I want to comment on Big Head Rob’s recap of the Haters Happy Hour.

More than one plucky blogger wanted to chat our ear off about [him]. We’re fine with that.

Said one: “Rule #1: Don’t piss off DCB. He’s a prick, but he’s powerful…Readers apparently equal authority.”

What a ridiculous statement. Authority to do what? I really doubt that there are people agreeing with me simply because I get a few extra visitors. I like to think people agree because I write well thought out opinions and criticisms. If I have hated on you it is because you deserved it. Without my hate or not, people would have caught on eventually.

Said another: “He has a gift for writing, and he’s created an authentic, consistent voice for himself. His choice of topic stirs people up, and that’s another matter. But so did the content of Howard Stern in his day.”

Howard Stern is worth millions and has a model girlfriend half his age. Woe is him.

And this gold nugget came in an e-mail, marked “destroy after reading”: “The most arrogant guy with the most overblown ego there is. But the blogging community needs someone like him. But the bloggers he hangs out with act like they’re in high school, obsessing with each other’s blogs in a popularity contest. They’re all very nice, but I try to stay away from them with a 10 foot pole.”

Sounds like sour grapes. We probably stay away from you just as much.

Everyone at the happy hour was very friendly to me, so I find it strange that there were at least three individuals whose words didn’t quite match the friendliness. I may not be well-liked because I don’t play nice, but at least I won’t anonymously gossip about you to another blogger. :boring:

…he insists that he doesn’t want fame, just to get laid.

From life, yes. From the blog, well, that would be a nice byproduct now wouldn’t it. :hump:

Big Head Rob can be the Page Six of the DC blog world. His repeated blatant attempts to stir up controversy for attention has been noted.

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  1. Spike

    I’ll qualify my comment by saying: 1. I am not from DC. 2. I am a blogger, though. 3. I have been reading DCB since before he was “DCB”.

    DCB has been writing a blog since before it was cool or trendy to have one– when “blog” was a word most people did not even know. This experience means he has developed a good, if simple strategy for producing good, interesting, and authentic content. This is not to say that you cannot just begin writing a good blog tommorrow even if you’ve never tried before, but by and large therre are an awful lot of rookies out there. Not every rookie can be the Jonathan Papelbon of the blog world either- most of them make rookie mistakes like posting about how they want to lose weight or putting up photos of their weekend trip to the local club and expecting that to hold the attention of the average reader. So- I think there is a certain amount of jealousy combined with perplexity here at just how he does it. Well, first: he’s always been very good; but second: he’s already gone through a lot of the phases and bumps in the road I see johnny come lately bloggers going through and for lack of a better phrase- he’s tightened up his game.

    The Stern analogy is apt actually and haters mistakenly think it is a slam. Like Stern or hate him, you have to admit the man is good at what he does, which is consistently being entertaining through humor, to some extent innovation, and through apparent authenticity.

  2. TC the Terrible


    ?The most arrogant guy with the most overblown ego there is.”

    Did you morph into Tom Cruise when I wasn’t looking? Please tell me it ain’t so. Or at least give up the details on what banging Kate is like.


  3. Sally

    “…at least I won?t anonymously gossip about you to another blogger.”


    Just so everyone’s clear, I will totally do this.

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