizen to get this kind of shit tested on their own, right? Because if the state finds out you’re testing the local water supply, they send goons over to beat your family and maybe kill you, right?

    I love reactionary dumbasses who equate things like “not being able to say ‘shit’ on the airwaves” with being murdered / tortured / locked up for criticizing the government.

  14. Matt

    Once again, you should read what I say before criticizing it. Maybe you are unaware of how sentences are formed and related to one another but let me clarify. Once again, I never said that any other country was more free than ours. All I said is that your freedom is not the subject of our wars, controlling the economy is, just accept it. I don’t know of any specific instances of torture in other countries except the ones that occur in our war prisons in Iraq, I can send you some videos if you like, if not just read up on the vice presidents view on torture.

    And to the benzine comment, most people affected by such a spill are in no way equiped to test the water. You miss the point entirely, what happens instead is that the company covers it up, buries it, or lobbies for lower pollution standards which are surely granted to a company that is contributing millions to your campaign. In the end the results are the same, innocent people are exposed to chemicals, it happened in China, but it happens here too. Besides, I only brought that up because of the ignorance of those who think that these things dont happen here as well.

  15. Matt

    This is really my last comment, maybe. I can already see that some of you commenters have branded me an America hater, rooting for the taliban, and complaining about cursing on the airwaves. In fact, I am not, I am fine with America, because I accept it for what it is, not what I am told it is. Although you present me with absolutely no examples of these foreign injustices, I am sure they occur, and to be subject to such things I am sure would be horrible. But that is not really at issue.

    My only statement is as I quoted in my first comment: “You see, this precious freedom you all speak of is nothing more than a brilliant plan to quiet the masses, a dream of the founding fathers, to dangle a world of choice in front of the common man, when in fact his life is just as controlled as in any other nation”.

    I am not saying the conditions here are better or worse than anywhere else, but I can say our wars and your alleged freedom are fronts for control of the national/global economy and to ensure that the economic classes stay relatively asthey are. NOBODY CARES ABOUT OUR FREEDOM. It is all about money, you have to know that by now.

  16. George Bush


    Dude put down the joystick and weed and step away from the phone. The matrix was a movie, science-fiction,let it go. America does not have you. Why would you complain about the very economic model thats benefited you the most?? Take a trip to a third world country brah and then complain to us about economic models.

  17. Matt

    I just can’t resist. That last comment makes all my comments more credible, all those that are against me, this is who you agree with, these morons are on your side. “thats benefited you the most”? thats does not equal that has.

    I have not complained about the economic model, it clearly works, I have said it is brilliant in fact, but you are not free. Going to the third world has nothing to do with this, I never said I hate America or that other systems are better. And isnt our ability to express dissatisfaction with the government supposed part of what “makes this country great”?

  18. sean

    This war is about technology, nothing more. It doesn’t matter who the president is. Drone warfare is the future, and Iraq is the testing ground. Technology will always trump politics. Politics, if nothing else, is just the distraction needed (along with the 60-inch plasma telvevisions you mentioned).

  19. George Bush

    Sorry i didn’t use the correct spelling Matt. I didn’t know that it mattered on DCB’s comment section of a seldom read blog.

  20. inSOMnia

    You guys hear about one of Blairs aids being charged because he leaked information about how bush wanted to bomb al jizera (how the hell do u speel that one) stations all over the middle east. The one in Afghanistan “accidently bombed” the one in Iraq “accidently bombed”. You have to question bush being a terrorist himself.

  21. kyle foley

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