Can someone tell me why Play nightclub is drawing huge crowds? On Friday night I walked by and the four-deep line stretched all the way back to Dragonfly. It made both Dragonfly and 1223 appear quite pathetic.

I have been to Play once on a Friday night (they let me in because I went with someone who had VIP connections). The music was decent but the crowd is made up of implants from Spank, Indeblue, Blue Gin, and whatever other club that used to be hip for three months. Same people, different venue. Why is this place going to be any different? It must be stressful owning a club, to know that your place will probably be dead soon unless you pay promoters to bring in a generic crowd (remember when K Street Lounge was hot for two weeks?). Though at Play I did like how the bouncer encouraged the males to go through a side door and urinate outside against the wall.

Also I’d like to make a complaint to Dupont Circle Fuddruckers management for running out of hamburger buns two out of the last three times I’ve been there. That’s like a brothel running out of whores.

Postscript: Fritz Hahn of the Washington Post has recently added a review of Play.

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  1. The BLS

    Lemme get this straight: a HAMBURGER place ran out of HAMBURGER buns? That’s just shoddy management.

    And yes, I’m always pissed when I visit the neighborhood brothel and they’re out of man whores…

  2. Matt

    Well, what do you expect? What does one club offer that another doesn’t? Velvet ropes, overpriced drinks, see-and-be-seen tables, maybe the occasional lingerie fashion show for some low-grade tittilation…same fucking thing at every one. The only thing clubs have to advertise is that they’re the newest thing.

  3. Matt

    The revelation that DCB’s post-club meal of choice is a hamburger from Fuddruckers is interesting, though.

  4. Eugenius

    Its drawing a lot of people because DC is full of pretencious, i am too cool for anyone bitches with pounds of makeup and fucked up attitude.

    On the other side of that line we have sunglasses at night wearing, lip gloss dripping, my uncle owns a dealership idiots, who pose in the corner of club with an empty bottle of champagne…..

    So thats why 🙂

  5. Barzelay

    If you’re the manager of a Fuddruckers, and you run out of buns, you walk your ass to the CVS a block away and buy them out. They’re buns. They’re ubiquitous. Go anywhere but your shitty burger establishment and they will have piles of them.

  6. AsianMistress

    Play is only hot because it’s promoted well and it has the allure of a “hot spot” – like K Street a few months ago, or Chloe last summer. Eh, all the same.

    I do have a weakness for Chloe still though. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    its to small tho, but beware.. they are having this thing every wed, international night.. wow is the dj bad.. i mean horribale. He used to dj at andeblue and they kicked him out of that place so quick… but ya, plays the same crap at every place in the same order too. anyways my adice.. dj mike sucks.

  8. Anonymous

    Yea you are right. That dj is horrible. The place is great on the weekend, btu when he dj’s… the mood goes to crap.

  9. Anonymous

    Fuddrucker’s buns are nowhere comparable to the buns you could get at CVS or almost any other store. I’d rather not have Fuddruckers than have their hamburgers on someone else’s buns.

  10. hustler_72

    it was my first time at play this weekend, and for beign a white bar in dc let me just say that it was amazing.

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