95% of you girls have an ass that is not worthy of my sensual groping, but this girl…

God damn. Let’s just say I will be taking an extended private lunch break today.

Newsflash: guys don’t care about big breasts anymore. They are so 2002.

49 thoughts on “NOW THIS IS ASS

  1. nabeel

    that ass doesn’t look real to me. does she have ass implants or did you doctor the photo with adobe photoshop or something?

  2. natty_g

    I disagree. A good booty is fine and all, but a girl still needs to pair it with nice boobs to be the total package, in my opinion

  3. The Senator

    Well DCB I would like to do be a gentleman and appologize for being a cad. This is a very interesting post. A woman who sticks her rear end like that out is not the type of lady I would want. Rather I would like to have a man who sticks his rear out like that.

  4. Eugenius

    WOW …..thin waist, bubbly ass, cute face……man i can see why women would hate on her…..but if any guy hates on that…he doesnt deserve any ass for the rest of his life.

  5. Marc

    Nah, I’m not into big asses. Tight and firm like runner chicks. Looooove me some seriously athletic runner chicks.


  6. Chase

    Wow! I have never seen a white girl with an ass like that before…black chicks, yes…white girls, no. She is indeed a rare find.

  7. Spaniard

    A nice TIGHT round ass, bring it on.

    But come on now, can she fit through doors with that monstruous excuse of flesh?

    If it was proportional it wouldn’t be so bad, but it looks like she has her ass, and borrowed her friend’s ass for the pics.

  8. Aja

    Can’t hate on the big booty girl, makes it easy (meaning culturally acceptable) to be a big a big booty girl!!! Thick is in, thin is well, thin.

    She is sticking it out, giving her an additional 5 inches of junk. I guarantee her booty is 5 inches, uh, shorter? bubbly? rounder? than what it appears in this picture.

    And why she gotta be a bitch?

  9. Anonymous

    Funny, half of the dorks on Craigslist would say that she’s fat and would be scared by the number if she posted her weight.

    Idiots don’t realize that curves – real curves – involve a few pounds.

    Hey DCB, don’t you normally like the near-anorexic chicks? What’s up with that?

  10. Marc

    I almost feel bad that this chick does nothing for me.

    No, no I don’t.

    Of course, if you go by the binary scale:
    0 = Would not fuck
    1 = Would fuck

    She’s a 1.

    A man has to handle his business.

  11. Matt

    Deep down, all guys like a little meat, bony just isnt attractive. This girl has nice curves, and any one of you jackasses saying otherwise are full of shit, loss the act. DCB, she is the best girl you have posted.

  12. CPMC

    Well DCB, we do not condone showing pictures of a womans’, how can we say toosh, exploiting her in such a manner. We on the other hand rahter h show off young studly men showing there manly chests at our blog.

  13. Anonymous

    Typical….all the girls on here hating cuz this girl it hotter than they are….so typical.

  14. Anonymous

    anyones ass would look like that in a photograph if they stuck it out to the side in that manner. there is nothing attractive about that pose, or that woman, really.

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