So, I was eating with some friends today. You know, afternoon margaritas and conversations about world peace, Paris Hilton tantrums, Jennifer Aniston’s coke habit, Angelina Jolie’s mental health, and botox. You know, girl stuff.

Then, all of a sudden – out of the blue – this chick, sitting at the table next to us, sticks her hand in her glass and starts flicking her date in the face with what appeared to be some ice-cold H2O. The guy is just sitting there and taking it.

Ummm, OK. We look at each other like … wtf?

He tries to say something, then she starts doing the z-formation pointy thing in his face, as she moves her head opposite her hand, and totally chews him out. “You. Shut. Up.”

She is all dressed up in high heels, tight jeans, sequined top and mismatched Louis Vuitton purse. And, it’s 1 p.m. The guy, obviously a techie, has on those hot, square-framed glasses that I love on men and cute spiky blonde hair.

Then, she puts her hand in the glass of water again and flicks his face. This time, she gets him in the eye.

About two (long) minutes of attitude later, the couple quietly got up and left.

As they walked out, one of my friends asked, “What just happened?”

I said, “We just witnessed a soon-to-be-dumped-by-a-hot-geek gutterslut biatch in action.”

Ladies, take my advice: The sexy look may get you a date or two with a hot geek man, but sooner or later your guttersluttiness will shine through.

Yes, before you know it, he will realize you cannot spell – and, he is going to dump your ass for a smart-n-sexy hottie like Cat Schwartz who will most definitely blog about their honeymoon in Kauai for the entire world to see.

:bow: Power to the smart people!

10 thoughts on “POWER TO THE SMARTIES

  1. Anonymous

    “Yes, before you know it, he will realize you cannot spell – and, he is going to dump your ass for a smart-n-sexy hottie like Cat Schwartz” …sounds like Jessa better watch out!!! He’s already so bored with you that he’d rather play his X-box and sleep rather than be with you!

  2. nabeel

    ooooh…. if I was that techie guy, I would simply have gotten up and left after she did the “you. shut. up.” thingy. aye sayonara! finisimo!

  3. Matt

    DCB is right, the dude is obviously not in control of that situation, and will hold on for a little longer until she dumps him or cheats on him. He is a pussy.

  4. nabeel

    yeah the techie fella has no standards, and his girl gets away with so much that she’ll lose respect for him… tsk 🙂

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