It would be a cool story if I were to tell you that I’m just a random schmo who opened up his first blog one year ago and found an instant niche. That all the knowledge that comes with writing for a yuppie audience was suddenly learned and tapped in this short amount of time. No, the real story is much more boring and nerdy.

Back in 1999 I was an undergrad in college and decided to make a web site where I could make “posts” about random things that interested me. Within a year there was a group of about 20 guys who had an “everything/nothing” page, as we called it. We had our own little corner on the internet with an entirely male readership. Eventually I got bored with it so I tried to hire writers and start an entertainment news network. I failed.

In 2001 I graduated from college and had one month to kill until I’d start my career as a wage-slave. During that time I reopened my site under a new name. It turned into something breezy where me and my friends would write about dates or nights out at the club. It received 300 visitors (all male) a day at its peak when I shut it down in August 2004. About 75 fans followed me into a private blog.

It was at about this time that my friend Kelly Ann Collins exploded onto the scene with her Washington Socialites blog. I contributed on her blog for a month and got hooked again. There is just something about writing for an audience I find very fulfilling. She understood my need to go solo and helped me promote the new ‘DC Bachelor’ when I opened it one year ago today.

I started off getting about 250 visitors a day. Recently, the blog has been averaging 1,000 visitors a day, with about 60% of those visitors local to the area. I have a strong feeling that most of my readers are women. The number of sites that link to me has remained the same over the past several months, so the traffic increase is almost completely because of word-of-mouth. You are telling your friends, your co-workers, etc.

The number one question I get asked is, “Why do you blog?” I don’t really have a good answer. It’s my art project, my contribution to the world. It gives me a reason to piece together my random experiences and fit them in the big picture. It lets me dissect life in a fun way that can be understood by my peers. Sure I often exaggerate and write things for the sole purpose to pick at your insecurities of loneliness, vanity, and identity, but beneath every outrageous idea is a truth of how things are. Life isn’t that complicated, and the patterns are there for you to discover and play with, for those who “get it” and those who don’t.

I’m still waiting to peak. I have notepads filled with ideas that I haven’t gotten to yet. I have a month’s worth of writing already in draft form online that is begging to be edited. First Date DC is off to a great start and I just started work on another project I hope to open in the Spring. I’m looking forward to the next year.


  1. Vicky_Valencourt

    “Life isn?t that complicated, and the patterns are there for you to discover and play with, for those who ?get it? and those who don?t.”

    This is nice! Maybe you could come speak in one of my grad literary theory classes.

    Way to go. Not a lot of “personal” blogs hit the one-year mark. Love you or hate you, you’ve always had content, always had something to say, always kept the pot stirring.

  2. Sudamericana

    Happy Birthday to your blog! I think not a day went by without me reading it. So keep up the good posts, they are the most enjoyable aspect of my daily routine.

  3. Adam


    DCB, Kelly said you were going to come to Panache last night and then go dancing. Where were you? It would have been great to seen your face as you walked in w/ me talking to KAC–your promoter, and mine, too.

    Yin to the yang,

  4. Ayla

    LOL. I didn’t know blogs had “promoters.” I just thought blogs had readers. 🙂 Maybe my ignorance on this matter is just an occupational hazard of being a reader, not a blogger.

    Happy writing, happy reading, happy loving, happy hating, everyone!

  5. Mitch

    I grew up reading your blog. Started in 7th grade, now I’m in college. A lot could be said, but I think that thank you sums it up pretty well.

    Keep it up DCB.

  6. Anna_Nonymousse

    Does KAC still count as a promoter if your blog is defunct, Adam? Perhaps you should have said “former promoter”…then again, does “this chick linked to me when she had her own site” really equal a “promoter?”

    Questions I’m sure you’ll ponder in your Fortress of Solitude.

  7. J.P.

    From one of the original RL and RLUG readers– keep up the good work. Been reading forever and this is still my favorite blog.

  8. KassyK

    Big ups…first blog I ever read and still enjoy my daily dose–it is strangely addictive. 🙂

  9. DC_Cookie

    I knew about your blog before I even understood what a blog really was, when a friend forwarded one of your very early posts to me and said “check out this jackass…”

    Certainly didn’t fathom befriending you a year later.

  10. Adam

    Jinxy, despite your clownishness, I really do think I might actually enjoy having a beer with you. You big teddy bear.

  11. Brutus

    I don’t think begging for links counts as “promoting.” Adam = douche – vaginal contact

  12. Cock Diesel

    Here, Here. I would like to propose a toast. I?ve been down since the early years and have always enjoyed your insights. So, here?s to life and personal evolution.

    Keep up the good work, bro.

  13. Anonymous

    YOu have a BIG fan down in Tampa FLA.. I tell everyone about you my man. You have serious serious serious talent.

    Keep up the “Pump and Dump” and the advice to women on dating.

    The “stroke don’t tug, its not a doorknob” comment still makes me laugh everytime I read it.

    Keep up the good work — you are going to be big time one day. You got mad skills.

  14. The Senator

    Adam watch it. Unlike DCB or anyone else who think ur a tool, the two of us who run the CPGMC will actually kick your ass or better yet jump you when you are holding ur lovers hand in dupot flammer.

  15. DCB Post author


    I’m sorry I was unable to come out last night. I was too busy at home laughing at your internet personal ad. I must say that you are the only man alive who would describe himself as “senatorial”.


  16. Eugenius

    Congradulations…….thinking back when you were just starting this, it was like an inside thing…now its like from chump to pimp….what makes this blog good is the fact that you dont promote it, you are the last person whou would come off like you have a blog, you dont act like you do, in fact you hate to promote it (unless you want to point out your celebrity status to me :-)) but you usually dont……and all the shit thats written here is a good way to keep a record of our experiences….

    So whenever you write about something that I was a part of I see it more as a a written log of the random, the crazy, the disgusting, the funny, the nasty…..shit that i am not as good as you putting into words.

    Good luck and keep doing what you are doing….

  17. Adam


    My hating towards you has nowhere near been as vindictive and mean-spirited as yours. I have done nothing to get mocked on by people who don’t even know me. The CPMC wiki, the CPMGC site… you know they were out of line. But posting my personal ad for potential gay suitors to see is just out of line. Now I have to go to the Fireplace to get action. Thanks a lot, jackass.

  18. Jinxy

    “Adam watch it. Unlike DCB or anyone else who think ur a tool, the two of us who run the CPGMC will actually kick your ass or better yet jump you when you are holding ur lovers hand in dupot flammer.”

    This is like what a third grader would write.

    Nonetheless, it is hysterical.


  19. Audrey2025

    DCB, I haven’t read you for that long, but even at your most “extreme,” you seem genuine. You have a good sense of humor and it sounds like you are a good guy at heart.

    Congratulations. Not a lot of blogs can stay tasty fresh for very long, and you always have something interesting up.

    I also like Miss Metropolis’s posts, so congrats to her, too.

  20. Mitch

    Where are you located in Tampa “Anonymous”? I’m living there too. Maybe we could team up.

  21. Sarin

    Is it OK that I love your site, wish you all the best for another year, and *still* think description of you posted on DCeiver is hilarious?

    “gnatish refugee from a Tag Body Spray Commercial”

  22. V

    Congrats indeed. This is an interesting time to be a blogger, I am glad to see your enthusiasm continues and keep writing the good shit.

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