Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is my hero. Our county has a GDP per capita that is 800% higher than Venezuela, yet Chavez is donating heating oil to us and calling it “humanitarian aid”. But but we’re the richest country in the world!

Chavez has sold the discounted oil in two U.S. markets, New York and Massachusetts. Citizens Energy Corp., a Boston-based nonprofit cooperative, bought 12 million gallons at a steep discount after U.S. oil companies ignored its written plea for help. Similar oil deals are in the works for other parts of New York and some New England states.

But on the second snow day in the Bronx, where scrawled graffiti warns pedestrians of rats, fleas and maggots, it did not escape the notice of tenants that a foreign government stepped in after Congress did not.

Let’s see what else is in the news today… House Passes 3 Tax Cuts, Plans a 4th.

Some moderate Republicans have expressed misgivings about those cuts, which overwhelmingly benefit affluent investors, especially as Congress moves to cut programs for the poor in the name of deficit reduction.

Last month’s budget-cutting bill would save $50 billion over five years by imposing new fees on Medicaid recipients, trimming the food stamp rolls, squeezing student lenders and cutting federal child support enforcement.

In summary, Chavez moves to serve the poor of Venezuela and the United States, while our government moves to cut services to its own poor while simuatenously cutting taxes for the rich. Politics as usual.

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  1. sean

    Big fucking deal. It’s like when the U.S. donates corn/wheat or other foods because we have tons of it. Is that not humanitarian aid? This is just a politcal stunt. Effective, but a stunt none the less. Chavez wants something, you can bet the farm on that.

  2. Anonymous

    sean no shit it is a political stunt, the most brilliant of the year.

    how do you think it looks to the world that a leader from a third world nation is looking out for the u.s. poor? it’s so ridiculously comical

  3. Jinxy

    Actually, the U.S. has a GDP that is 1,235.744% higher than that of Venezuela.

    (Not that I calculated it or anything.)

    But Chavez is still a fucking opportunistic jackass.

    We should “take him out”. Just like good Reverend Robertson said.

  4. Muffin

    Chavez is a fucking tool, and this donation is no big deal on the scale of world affairs. It’s politically superficial.

    BUT: that doesn’t change the fact that those tax cuts are ludicrous fucking bullshit. Never before in US history has a President occupied 2 nations while avoiding a draft and cutting taxes. The bill will come due, no doubt.

  5. Jesus Christ

    This just in: Satan is having a snowball fight right now in hell. Stay Tuned for further details.

    I hate America. We’re so hypocritical its not even funny. We’re gonna nation build other countries and piss away our own. Incredible. F-ing Republicans are the worse assholes on the planet.

  6. Matt

    Here comes Muffin again with more brilliant commentary. “Chavez is a fucking tool”, hmmm… interesting argument, are you saying he is a vibrator or a set of anal beeds. Opps, got the context messed up.

    The poor people who received the cheap oil probably would say otherwise, just as the poor in his country would say regarding his wealth redistribution. Remember, although there are obviouse political implications, he was approached about providing the oil and did not seek this publicity out.

  7. Whatever

    Chavez is doing something good for this country’s poor. Meanwhile, President Bush and the Republican Congress are cutting important social programs for the poor like food-stamps, head start, and medicaid; while at the same time implementing more tax cuts for the rich. Who has the best interest in mind? I go with Chavez. It’s about time for some serious regime change in this country.

  8. Muffin

    *Sigh*. Ok Matt. Did you read the article?

    “Citgo Petroleum Corp., which is controlled by the Venezuelan government, signed a deal with three Bronx housing nonprofits to sell 5 million gallons of heating oil at 45 percent below the market rate, an estimated savings of $4 million.”

    Blah blah blah, I wrote a big thing where I actually cited the numbers of various international aid programs. Then I deleted it. Suffice it to say, if $4mil is enough to buy your love of a foreign military dictator then we are all fucked. It’s like a bought your mom a sandwich and so now she loves me more than you. Way to prove my earlier point about niggling irrelevant inconsistencies though.

  9. Whatever

    Ok let’s get the facts straight here. Hugo Chavez is not a dictator. He was democratically elected by the people of Venezuela twice. Now before you go off about the process for those elections, I will remind you that George Bush was essentially elected in 2000 by the Supreme Court.

  10. oh please

    what makes Chavez a “dictator”? was it the two elections he won? or was it the national referendum that his opposition forced upon the venezuelan people, which he also won? nobody would argue that venezuela is politically polarized, but labelling someone a “dictator” because we agree with certain policies of his is just not right. is “buy”ing the love of U.S. poor such a bad thing, if our government instead chooses to invade other countries to get more oil, simply to enable other oil companies to make huge profits?

  11. K

    I rarely comment on this blog, but I have to comment on this. You see, the bulk of oil that is found in Venezuela is a type of crude that cannot be refined easily (as opposed to the oil from the Middle East). The only countries in the world that have the capability to refine such crude are the United States and Venezuela, though it should be noted that the Venezuelans are working with China to get them the refining capability as well (never mind the shipping issues — neither the Chinese nore the Venezuelans have high capacity boats that can navigate the Panama Canal). So right now, the only strong market for Venzuelan oil is the US. Since Mr. Chavez hates the current US government so much, this move seems like a stunt. What would happen if this oil were note sold to the US? It would sit in Venezuela until some other country gained the required refining capability, or until the relationship between Venezuela and the US warmed up.

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